Scandal Review: Murderer's Row

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The Scandal family was not kidding about those last 30 seconds! Day-um.

But before we get to that O-M-G moment, there's a lot to discuss from Scandal Season 3 Episode 13.

The cat's out of the bag. For those wondering what would happen after Harrison and Abby saved David from the whole Publius meeting on Scandal Season 3 Episode 12, we got our answer: David told OPA the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the Daniel Douglas murder cover-up.

That meant letting Olivia in on the secret, putting her in a quite the precarious position. Olivia wants to step out into the sun and wear the white hat. She certainly said it enough times.

If she complies in covering up yet another murder, how does that help her escape the demons of her past actions? But if she doesn't cover it up, it will affect more than just Sally Langston.

Let's be clear, I don't think that Sally is anyone's favorite character on this show. How bad would it look for Fitz if it got out that his Vice President murdered her husband? There would possibly still be ways to keep him somewhat clear.

But when you factor in that his Chief of Staff and right hand man Cyrus helped cover it up? Well, there goes the entire Grant campaign as well as his presidency.

Liv confronted Cyrus and then burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter when he confirmed the truth. So why the crazy laughter? Was she going crazy like Sally? No. It's because this whole storyline has gotten about as crazy as Sally. Who can even keep up anymore?

And like Liv said, every person running for president, for the job that makes you one of the most powerful people in the world, is a murderer.

They're all murderers. Reston, Sally, Fitz, the presidential debate it's literally murderer's row. No matter who gets elected, they're all murderers.


Murderers. Row. So if everyone's guilty, where do you align yourself? What do you do when you're in a major love triangle? You use both the men in the ways you need them to help you get through it.

First, Olivia went to Jake's with a bottle of wine and food. They exchanged fake pleasantries while lamenting just how messed up their worlds are. Then after chugging two glasses of red like a champ, Olivia needed Jake to physically take her mind off of things.

Moving on to Fitz, Olivia kept her promise from Vermont about being honest about things. She told Fitz that Sally killed Daniel Douglas and Cyrus and Mellie helped cover it up. She went to Jake for the stress release and Fitz for the problem solving. Now onto damage control.

After seeing how batsh*t crazy Sally is, Olivia decided the only way to get her to cool it on announcing she killed her husband was if Fitz showed her some "sign of God." For this, Fitz would have to throw the debate a little bit. Cyrus being Cyrus had a back-up plan that just involved disposing of Sally.

As much as Jake and Cyrus may not get along, and their little covert conversation in the park was a great scene, they both knew in the end that Sally was a liability. Jake didn't see it that way at first, but ultimately he gave Tom orders to take her out if need be.

(By the way, I'm really loving knowing that Mr. Secret Service has been B6-13 this whole time!)

What do you make of Jake's speech to Cyrus about him being a mouse? I feel like it was a way of saying that Cyrus never deals with problems head on. He just eliminates people and how long can he really keep responding the way he does? I'm open to all of your interpretations on that quote.

You're a mouse Cyrus. A mouse on a wheel thinking truly, believing that if I just run a little bit faster that I'll get the cheese. You are small, and while I'd love to explain to you how the world works, I don't have the time and you wouldn't understand.

Jake [to Cyrus]

Now onto those last 30 seconds... James has just been busted as Publius by Cyrus. He arrives at the meeting saying that he can't go forward with the story after all, he just needed this revenge on his husband. The four people in the know arrive having no idea who called the meeting. The other two are shot. James and David face Jake and Jake fires one last shot.

So who got shot? Was it James who was listed as Publius in the Daniel Douglas file? Or is it David Rosen, the DA who you can't exactly murder three people in front of and expect him to be okay with it? Also, who is Jake speaking to? The person who he didn't kill?

I have watched the ending about four times and I just don't know. Vote below and sound off in the comments! 


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Congrats, on Olivia's win BTW. She's been dealt a hand at the table, whether she wins or not remains to be seen.


