Teen Wolf Review: Lesson in Nogitsune

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Teen Wolf this week was essentially a history lesson about Kira and her family.

We've known they were at the heart of the Nogitsune mystery, but to what extent on both the historical level and in the present was a bit surprising.

Really, Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 21 didn't offer much in the way of forward movement in finding Stiles, although he did offer himself up in the end of his own accord. At one point even Scott pointed out to Noshiku -- but you haven't told us anything. 

Exactly. Thanks for the Casablanca story about your love life and why you turned a dude into a Nogitsune by the "whoops" method, but it could have been told with less detail and still had as much impact.

Noshiko Picture

It felt as if because a Japanese character was introduced, someone wanted to give not only a Teen Wolf history lesson, but an American one, as well. If you're of the later MTV generation, however, learning about atrocities is probably the norm in your high schools so the internment camps wouldn't come as a surprise.

In a nutshell, Noshiku is about 900 years old. Kitsune have a very difficult time being destroyed and never become ill. That's why when the flu hit her camp she was guaranteed to survive. Kira knows now why she's so incredibly healthy.

Noshiku fell in love with one of the military police, Reece, they learned a doctor was stealing medication meant for the interred and all hell broke loose. When the MPs killed everyone, an old lady was uncovered as a bitten werewolf. She fought back, igniting Noshiku's lover who died of burns. When Noshiku called upon their ancestors, she invoked the Nogitsune to avenge all of the terror that happened. Unfortunately, the trickster didn't inhabit her, but Reece's dead body instead. 

Noshiku had to fight her dead lover to kill the Nogitsune. There were several points that I found rather disjointed. Here they are:

  • Noshiku claims to be over 900 years old but only aged to adulthood within the last 70 years. Why?
  • The Nogitsune that Noshiku called inhabited Reece's body, but that doesn't explain why he's still showing in his spirit form as the burned body. Wouldn't a Nogitsune have it's own form before it inhabits someone? The fly goes inside someone, but the fly looks like -- what?
  • Noshiku seemed to think that everything happening in Beacon Hills could be laid at the hands of Scott, Isaac and Stiles for releasing the demon from the Nemeton when they sacrificed some of themselves to save their parents. She buried it there thinking it was a safe place. Maybe she could have erected a sign. How deep did she bury it with her bare hands? The flies were what caused their parents to go missing. Her attitude bothered me.

The other things from the evening are also suitable for list form, because it was more information dump than cohesive storytelling. Go ahead and take issue with that.

  • Malia obviously found Scott even though she wasn't in the episode. She delivered the photo and the katana.
  • We have confirmation on Kira's Kitusne status - Thunder! 
  • Stilinski and Allison in the elevator was one of the highlights of the season. It was especially touching when he told her he'd have a talk with Coach about her grade and that she sounded like a cop.
  • It was nice to know that Allison is still thinking about Isaac because we've been given no update on his burned status. Here's hoping he comes back soon.
  • They're really planting the seeds for us to think Derek's going to die. Does that make him the least likely candidate? For weeks the promos have shown him getting shot and tonight his name was on a chess board as the king and one step from check mate. I say red herring.

The week wasn't nearly as compelling as the last few installments have been, but maybe they just needed a break. At some point Kira's history had to be addressed, now we'll find out how it impacts the future of the show. 

Do you need to see it again to catch what you missed? No problem! You can watch Teen Wolf online anytime.

Did you find Noshiku's story compelling?


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I understood the episode more because of this review. Well written ^_^

@ Lala Skywalker

plus Aaron Hendry's portrayal of the nogitsune was creepy and amazing.


The actor that played Corporal Rhys is Skyler Maxon


What is Reece's name in real life? Like who plays reece


To the posters below me
It won't be Isaac because Jeff has specifically said that it's someone in the main cast (as in, their name is in the opening credits) will die, and that the opening credits will have to change come season 4 because of it. Daniel Sharman isn't on the main cast Unless that's a red herring, I'm guessing it's either Stiles or Derek. But they're really pushing to make it seem like Derek will die

@ whathappened

I'm second guessing everything at this point. Showing Derek shot seems too easy. Maybe Dylan O'Brien is being showcased as his swansong. It's definitely a worthy performance to exit on.


