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Star crossed
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Maybe I'm a terrible person for feeling this way, but I'd rather have someday with Roman than now with Grayson or anyone else.


Well you might as well go for your human girl, we're all gonna die soon anyway.


Do you think that's what I want? Do you think it doesn't kill me every time I have to walk away from you?

Roman [to Emery]

Roman: Emery, Grayson's been lying to you this whole time. His parents are the leaders of the Red Hawks.
Emery: Roman...I know.

The Red Hawks just graduated from a hate group to a terrorist organization.


A momentary lapse in judgement I can only attribute to a hormone shift or pure boredom.


Roman: War is not the only way to get our freedom back.
Drake: And integration is? I don't wanna share this planet with people who wanna annihilate us. And neither should you.

I'm not a little girl. I'm one of those Atrian freaks that you're so fond of.

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