Teen Wolf Review: Dude, It's Beacon Hills

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After watching Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 24, it became apparent that any attempt to delve deeply into this mind frak of a finale was futile.

Danny said it and it makes sense to roll with the sentiment: Dude, it's Beacon Hills.

Teen Wolf Crew

After the death of Allison Argent last week, there were some really emotional scenes to follow. Isaac instinctively went back to the Argent apartment.

Argent: I appreciate the concern but you don't have to stay. I'll be alright. I've dealt with this before. I have a capacity and an ability to compartmentalize my emotions.
Isaac: I don't.

It was difficult to imagine where these two would land after Allison's death, and watching Argent coach Scott on how to talk to the authorities was tough. It was nowhere near as touching as the realization that Isaac and Argent now have each other. Together they realized that Allison figured out what killed the Oni and then fought side by side to save her friends.

When they walked out of the apartment, were they moving on, because looking at the door it seemed final, didn't it? I hope it's just a move within town and not off of the series because that would be too much to take.

As Derek helped to clean up Aiden and Ethan, he was astonished that they still didn't get what was necessary to become a part of Scott's pack and his passionate speech rousing them to fight would have made anyone jump up and join in the melee.

Scott's always been about one thing. Saving his friends. He will do anything and everything to save the people he cares about. When there's no chance of winning, he keeps fighting. When all hope is lost, he finds another way and when he's beaten down he stands up again! You want to find a place in his pack? You want redemption? Find another way to stand and fight!


Fight they did and to the death. After Argent and Isaac found them fighting Oni, Aiden grabbed one of the silver-tipped arrows and thrust it into an Oni, killing it. But he took a sword to the gut and died in his brother's arms. So many deaths and for what?

It was difficult to hear the answer to that question when Stiles finally came face to face with the Nogitsune and asked why -- to win the game. There was no reason for it other than a mental board game on which each one of the people Stiles loves and the places they occupied were pieces to be taken and captured with the ultimate intent to win by ending all of their lives.

It's too bad the Nogitsune didn't know he was up against a True Alpha and all that comes with it -- the deep emotional attachments that each of Scott's pack members have made with him and with one another that made that game much more difficult than the fox intended.

It was interesting to learn that there was nothing special (as of yet) about Sheriff Stilinski's deputy, except maybe being a part of the Stilinski's pack. They have to look out for each other in the same way Scott's pack does and it fits that those who believe in the Sheriff ould fight that hard for him.

We learned Deaton made the box carrying Talia Hale's claws and that it was made out of wood from the Nemeton. The wood holds the power and can contain the essence of the Nogitsune. There was no explanation why or how the Nogitsune escaped or if capturing that one fly would be the end of it, but I'm rolling with it.

Scott's parents had a tough time in the hospital and because of that it seems dad might be sticking around Beacon Hills. It would still be preferential for Melissa and Stilinski to make a go of it, but we'll have to see what's next. 

As things started to get back to normal, Lydia saw Malia at school and soon she was at Scott's house learning how to flip out her claws. There are hints of playful flirting between Malia and Stiles, but with the absence of Aiden and Lydia's freedom, it's hard not to imagine what could be if the two friends let their hearts soar. 

It seems that the twins were a Teen Wolf package deal since Ethan chose to leave town after Aiden died. Danny decided to break up with him anyway because he didn't think he could date a werewolf. Classic line and let's please hope that his knowledge will bring him closer to the group next season. Wouldn't you love to see more Danny?

The final surprise was Derek's dream of men infiltrating his apartment looking for the she wolf. He thought they were looking for Cora, but they didn't know who that was.

As a smoke bomb came into the room, Derek was shot in the gut and Kate Argent stepped out from the shadows and changed before his eyes. Peter Hale's scratch created a she wolf, but she looks nothing like the other gals in town.

Is Kate part Kanima? She looked absolutely stunning with the hints of blue in her face. Was it just the lighting or was she a different type of wolf? Why would people be looking for her? At least they weren't looking for Malia -- yet.

You can watch Teen Wolf online to get your fix of the entire season as it unfolded. The Alphas, the Nogitsune... what a ride, right?! Hit the comments and talk about your favorite bits, pose questions, guess what's coming up in June!

Now for the ultimate test...

Would you move to Beacon Hills?


