Rizzoli & Isles Review: High Expectations

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"You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" was filled with highs and lows and dropped us off in a place I never expected. 

When Cavanaugh mentioned that Det. Frost was on vacation, it was a much sadder moment in reality than on screen. For those who may not know, actor Lee Thompson Young - who played Barry - died late last summer.

The previous episodes he appeared in had already been filmed and as costar Sasha Alexander told TV Fanatic a few weeks ago, the show will deal with the loss of the character later this summer. 

That thought was a complete contrast to the happy family celebration we were watching on Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Episode 16 - but even that didn't last.

Everyone was so happy that Tommy was doing well. He was moving forward in his career and officially marrying Lydia. They were going to be a family and then that picture was ruined. 

After three years of sobriety, Tommy was drinking once again and, considering the things he said to his brother in front of Maura, he's just as nasty a drunk as his father. 

Previously, I had been hesitant about a relationship between Frankie and Maura but the more scenes they share, the cuter they look together. However, if it doesn't work out, the repercussions will affect the entire family. 

I appreciated Jane's warning to her best friend about Frankie in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

You may not know this but that one, when he falls he falls hard. So you can't mess with his heart, OK.


The murder of the week was intriguing and what happened to Natalie was brutal. Raped by her boss and then executed for not keeping her mouth shut, what a horrifying ending for a young woman about to be married.

The dance everyone did to get around the Feds was amusing. Maura hid the victim's retainers while Cavanaugh played a quick game of musical chairs with the detective's computers. 

Jane's story was the one that had me feeling like I'd ridden a roller coaster. When she displayed that ring for all to see, Jane Rizzoli appeared as happy as we'd ever seen her. Casey was leaving the military to start a life with her in Boston and she was absolutely thrilled. 

Unfortunately, Jane only got to feel it for about a day before the rug got pulled out from under her. Casey was offered a commission in the Balkans and decided he couldn't imagine being anything but a soldier but he wanted Jane to come with him as his wife. 

Jane made the right decision. If being together means that one of them will have to give up so much of themselves that they'd be miserable, then perhaps it just wasn't meant to be no matter how much that hurts. 

And just when I thought it was over, it all went sideways. Jane might be pregnant! I never saw that coming. 

Rizzoli & Isles returns June 17 on TNT so we'll have to wait to get the official results but you tell us TV Fanatics…do you want Jane Rizzoli to have a baby?


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Sixxx 6

First I want to say it was a hard episode to watch, and not just because the Jane/Casey or the even more make me wanna barf Frankie/Maura thing. It was extremely hard to watch knowing they filmed it not long after Lee killed himself and when Cavanagh said he was on vacation reality just hit and it was hard. And you could see it. Everyone did a good job trying to hide it and act but you could see the sadness, especially in Angie and Sasha. I don't really care if the Jane in the books is married and has a kid, I DO NOT want that for the show, and not just cause I am a Rizzles fan, I just don't want this show to become a family drama with a little crime and that's what it's turning into, if I want family drama I will watch The Fosters. So I am hoping it goes back to what it was in the first few seasons.


In the books she marries a fed and does have a baby and the books are still awesome so at this point who knows


I knew something would happen with Jane. I had a feeling she would be pregnant too. Frankie and Maura as a couple I can't see it.

Carol sundahl

I predict a miscarriage for Jane, partly due to the emotional toll of Detective Frost's death (at the beginning of season 5.) The Frankie and Maura flirting is unbelievable and should disappear fast, too. As for Rizzles, I'm still hoping!

Sixxx 6
@ Carol Sundahl

I am a Rizzles fan too and this entire episode made me want to gag. It's like they are doing everything possible to show they aren't gay, or that story won't happen. Especially when Frankie kissed Maura OMG I literally gagged. We can hope for the best:)


Really liked this episode. Watching them get around the Feds was funny. I started suspecting Jane might be pregnant from the minute she said she wasn't feeling well. Jane made the right choice with Casey because neither of them would be truly happy. I don't want Jane to have a baby because the show would change way to much and I don't want that to happen. Frankie and Maura as a couple I was against it last week and thought they were cute together and they are but I'm just not sure how they'd work together. Can't wait till the show returns.


Errrrrrrm....Don't knw if I want Jane to ve a Baby! I mean its JANE!!! I will be Happy But.....Looking Forward to S5!! RIP Young.

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