Psych Review: Walk With Me

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On Psych's penultimate episode, it was hard to tell which way was up.

From zombies to cable guys, Psych Season 8 Episode 9 was one wild ride!

I have to say, coming into this hour, I was pretty certain that the "Nightmare On State Street" was going to be the fact that Psych was going to have to close its doors.

We even saw it on the installment -  Brannigan is everything a crime-fighting team could need all wrapped into one person. Psych didn't get the credit for the collar, which means that's one more case they haven't been paid for.

Color me surprised when the real meat of the episode focused on the concept that Gus might have a deep-seated fear of being without Shawn. Why is he thinking this way? They've been together for years and it's reasonable to assume this has never really come up. Could it be foreshadowing something to come in the series finale?

SERIES FINALE?! I can't even believe we're so close!

No better reason to move on to appreciating all the zombie and guest star goodness of the episode. Mr. Psych Creator himself, Steve Franks, made a nice cameo, in addition to a bevy of writers, executive producers, the Bella twins of WWE fame, the super groovy Bruce Campbell and our very favorite repeat offender, Curt Smith.

As far as content goes, this was really one for diehard fans of James Roday-directed episodes. It's not one you want to come across channel flipping and expect to understand much about the show or its characters.

That's okay, though. I've maintained throughout the season that it's one for fans and that's what has made it so much fun.

So, PsychOs, which inside joke from this episode was your favorite?


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I did not enjoy this episode at all. I love Bruce Campbell, and have been waiting all season for his appearance, but what a letdown. I am not a fan of zombie stuff, and thought this episode was stupid, with way too much of Gus shouting. I also really miss Jules, and wish that they hadn't sent her up to San Francisco until the final episode. Next week's final episode better make up for the crap that was the penultimate episode.


I love the character of Gus....but this episode had me shouting 'strap on a pair!!'. Gus was such a huge baby in this episode it was weird. He acted like a 3 year old who's parents want to go on vacation alone. He threw a tantrum whenever he thought Shawn was leaving. I think this was a bit out of left field for him. It was just odd and came on really suddenly.


I loved seeing Bruce Campbell again. Crazy but wonderful episode. I hope the final episode doesn't have Shawn and Jules breaking up. I also don't want Gus and Shawn to part. I wish the show wasn't ending. Where will I get my laughs.


If I could vote for the worst episode in the history of the series, this would win HANDS DOWN! It was just all over the place and basically a Roday ego trip. Also what the is up with Shawn and Lassiter? They don't even acknowledge that they miss Juliet let alone talk about her, it makes me sick and the writers make me sick, how could they pull this nonsense. Juliet is and always will be for me the absolute heart and soul of Psych, she was the glue that held it all together and the ray of sunshine that Maggie bought to this show can never be matched. I can't stand this season, I can't stand how they have written it and I especially cannot take watching Psych without Maggie Lawson, IMO opinion the show has this massive hole in it without her and they should not have let this happen. In all honesty I am glad that it's ending next week because I wouldn't watch another episode let alone another season without Juliet. How sad and I at least hope Shules gets a happy ending next week.

@ Mary

I agree. I can barely watch any of the episodes this season. It is so over the top its annoying.

@ Mary

I agree. This episode was just awful. This show used to be so smart, clever and funny. But they have clearly run out of ideas and are just trying way too hard.

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