Rizzoli & Isles Review: High Expectations

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"You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" was filled with highs and lows and dropped us off in a place I never expected. 

When Cavanaugh mentioned that Det. Frost was on vacation, it was a much sadder moment in reality than on screen. For those who may not know, actor Lee Thompson Young - who played Barry - died late last summer.

The previous episodes he appeared in had already been filmed and as costar Sasha Alexander told TV Fanatic a few weeks ago, the show will deal with the loss of the character later this summer. 

That thought was a complete contrast to the happy family celebration we were watching on Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Episode 16 - but even that didn't last.

Everyone was so happy that Tommy was doing well. He was moving forward in his career and officially marrying Lydia. They were going to be a family and then that picture was ruined. 

After three years of sobriety, Tommy was drinking once again and, considering the things he said to his brother in front of Maura, he's just as nasty a drunk as his father. 

Previously, I had been hesitant about a relationship between Frankie and Maura but the more scenes they share, the cuter they look together. However, if it doesn't work out, the repercussions will affect the entire family. 

I appreciated Jane's warning to her best friend about Frankie in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

You may not know this but that one, when he falls he falls hard. So you can't mess with his heart, OK.


The murder of the week was intriguing and what happened to Natalie was brutal. Raped by her boss and then executed for not keeping her mouth shut, what a horrifying ending for a young woman about to be married.

The dance everyone did to get around the Feds was amusing. Maura hid the victim's retainers while Cavanaugh played a quick game of musical chairs with the detective's computers. 

Jane's story was the one that had me feeling like I'd ridden a roller coaster. When she displayed that ring for all to see, Jane Rizzoli appeared as happy as we'd ever seen her. Casey was leaving the military to start a life with her in Boston and she was absolutely thrilled. 

Unfortunately, Jane only got to feel it for about a day before the rug got pulled out from under her. Casey was offered a commission in the Balkans and decided he couldn't imagine being anything but a soldier but he wanted Jane to come with him as his wife. 

Jane made the right decision. If being together means that one of them will have to give up so much of themselves that they'd be miserable, then perhaps it just wasn't meant to be no matter how much that hurts. 

And just when I thought it was over, it all went sideways. Jane might be pregnant! I never saw that coming. 

Rizzoli & Isles returns June 17 on TNT so we'll have to wait to get the official results but you tell us TV Fanatics…do you want Jane Rizzoli to have a baby?


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In this day and age it's sad that 2 women can't be best friends without being gay. As for the pregnancy I like the idea as there are so many single working moms. It's reality mixed with crime. It takes a village.


I don't see the whole gay thing between Jane and Maura. All I see are too really good friends.
I don't care for the whole Frankie and Maura romance especially since they had already tried it with Tommy.
As for Jane being pregnant I actually like that part of the episode because there are a couple of shows with strong female leads as detectives but none of them ever have a love life or a family it's like everyone is saying you can have a good career but not a family. I think Jane being pregnant will put a good twist on things.


Totally saw it coming that she was going to be pregnant! She didn't drink her coffee, was drinking apple juice (so that no one can say later that anything she did was bad for the baby). Also she mentioned at one point when Korsak offered her 1/2 a tuna sandwich that her stomach had been off all day.......all leading up to the announcement. Thanks for reviewing.


Does anybody else think there is WAY too much family drama/trauma on R&I and way too little procedural? CASTLE strikes a perfect balance for me between the procedural and family elements...in other words, alot more procedure with family thrown in as seasoning. I do NOT want to have to deal with LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT every time I watch a Rizzoli episode! I want a good crime and a clever, engrossing solution... If next season keeps serving up the family issues the way last season did, I'm tuning out.

