Suits Review: Let It Go

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If you weren't on the edge of your seat during Suits Season 3 Episode 12, then you may not have a pulse.

This isn't the first time that Mike's secret has caused a near breakdown in the Pearson Specter house. It is the first time, however, that it has come this close to bringing down the house of cards they've built.

At the same time, Jessica was on the verge of her own breakdown as she attempted to execute her ex-husbands will.

And in the ultimate turn of events, Harvey becomes the voice of reason!

But I have to hand it to Harvey - he really held it together in the end, even when facing down the barrel of two guns.

It's no secret Harvey's been trying to contain Louis' growing suspicion and has done so successfully for a time. But that itty bitty detail of an A+ from a Professor infamous for awarding nothing higher than an A was enough to fuel a raging fire in Louis, enough to schedule said Professor for a lecture at the firm.

There's a lot to be said for all the ways Donna, Rachel, Harvey and even Mike himself attempted to stall what eventually became inevitable.

Donna began in Suits Season 3 Episode 11 to steer Louis towards what she believed would end his investigation, only to further fuel it. Then Mike attempted to spin another - and perhaps more dangerous - tale that could have unintended consequences moving forward.

In fact, the unintended consequences made themselves very clear almost immediately when Mike’s attempt to cover himself backfired and Louis suggested he apologize to the man he claimed he wronged, prompting Rachel and Harvey’s attempts to slay the raging dragon.

We’ve never encountered an instance of Mike’s lie coming to the fore quite like this before. Where the lie has usually been internally managed rather well, the introduction of an outside force rose the stakes, decreasin the likelihood of success exponentially.

Let’s remember that the reason Mike wasn’t forced to confront Gerard on his fictional grade and fictional wrongdoing was not because Gerard had a change of heart. In fact, Harvey’s attempts to reach out to him failed.

The reason things “worked out” in the end was because Louis was persuaded to let it go in the clutch. That had to be their closest call to date.

But one really brilliant aspect of this episode was its capacity to compare two characters who rarely have parallels drawn between them: Louis and Jessica. Both were in the throes of unforgiveness and in serious need of letting go of whatever they were holding onto, whether a deep-seated need to enforce loyalty or wounds produced by the actions of others.

We rarely see Jessica in a compromised state, and we especially don’t see her teary-eyed. It was no surprise she was dead-set on co-executing her late husband’s estate, but you almost never see her struggle with whether or not she’s pursuing something for the professional or the personal.

It was surprising, however, that this meant Harvey became the voice of reason in this situation, and, as with Louis, he managed to persuade both Jessica and Quinten’s widower to see eye to eye for both their sakes.

The chaos of it all produced some very heartfelt and powerful moments towards the end of the hour, in particular that brilliantly pieced together montage of Rachel taking Mike’s hand in the elevator as they faced the inevitable; Rachel leaning on Donna as she cried in the bathroom; and Harvey’s last pleas to Louis, each moment of which included Jessica’s testimony discussing the truth and the spirit of it during her court appearance.

Definitely a powerful work of art we witnessed here tonight. This episode will be sticking with me for a while.

One does have to wonder, though, what consequences the addition of this latest layer to the lie could have on the firm, or even on individuals. When we spoke with Aaron Korsh recently, he seemed to hint that Rachel's deepening involvement with Mike and the lie is troubling as she pursues law school.

What do you think, Suitors, is this the last time we deal with Mike's lie?

Here is your first look at Suits Season 3 Episode 13:


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Sarah silva

This show has always been great but this episode was so great!
.I loved every minute.
I really did not think that Louis would back down and my mind was reeling with scenarios of things that would happen when Mike talked to the professor. Harvey was so sure he could change the professors mind about visiting the firm but this was one of the very rate instances, if ever that Harvey did not get what he wanted. I was glad that his talk with Louis worked!
I am so excited for this show each week.


Ok, now that was a FINE episode ! Loved every single bits ! Had me at the edge of my seat ! I wasn't sure what Louis was going t do... Nice one Harvey.
I felt for Rachel. The emotional tornado she was in was hard to watch. I love where Mike and her are going. This couple is looking good ! Though Mike definitely should have sat that one out when Harvey told him to. Like Jessica would say : "That goddamn kid. The gift that keeps on giving ! "
Watching Harvey not being able to close that professor felt uncomfortable. Though I did like their exchange when he got to his office. Watching Harvey admit he failed was even harder ! He is not Superman Mike...
Jessica being vulnerable... that was very well played. And I too loved the montage at the end. Her speech was amazing ! It was definitely a mirror to how Louis felt. I really enjoyed that. They should do this more often !
Jessica and Harvey having a drink at the end showed how close they are. He didn't tell her what was going on as he knew she needed that day.
Now is Mike off the hook, yes. For now. I think Louis will eventually tell Sheila. And that's when things will get real-er. They got closer than ever this time, but managed to pull through. Next time, I'm not so sure.

@ Emy

Louis won't tell Shelia anything because he knows she'd be terribly mad at him for doing what he did.............

@ Terrie

I know. But still he might get the balls to do it. Her wrath be damned ! His love of the Law might be stronger....


Best episode of the series. They did in this episode & made it look effortless what was done in 301-310 & at least 7 of those 10 were tough to watch. This time it was Mike instead of Louis & the cat, the real focus on Jessica & Harvey & how they approach the same thing in different ways. Gina Torres was shining brightly in this episode (crushed it). It was interesting to see how Jessica & Harvey, both affected personally by the goals of others, motivated by the determination not to fail had to decide for themselves how far would they go to win. Jessica walking into court w/camera focused on those red bottom shoes & the "I've got this nod" was in master chess player mode. Her monologue-truth & law-that's why she's where she is..Until Mike is licensed he has his problem. This was about how Jessica & Harvey even under personal pressure will operate & based on the last couple of minutes how they are choosing to trust each other/healing their relationship. Jessica deserved that last scene after what she dealt with in 301-310. She could have listened to music & drank scotch anyplace. She chose to be in Harvey's office & he chose to sit next to her & drink with her telling the truth about what he had done. They are my fav tv couple who have a complicated love relationship. They crushed it. This episode was a breath of fresh suits air.

@ goodshow

Ummmmmm I could be wrong but Mike IS licensed.......but he obtained it under false pretenses........If you remember he has been in court with Harvey and has been arguing cases in front of a judge.......I think he even went one case by himself............


Mike said it best........"It's inevitable that it was found out" ........... I somehow think Louis will eventually re-visit this. They might have stooped him for now--but something else will happen to get Louis to digging again.............He will stay suspicious ...... Mike and Harvey's lie is the basis of this show and with more and more people learning about really is inevitable the information will get in the wrong hands and be brought out..........the question is where the show goes from there when that shoe is dropped.......

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Suits Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Get it through your head. I’m not Superman and I don’t know what we’re going to do.


You didn’t fail. We’ve always been playing on borrowed time.