Suits Midseason Premiere Review: Buried Secrets

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Who knew it would all come down to a suspicious A+ from a professor?

It's proof that the truth is always hidden in the details, which may prove particularly problematic for a Pearson Specter team desperate to move forward, constantly pushing against the current of a past trying to pull them back.

It's clear that Suits Season 3 Episode 11 is only the start of something as epic and unpredictable as only this show can deliver.

As far as being dragged into the past, though, it seemed as though Mike endured the brunt of it this installment, being paired against the same attorney who told him how much his parents were worth in the wake of their tragic death.

We've never flashed back into Mike's past quite like this. The depictions of a small boy still reeling from the death of his parents were pretty powerful, especially when he figured out the simple fact his father having something to drink prevented his family from being able to pursue a settlement.

What really stuck with me was the scene between Mike and Rachel in the library when she tried to convince him to take a break, but upon hearing his story resolved to take half the files and help. These two are really making some great strides in their relationship.

Let's take Scottie and Harvey as a contrast. While I appreciate seeing Harvey step up and tell Scottie what she means to him, I wouldn't say fronting my buy-in to a firm as the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. On the other hand, it didn't have to be romantic either.

But if there's one relationship that registers on the opposite end of the spectrum from the "aw" factor, it's the one between Sheila and Louis. It never ceases to become more bizarre the longer it goes on. Her slapping Louis and convincing him she could be "bad" could have been deleted from the episode and there would have been no love lost.

That said, the real "gotcha" of the hour came at the end when a simple "A+" in the class of a professor traditionally known as a blowhard became a flashing warning sign. Not sure how much pull it will have in stoking the fire of suspicion running rampant through Louis' veins, but I am more than happy to take the journey with him.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Louis and his Dictaphone. From frat guy impersonations to dead batteries, Rick Hoffman is bringing his A game... on steroids.
  • Louis thinking Mike simply went to a sub-par law school and is infiltrating the firms' pristine Harvard pool.
  • Donna's manipulation of Louis, mimicking Sheila, in the event Louis was foolish enough to inform Sheila of his transgression.
  • Michael Phelps dropping into the episode and exiting with Olympic record speed. I was under the impression he would play a bigger role, but, hey, I'll take it.
  • The fact something "happened in Beijing" between him and Harvey. What I wouldn't give to hear that story...

So, is Mike in trouble?


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Cannot stand Scottie. She is a disgusting human being and Harvey deserves much better. She is what Harvey could be if he had no morals or personal integrity. Writers have no better ideas? Get new writers

Sarah silva

I am so happy this show is back!
I am not sure why but Gabriel Macht was looking sexier than ever.
I loved how Donna handles Louis, however Louis never gives up and I knew he would find something. When the crap hits the fan, it will come down to Mike or Louis and we all know it will be Louis that loses.
I like that Rachel and Mike are moving in together!
I was not a fan of Scottie's but after her talk with Harvey at the end I started to like her.
These next 5 episodes will be intense!


It was good but they seem to run into a problem of having the case be more of a side show and really boring sometimes. The guy who played the lawyer this week is a terrible actor and I had a hard time taking anything he did seriously. I'm surprised at such a positive review. I love this show and it was a solid episode but I was honestly expecting much more.


I absolutely loved it ! Louis and his dictaphone PRICELESS !!!! Donna playing him was even better.
Mike had me worried there during the case. But the flashbacks were so sad... The revelation about his dad... I loved how Rachel helped him.
Harvey and Scottie... I knew he'd pay.... That wouldn't sit well with me either. Jessica definitely doesn't trust them with her business.
Sheila and Louis crack me up. That was so... weird !
I too thought Michael Phelps was going to have more screen time but nope. Oh well.
Cannot wait for the rest ! That A+.... wow. They went too far, should have stuck with A or A- .


ummm Arrow brought in Steve Aoki once


This is like one of the only series to use a real life star instead of making one up. So props to them.

@ Tyler

Entourage!! filled with real life stars

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