Once Upon a Time Review: Sealed in Blood

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With Dwarves disappearing one by one, Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 13 continued the mystery of the missing year.

Ruby and Granny have reappeared, but Neal's still gone and it's anyone's guess where he ended up. However, one thing's for certain: Hook wishes he was gone for good.

Well, I suppose he might feel a little guilty if Henry didn't get his dad back - but he knows that Neal is his only real competition for Emma's heart. 

Let's face it, her last boyfriend turned out to be a flying monkey. The pirate is looking darn good in comparison and he had most of the best lines in this episode. 

One of my favorites was when Emma seemed skeptical about the possibility of the Wicked Witch actually existing…

Emma: Really, she's real too?
Hook: Says the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.

If what happened to Little John is any indication, the missing dwarves and Neal may all be flying monkeys. I have no idea why the Wicked Witch would turn Storybrooke's residents into flying monkeys but I look forward to finding out. 

It was no surprise that the town was quick to turn on Regina. What I really love is that Emma and Regina are working together. I always suspected that these two would be a formidable duo if they could just figure out how to tolerate one another and share Henry.

I have to mention that I absolutely loved Regina's houndstooth print dress. It was subdued but she looked stunning in it and it was in complete contrast to her evil queen costumes. 

And I love the comic touch of making Grumpy the biggest gossip in all of Storybrooke. Word of Emma and Regina's plan spread quickly.

It's weird having Henry wander around not remembering anyone and you could almost visibly see Regina's heart break when he looked at her at Granny's and didn't remember a thing.

But apparently that's a pain she's been carrying around for the last year. 

A year ago in the Enchanted Forest, Regina considered taking the same sleeping curse she had once given Snow White. The loss of Henry had become too much to bear and the only reason she'd want to wake up was if her one true love came back to her. Her son, that is.

Not even Robin Hood could convince her otherwise but these two have a lot to learn about one another, as witnessed in this Once Upon a Time quote

Regina: Who knew a thief had honor?
Robin Hood: Who knew an evil queen had a soft spot for children?

But the curse was literally taken out of her hands. How the Wicked Witch was able to break Regina's blood seal was a mystery, until I realized the only way one could break a blood curse. They'd have to share blood. 

So the Wicked Witch is Regina's half sister. Now that's a twist I didn't see coming and should give this feud the personal edge to make it truly dangerous.

And as if that wasn't enough for one episode, the Wicked Witch is holding a very special prisoner: Rumpelstiltskin!

Now there's no doubt the second half of Once Upon a Time season 3 will be wicked. 



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I think that the Wicked Witch is the child of Cora and Rumple! First, Cora was in love with Rumple, then she chose the king over him, if she was already pregnant she would have gotten rid of the baby and had it sent to another realm. Second, she's green! Rumple in his Dark One form is Greenish!


Neal is dead. His is the death the writers talked about before the fall finale.


the surprises never ends in this show ,the wicked witch it's the evil queen's sister , WAW .
I love watching Regina and Emma working together .
And finally Rumpelstiltskin is back .


HE'S BACK DEARIES! that last scene really had my skin crawling in the best possible way. Robert Carlyle is such an insanely brilliant actor and he keeps on surprising me with his performances, and I am SO GLAD that he's back because Rumpel really makes the show.


The only reason I like the half-sister plot point is to allow more flashbacks of how that worked. How was young Cora able to give birth to a green baby girl *before* Regina without Rumple's knowledge? We all know he introduced her to magic, and was with her when she became engaged to Prince Henry. I find it hard to believe Rumple would have stood idly by while she had a relationship & a baby w/someone else, considering he was in love with her. And, I don't think he would have let her abandon their baby in Oz all by itself. More Rose McGowan, please!


Gosh that episode was DARN good !!!!!!! I loved it ! First, Ruby is BACK !!!! And then RUMPLE !!!!! OMG !!! I squealed so much I was happy !
Great dialogue in this episode. Cracked me up a few times. Grumpy is killin' it ! Gossip Grump, just priceless !
Now, Zelena and Regina half sisters. NICE TWIST there ! I figured it out at some point because of the blood spell. Then the Cora part. But I even went so far as thinking that she might be Cora's and Rumple's daughter. Ugh, green skin HELLO ! But nope !
The townspeople turning on Regina, what a shocker, not ! I loved that Emma and her are working together. Great pair. At last ! But man, watching Regina suffer was hard. Henry not remembering is a big blow. But hey, she's got someone to destroy now, FUN TIMES !
Turning people into flying monkeys, like really ? Disgusting. Now I didn't like Zelena getting close to Snow and touching her belly, NO SIR ! Suspicious me is !
And the cherry on top : Regina and Hood. Okay, chemistry is definitely there ! I honestly kept telling him to take off his gloves already but nope ! More of them please ! I cannot wait.

@ Emy

what do you mean "but nope" we dont know who her father is.


Yes I was wondering where Rumpy was. Neal and Bell where looking for Rumpy so I think Neal "sent" Hook to find Emma. I figured out Regina and Zelena where sisters that was easy. I wonder what Zelena wants with Snow's baby. I wonder if we will see Dorothy, Toto, Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow and the good witch? Neal as the Wizard...interesting. Hey maybe Snow's baby is going to be the good witch? Nice to see Red back but I hope her new shows gets renewed for next season. Can I just say again how much I am really loving Regina and Robin Hood. Yes that was real funny about witch you drop a house on or pour a bucket of water on. I am liking this storyline better than Peter Pan.

Sixxx 6

LOVED the episode, minus the creepy ass flying monkeys, ugh hate them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Emma and Regina working together and I love that Regina/EQ is back with the best one liners ever. Lana pulls it off perfectly. The twist of the half sisters, did not see that coming and very interesting. Found it interesting they cast Rachel in the role and said the WW was born first cause she looks younger than Regina but again we are talking about a show with parents the same age as Emma so nevermind haha. I am excited to see where this story is going and its only been 2 episodes and it's already better than the peter pan story.


I believe that Neal is dead. Zelena killed him in the Enchanted Forest and therefore he cannot be in Storybrooke in any way, shape or form.


Perhaps Neal is a character like the "wizard" or maybe the tin man stuck somewhere, because he has no heart because he doesn't have Emma.
I would like it to come back to retelling of fairy tales.

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Regina: I think we know exactly who's taking up residence in our castle. The Wicked Witch.
Grumpy: Are we talking east or west?

Snow: You're thinking about Henry aren't you.
Regina: I'm always thinking about Henry.