The Good Wife Photo Preview: Big Trouble in The Big Apple?

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While we await the much-hyped Good Wife shocker to come, this CBS drama will take a road trip on Sunday.

Alicia will head to New York City when she's asked to be the keynote speaking for the American Bar Association conference. She'll take to the stage and try to find "A Few Words," as the episode title states, to connect her past and present together.

But why are Will Gardner and Elsbeth Tacioni doing in The Big Apple at the same time? And who will Will go to for help when he realizes that the voter fraud case is not going away?

Check out these photos from The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 14, set to air March 16 on CBS.

Did you catch last Sunday's return installment?

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Here is the official CBS promo for "A Few Words."

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I loved last weeks episode. The NSA spy story is from current news. Those guys listening and laughing at people's private phone calls is scary. The Gov, agencies really come off looking like the heavy handed jackals they are in real life. Constantly threatening people and using threats to their families is pretty low. I did miss seeing Peter and hearing his thoughts on the threats made to Alicia. I liked all the twists and sub plots in the episode. Looking forward to this week.

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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Alicia: Mr. Hayden, you got out of your taxi.
Clarke: Yes, I decided to walk. It was only 15 blocks.

Alicia: Hey! You got top billing!
Will: I'm an impressive person.
Alicia: I never doubted it for a minute.