Teen Wolf Review: Two Stiles Are Better Than One

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There were a few big developments and a lot of strife on Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 22, and it was the strife that threw me off just a bit. 

Yes, there are things on Teen Wolf that elude me. If there was a reason for the flies getting into everyone other than strife, please enlighten me.

It did provide for some kick ass fight scenes and we saw Scott's girls taking down some fly-infused wolves side-by-side so it wasn't a waste, by any means. It just didn't provide us with much overall.

Did we even see Isaac after the ooze flushed out of his mouth? He should be healed, much like Stiles was after gutting himself. That's another good byproduct if it came to pass. 

So let's chat about some more concrete things, like the gutting. Dylan O'Brien continues to be exemplary with his portrayal of Stiles. He turned on the waterworks at least twice as a way to get people to think he was the old Stiles and it even worked with Melissa. 

It was shocking to see Stiles confront Noshiku and gut himself. It kind of makes you wish the ice age promised by global warming would come by swiftly to keep summer and the influx of flies at bay, doesn't it? Will you ever look at a fly without thinking about the Nogitsune again?

McCall saved Sheriff Stilinski's job with the admission the impeachment was all just a ploy to stay in Beacon Hills to talk to Scott. He said Sherlock Holmes himself couldn't solve the crap that goes on in the Bermuda Triangle-like vortex of homicides, disappearances and strange occurrences that Stilinski has been tasked to solve.

Stilinski encouraged McCall to tell Scott the truth about the secret. The same secret that evil Stiles tells Melissa he knows about because he overheard the phone call she made to his father when her marriage ended. What's this secret?? Does it have anything to do with Scott's lineage? Has it come up before and I just missed it?

Deaton was on hand when Aiden and Lydia found Stiles and they thought it was time to try changing Stiles into a werewolf to save him. When Scott thought he might nick an artery if he made the bite, Lydia knew just who to call -- Peter. Hooray!!

Bringing Peter onto the scene was very welcome indeed. He and Lydia soon had a plan for how to help Stiles.

Scott is gonna to try to dig through pale and sickly evil Stiles' mind to unearth pale and sickly real Stiles then guide him back through the depths of his own subconscious.


He brought some much needed humor to the situation and his plan was sound. Once Scott and Lydia were inside Stiles mind, Scott was busily making out with Allison (I wonder if that means anything) and Lydia was lost. When she started bleeding from her nose in the real world Peter was very concerned and this fangirl was all aflutter.

Peter's scream to Lydia pierced the minds of both Lydia and Scott and they found Stiles playing a game with the Nogitsune and when Scott howled, the pieces of the Nogitsune left all of those it had infiltrated and everyone dropped to the ground -- except Stiles. 

Only when Peter said he job was done and he wanted payment -- and Lydia revealed his daughter's name -- did Stiles start to cough up the Nogitsune. (Did saying Malia causing Stiles to lose his Nogitsune have any meaning?) It looked like a tapeworm, but it was the wrapping from his wounds. When he climbed to life Scott and Peter wrestled him to the couch and pulled away the bandages. It was Stiles. The real Stiles. 

Evil Stiles had disappeared out the front door taking Lydia with him. 

Is it wrong to feel a little bit of sadness that Peter will have a daughter to fill his obsession with Lydia? They're so amazing on screen together and now there will be little need for him to haunt her with a daughter he needs to win over. 

We still don't know who will die. At least one of the Stiles will die, but losing Evil Stiles won't be all that upsetting. I also don't think that's what anyone means by a death. 

This installment revealed some inner conflict when the flies found their way inside of people, but it's nothing to get too worried about. We all have things we'd rather not say out loud and would probably spill if the Nogitsune had his way with us.

But what about the McCalls and the Stilinskis and the secret they've been keeping from Scott? What is it and how much will it hurt Scott? 

Next week will bring scenes with Evil Stiles and Lydia and they should be amazing. I can't wait but I'm getting a little nervous about the impending death and this new secret. How about you?? If you want to see it again, you can watch Teen Wolf online!

Did you expect the wrapped Nogitsune to be Stiles?


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the scallison moment was part of nogitsune's ploy to distract Scott. that could have been Scira, but nooooooo! that was foreshadowing, that they are end game but just not together at the moment. Team Scallison forever! :D (excuse the extremely happy fangirl here)


i think the secret stiles knows about scott has something to do with the Hales. Remember when Peter said that Talia his sister was a special alpha that coul shapeshift and everyone respected her? what if scott's ability to be true alpha has anything to do with him being a Hale , maybe derek's brother. Because Deaton said that he was emisheree of the Hales and emisherees always help packs and are royal to them , and we seen him from the start helping scott. So what if the secret is that scott is somehow a Hale and he was adoppted?


a very emotional episode. every moment brought tears as time was running out to rescue stiles. gut wrenching...


Scott and stiles are siblings. There. Secret exposed.


Great episode. Last week we had are little break from all the craziness and I liked that but I'm so happy to get back to these insanely amazing episodes I never want them to end I always want it to be next week and find out what's going to happen next. Seeing Kira and Allison get some butt together was nice. Scott getting Stiles' attention by howling was cool and it breaking everyone out of whatever those flies did to them was cool and was prefect timing for everyone. Know that Peter knows Malia's his daughter I wonder what going to happen between them but I'm sure it will be great because of how both the characters are. When Stiles coughed up the wrapping I thought it as gross and then when a person started coming out of it I thought owe no but then when Peter and Scott got him down and started to unwrap him I knew that it was probably Stiles under there. Can't wait for the next episode. Dylan O'Brien is such an amazing actor and seeing it again tonight made me more excited for the new movie The Maze Runner that he's going to be starring in which comes out in September.

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Peter: This is more a war of the mind than of the body. There are better methods for winning this battle.
Deaton: What kind of methods?
Peter: We're gonna get into his head.

Chaos has come again.