Star-Crossed Review: Red Hawk Reveal

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The threat of the Red Hawks has been increasing over the past few weeks.

On Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 6, the rest of the world got to find out just how evil their plans were.

Caught Up In a Kidnapping

More importantly, the world found out who has been calling the shots for the Red Hawks. Of course, we knew it was Grayson's parents - but to see Mrs. Montrose take the stage at the rally surely made a lot of jaws drop. Nothing quite like a political scandal tied into a terrorist plot to rattle some cages.

So, how did that big reveal go down? Unbeknownst to Grayson, it was all thanks to his lady love Emery.

A creepy journalist was follow Emery after recording her and Julia talking about how Cyper is real. Emery could have a real career in Public Relations with how quickly she was able to spin what he heard and downplay it. She promised a better story; and, though she told Julia she didn't want to out Grayson's parents, it happened anyway.

After Grayson revealed that Eric was going to go to one last meeting before quitting the Red Hawks, Emery enlisted Julia in getting the information and location for the reporter. Props to Eric for realizing it was time to quit such a hateful organization. Unsurprisingly, he was one of those people was all bark and very little bite.

Emery and Julia aren't quite safe yet on the Cyper front after the smarmy reporter mentioned it in bed to the teacher who he would never have a shot with in real life.

I was happy to see that, despite their differences, Roman and Drake are still there for each other. One is ready for war, the other is trying at peace. But when it comes down to it they will save each other before anything else. Zoe is a devious little psycho.

Dora Madison Burge is a hardcore in this role! However, she's cock-blocking Draylor and I'm not happy about it.

Speaking of unions that have obstacles, can we discuss Romery for a minute? (I think that's what the kids on twitter are calling Roman and Emery).

What a moment those two had at the party, I could swoon!

Do you think that's what I want? Do you think it doesn't kill me every time I have to walk away from you?

Roman [to Emery]

That was the definition of star-crossed right there. So would Emery rather wait for someday with Roman than be with anyone else? Yes.

But before she got to tell him, Grayson came crying to her about his parents. Despite the fact that this is definitely going to be a long running question throughout the series, I will ask it for this week's poll.

Who is Emery going to choose now: Roman or Grayson?


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I really like Amee on FNL but on this show she doesn't really act well. Also this show is like a FNL reunion with Amee, Grey, and Madison on it. Also what is up with Madison now being Dora Madison??? Whatever. On another note I love Draylor!!!!!!!! They are hot together they have chemistry. While Emery and Roman are just blah....... I don't think it helps that both Amee and Matt can't act for shit on this show Amee could act in FNL but Matt never could on 90210 or on this show.


Great show last nite. Emery should hold out for Roman. Grayson is still sneaky and don't think he can be trusted. Kind of hate that the CW shows always have to have these love triangles. TVD,TP,BATB, and so on.


I forgot that emery and roman are suppose to be together. Not too many scenes. Now that i think about this is just like another alien high school show except everyone knows about the alien and it is not in rowell

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Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Roman: War is not the only way to get our freedom back.
Drake: And integration is? I don't wanna share this planet with people who wanna annihilate us. And neither should you.

I'm not a little girl. I'm one of those Atrian freaks that you're so fond of.