@ Tom

Well, I'd reply to you that Rizzoli and Isles is not really a procedural, well, not a good one anyway, because for 90% of the episode you can spot the culprit in the first 15 minutes... Castle on the other hand crafts their cases much more carefully, and with attention to details, and plots, and twists. So, Yes, R&I makes its bread and butter on the family stuff rather than the cases. Now, having said that, I like both shows, Yes Castle is balanced, with a much heavier emphasis on the cases, and yes R&I often let the case of the week take a backseat for the family drama, but that is both their strength. If you want procedural without the mushy, tune in to watch NCIS, or Criminal Minds, or CSI, or Law and order (I don't watch the last two). That was all I had to say


Please stop this madness. I am not for the Rizzles but I also think the Frankie/ Maura thing is television at its worst. They are supposed to be family then this kissing and ogling stuff? He doesn't even fit in with who a woman like the original Maura would have dated. So please.. stop it.
And this Jane loving Casey (who treats her like trash ) is ridiculous.
Can we just have the original show with two strong, professional women working together as closest friends? Please !


There were times I liked Casey and other times I thought he was a bit of a jerk so I'm glad they're finally going to move on from this story. Jane deserves better than someone who's going to jump in and out of her life or expects her to end a career she loves to follow him.
I get why fans like the idea of a Jane/Maura pairing but from the interviews I've read with the actors and writers I don't think that's ever going to happen.
I think Jane having this child would be a fun twist to the story.
I wasn't into Frankie and Maura but I'd like to see them give them a chance. They're growing on me.


Frankie and Maura have no chemistry and the eww factor is all over this story line because Maura has always treated Frankie like a little brother. It's so forced and full of cliches that it's cringeworthy. Casey and Jane is just the worst story line. I have a hard time pretending that a guy who comes and goes without notice, makes major decisions without your input is anything but the selfish jerk he comes across as. The premise of 'one of us must give up our careers' is so ridiculous and their 'love story' has been told in the most juvenile way. It's hard to believe that they are supposed to be adults. Why is it that Jane and Maura seem to lose IQ points and brain cells when it comes to men? That's not how you portray strong, independent women. Plus, a potential baby now that there is 'trouble in paradise' with Jane and Casey? When did this show become a soap opera?


I dont see the Rizzles thing. So 2 women can't be best if friends again without it turning romantic?!! So annoying. They are friends, best friends and that's ALL there is to it. I actually see Frankie and Maura..... Jane and Casey,NO future


I can't believe people actually support Jasey and Maura/Frankie.
Really, people, what kind of masochists/suppressed women are you?
Think this through!
Casey comes back to town for a few times to f**k Jane, then leaves again. Just like that. Puts his career over everything else. Even after his injury and his phony claims that he just wants to be able to feel Jane again. Yeah right.
And she still wants to marry him? Season 1 Jane would NEVER have become such a submissive weak woman.
And Frankie? He keeps ogling that blonde officer and a second later he's like "Oh, sorry, forgot, I'm totally crushing on Maura", and then, instead of showing an actual interest in her personality, he simply goes for the kiss, completely disrespects her personal space, and we're supposed to be happy about that?
Seriously, folks, this is not cute or exciting or anything. This is embarrassing stuff coming from a female writer!


They can't kill off the character Barry Frost! He's an important part of the storylines. Maybe a disfiguring accident but all respect to Lee Young, Barry Frost has to live.
Frankly I don't see the gay angle everybody else sees. I see two really good friends/sisters/comrades.
I think Frankie is too young for Maura. He needs a young redhaired nurse or cop or waitress. Maura is too high toned for him. Her taste go toward expensive Champagne, his toward cold beer.
Please bring new blood into the precinct. Their boss is dating their Mom, mom is living at Maura's. Frankie and Jane work together. Korsack was Janes partner a lifetime ago. Please bring in someone unrelated not connected to the Rizzolis. This is Rizzoli and Isles not Blue Bloods!

@ MickeyG

Another actor as Barry? The never mentioned twin? Or would he be Darin 2 a la Bewitched? Cue Gladys Kravitz (of whom there were also two in that series.)

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