I was looking at IMDB.com seeing who had projects in the works and the only one with a major one is Dylan O'Brien he is staring in the Maze Runner series which could be as popular as hunger games and twilight so he may not have time to do teen wolf anymore. I could be way off just a theory I hope doesn't come true.


This episode has made me think that maybe Isaac will die.
I think they will save stiles from the nogitsune but it will inhabit Isaac instead.
They were talking about history repeating itself , well Isaac is burned exactly like Reece was.
I will be very surprised if it doesn't turn out that way.

@ natalie

I think you're right. In the "rest of the season" preview there was a shot of Isaac pulling a Stiles as Nogitsune look in the mirror - he seemed possessed. Frankly, I think that's a really lame way to end this whole thing considering he's been absent from most of 3B. I guess it's their way to set up a love triangle for season 4. Ugh.

@ Carissa Pavlica

From the promos I do think Issac seemed possessed but then again, there were some others that didn't seem themselves as well. Although Derek has a right to be mad at Argent for the death of his family, the scene where he is about to burn Argent doesn't add up since he never showed any signs of payback especially after saving him in the police explosion. And then there's a scene at the end with Allison talking to Scott leaning in close and appearing seductive (at least thats how I saw it). If I had to guess I would say that the Nogitsune is taking at a crack at all of them to ensue chaos, not necessarily by possession but maybe by playing mind games.


You never fail to surprise me, writing a review that's more interesting and cohesive than the episode itself. Too kind of you to say "several points that I found rather disjointed," when that's the word that best describes Season 3. While this year has definitely been unique, the Teen Wolf mythology is so convoluted and nonsensical at this point I might jump ship for Season 4. I love the cast (especially Dylan O'Brien) but the storytelling is all over the place.

@ Henry A. Otero

Natalie (who posted just after you) pointed out the Nogitsune will likely inhabit Isaac because he's burned and it means history repeating itself. If he's set up to die after being missing, thus setting up a love triangle, I'm not going to be happy. And, really, isn't it all about my happiness?? ;-)

@ Carissa Pavlica

A love triangle with Kira and Scott? Eeeek love triangles are so lame and overdone. If you're not happy, there's no point to continue watching this show haha


I knew the reviewer wouldn't like this one as much...because it was flashback stuff and not our main characters in 'peril'.
Sometimes you need these kinds of episodes for the sake of the story.

@ R

Agreed!. Plus I bet you a $1,000,000.00 that most teenagers had no idea about Japanese internment camps (Relocation, that's a Joke) The only reason they could get away with it, was the Japanese Americans were obviously different in appearance. They did not have these camps for Russians or German Americans. We were also at war with those countries as well, hello Hitler!!! It was fascinating to see that this evil spirit was born out of racism, oppression, hatred and most of all ignorance. Talk about racial profiling.

@ R

I liked learning about it, but it went overboard with the amount of time spent on it. Just too much information without purpose seemingly because they enjoyed spending time in period garb.


she aged because of the "Tails" she sacrificed to create oni. lose a tail, you age. thats my theory. i also think isaac is going to die. remember, isaac's piece was already off the chessboard.

@ ssnake42069

Good catch on the chess piece. Once another commenter pointed out repeating history, I have to agree. As for the tails, it seemed like she's been breaking a lot recently, so she should be aging rapidly right now. That's why I didn't choose that as an option. Eh... who knows with this show? ;-)

Spindae 2o

It was a pretty boring episode but it set up a lot of things for the final 3 eps.
I think the Nogitsune wants to weaken derek & enter his body.

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Scott: If that's you, then you'd have to be like 90 years old.
Noshiku: Closer to 900.
Kira: OK. Sure. Dad, how old are you?
Mr. Yukimura: Forty-three, but I've been told I look mid 30s.

Scott: Can you call them off?
Noshiko: When you hear the rest of the story you won't want me to.