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As you know Carissa, I loved the first two season's of Teen Wolf but Season 3 was totally nonsensical. Didn't they set up Peter at the end of Season 3-A as the big bad for 3-B? What happened with that? Instead we got this Japanese trickster spirit and killing off characters for his amusement. I completely understand that Crystal Reed felt the time was right to move on to other things, but the Scott/Allison relationship was the heart of this show for me. A kind of Romeo & Juliet relationship. Sure it was doomed from the start, but that should have played out over the course of this season. Instead, Allison hooks up with Isaac and Scott gets with Kira, a character that didn't work for me at all. Anyway, as with all good shows that lose focus and quality, I know when it's time to jump ship. Jeff Davis needed a vacation, not get thrown right back into Teen Wolf Season 4 (June 23?) They're rushing episodes out to maintain fan momentum, but at the cost of the storytelling. Oh well, it certainly was fun while it lasted. Thanks for your killer reviews! p.s. Dylan O'Brien was the MVP of this season, and I'll follow his career closely.


Well there's been plenty shows that dont have funerals for the main characters that have died. But I liked seeing how they all were dealing with losing Allison instead. I like how it ended them trying to move on with there lives. But I feel Kate isn't going to be hurting Derek for to long. I think that Argent will come come to his defense. She might not have clue about Allison yet and Derek is a better man then he was when she last saw him. I'm also interested in seeing Malias character develop. So far I like what they've done with her. Plus with Peter being her dad that's going to be some family reunion. That also means Derek's Malias Uncle. Lol

@ Vampbarbie

Derek and Maria are cousins. Derek mother Talla and Peter were siblings.


I think the Nogitsune escaped the Nemeton when Scott, Stiles and Alison made the sacrifice. I'm not sure why Kate looks the way she does but I don't think she's part Kanima. I remeber during the season with the Kanima they said something about how after a bite (or scratch) what you become reflects the type of person you are. Like how Ducalean and Peter's wolf selves looked as Alphas. So the blue/purple thing is a reflection on her character.


Loved when Danny said "Dude, it's Beacon Hills". Reminded me of the end of Lost Boys when the grandfather said "One thing about living in Santa Carla, I never could stomach all the damn vampires"

@ JT

When they reran the episode last night. It was said Davis got that from lost boys. Lol classic vampire movie.


I had a feeling Kate was going to come back, bc of how she was always saying she was on set on the Wolf Watch after show. But i wish we could of got a funeral for Allison & Aiden they were major characters.

@ Steve

agreed where were the funerals, Jeff Davis??? or are they not really dead...which means great they can come back...but still putting us all through watching Allison die, was way harsh...


This season was so good. Dylan O'Brian was just outstanding. I had a feeling that one more character was going to die and for a while there I was really worried that it was going to be mama McCall. I don't know how I feel about Kate coming back. Part of me thinks it could be interesting, but another part thinks it's boring when they keep resurrecting old villains. I'm sure they will find a way to make it interesting. And supposedly Derek gets a new, non-psycho, love interest. Could it possibly be Lydia? It seems as if Malia and Stiles are on a crash course. Or maybe the school psychologist?


We know how the Nogitsune escaped....it was explained by Kira's mom. When Stiles, Allison, and Scott sacrificed themselves to save their parents, it released it. They captured the fly just as was done back in 1943.


I don't know. I was still reeling from Allison's death. this ending felt very anticlimactic. not what I was expecting. at least the dying will stop until june 23rd. the one thing I was expecting to see at least after the dust had settled was a funeral for Allison, but neither her nor aiden had one, which means if kate argent died mystically and she came back, then because Allison and aiden also died by the mystical swords of the oni, then maybe they can also come back. deaton said it all. regression to the mean. its a false sense of comfort, when we all yearn to live in a peaceful world, yet nature has to maintain a balance between good and evil, life and death. war and peace are total opposites but in constant struggle with one another. there is no resolve for any of this.


Loved this episode. This season has been amazing and my favorite. The beginning I cried for like the first 5 minutes because it was just so emotional. I'm glad that Isaac figured out how Allison killed the Oni. I didn't really like the twin at first but came to but I never thought I'd be that upset if they died but when Aiden died it was surprised and I cried. I liked the scene with Malia and Scott showing her to whip out her claws. I like Malia and can't wait to see more of her. Kate being alive is surprising and just one question what the hell is she? She was blue In the face but had werewolf characteristics so is she half werewolf half kanima. Well whatever she is I can't wait to find out more about her. Can't wait till the show comes back this summer.

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 24 Quotes

Argent: I appreciate the concern but you don't have to stay. I'll be alright. I've dealt with this before. I have a capacity and an ability to compartmentalize my emotions.
Isaac: I don't.

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