Was this episode about Jake being tipped over into darkness by the unrequited love of a woman? I was surprised about how split the vote was for David or James. I voted for James BTW. I hope they don't cave on Jake being the shooter. Quinn killed a security guard and kidnapped a child so far. They can bloody Jake's hands a bit, it will make things more interesting.


the shooter of those two other people was killed by jake


I could see foreshadowing for both men in the last 2 episodes. I can think of multiple reasons why it could be either man. I can think of reasons for keeping either man or both quiet if they stay alive. I'm just glad this wasn't the season finale and we only have to wait a week to find out.


OK, I finally slept on it. And I can still say, neither James nor David got shot. I just don't see it. Don't get me wrong, Jake looked the part and was totally gonna kill Sally if it came to it (btw def love Tom as B613), BUT, he didn't kill those two. The DA of Columbia AND The Press Secretary in a dark alley... ? Well it's B613, could have made it look like anything. Anyways, I just can't see it.
Quinn wants something and she's gonna get it. However, what was her mission ? Mystery... But she wanted in, and she got in. She was right though, about what she said to Jake. Olivia definitely doesn't care about him. Going to him to talk about trivial things then using him for sex . No triangle there. I stopped hoping for something with these 2. Jake asking her to save him confirmed that he really is not cut out to be Command. When he got that brief case, the turmoil of emotions that was shown, this will be the end of him.
Now, Olivia and Fitz. Yup, not crazy about them anymore. That episode confirmed it. I swear when she was saying that there was no Vermont, I saw hope. Her realizing finally that this was not gonna happen, that she had to end things. Yeah right ! I was disgusted by the result. She chose him ! After all the crap. Olivia, you are still weak. Telling Cyrius that she doesn't want to be involved ! I call BS on the whole thing !
Sally, now that was a brilliant performance. It was like Ellis Grey all over again. LOL. I don't like Sally, but maybe she should have confessed.
Cyrius going to James was suspicious because he's done this before. But somehow, I think that he reached his limit. We'll see.
At the moment, Scandal has got me on the fence. The show does not appeal to me anymore. Though this episode had me at the edge of my seat, it was not the same as season 1 and 2 part 1....


Neither James or David will die. Shonda won't kill off an Emmy winner or Josh Malina. I see Miranda is not writing this week. Her triangle lasted one episode and now the show is back on track. Jake true colors finally came out, he made the sex tape, but people forget that...Oh I wonder why? Well he killed two innocent women, so no going back from that. Olake is dead and Olitz shines on in the sunlight and I'm a happy camper today.
Olitz is clearly the end game on this show. Their dynamic moves all the stories on the show, I can't see the writers ever shying away...

@ Art

I just do not see the Olitz appeal. Yes, they were a great love, once. A long time ago. But that's dead now. Every time see goes into that office and kisses him I want to scream at her. He has treated her so appallingly and she is showing such a lack of respect for herself. Time to cut ties Liv. Move on and don't look back. Find yourself a normal guy, one not big into murder.

@ Jen+

Agree. I also don´t see the appeal - actually I never liked or rooted for them; but, at least for me, this show was once good balancing the cases the ties to their relationship! Now? Every week I tune hoping to see some interesting cases being taken care of by the galdiators and I don´t see any of that:(
Week in, week out it´s all about Fitz,Olivia,bla,bla,bla...that´s not the show that took my eye anymore, I´m finding it more and more boring, tbh...

@ Jen+

I agree on every single points. This couple is just not working anymore.

@ Art

Fitz killed more than 300 innocent people and the knowledge is not really eating him alive. It's more like WGAF for him. He also killed liv's mentor. I don't think anyone can be waving the black flag at Jake right now.


Who got shot ? Neither. Period.


I got suspicious at that point too when Cy was confessing his undying love for James - I thought, he's a goner but,as you pointed out the writers could fool us.


I don't think Jake was the shooter. I think it was Quinn or maybe George. I also think there was another shot. All four are gone.


Here's something that puzzles me. Why would Jake quit shooting after 3? Obviously he has no scruples about murder. Wouldn't it be better to leave no witnesses?

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Jake: Run away with me Liv, save me.
Olivia: Take advantage of me Jake.

I wanna walk into the light and feel the sun on my face Cyrus. You're on your own.