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Now that I have three chat windows going about tonight's episode of The Originals because of the shocking news that broke just after the credits began to roll (and also two glasses of wine to deal with the sadness), let's try to review The Originals Season 1 Episode 16 without bursting into tears, okay?

What news, you ask, because you are living under a rock? Tonight was Claire Holt's final episode as a series regular.

In light of this shocking new information about everyone's favorite Original sister, I shall try my best to stick to the actual episode and not just wax philosophic about all the reasons this change might have occurred and/or crying into my wine glass.

Deep breaths...

Let's cover Davina before we get to the heart of "Farewell to Storyville."

Davina is alive, but while she was dead, she was shunned by the ancestors who were supposed to teach her how to use her magic effectively. They didn't take lightly to her alliance with Marcel and as such have warned her against misusing her magic again. 

That, of course, means Davina is scared to use her magic at all, and she's weary of those who ask her to use it wondering if they're on her side or if they just want her for her power. 

Marcel makes a deal with Genevieve to lower the boundary spell at the cemetery and his part of that deal is handing over Davina to the witches. I cannot see a planet on which this ends well.

Marcel made the deal, though, because Elijah, Rebekah, and Klaus are trapped in the cemetery, Klaus on one side and Rebekah and Elijah on the other. 

Elijah doesn't agree with Rebekah calling Mikael to New Orleans. He doesn't excuse his sister's questionable decision-making. But he is aware that she's family and that the trio vowed "always and forever" and because of that he cannot let Klaus kill her.

Much of the episode was spent with Elijah shooing Rebekah away, telling her to run or hide in a crypt while he and Klaus verbally duked it out while reminiscing about their childhood. 

Mikael, in case you didn't know, is not winning any father of the year awards. The mother in me - no, the HUMAN BEING in me - wanted to reach through the TV screen and drop kick Mikael during the scene where he beat a young, maybe 10 year old, Klaus for failing to hit a deer with a bow and arrow. 

Seriously, there's absolutely zero doubt left in my mind as to why Klaus is the way he is. After discussing their past with both of his siblings, there's little doubt left in Klaus' mind either.

Whether Klaus intended to kill Rebekah or teach her a lesson and whether Rebekah wanted Klaus dead in 1919 or just to go on the run is pretty much irrelevant. Their standoff in the cemetery served as a window into the inner-workings of their relationship for the last 1,000 years.

Rebekah always loved Klaus best and was most distraught by his constant intervening in her happiness. Klaus, who always loved Rebekah the best, saw himself as her protector, a role to which he pledged himself when they were children. He didn't let anyone close to her because he wanted to keep her safe, from heartache and death.

Elijah? Well, Elijah has always loved them both more than he's loved himself. He probably always will, even now that he's taking the reins of the city.

As the siblings discussed their father and his role in their lives, one thing became clear: Klaus will not let Mikael's influence dictate the kind of father he becomes.

He may be a monster, but he can see his daughter as a chance to do things differently as clearly as Elijah and Rebekah can see her as Klaus' redemption. He will not repeat the past when it comes to her, nor will he let any harm come to her. I won't lie, the idea of Klaus as overprotective father is kind of hot.

He grew one step closer to his future redemption tonight by letting Rebekah go. Klaus granted her freedom, from him, from their family, from her guilt, and she took it and drove into the night.

I secretly hoped she was driving toward Matt and Mystic Falls (hey, Nadia's dead now, he's lonely!) but after playing her goodbyes over in my head once I learned of Claire Holt's departure from the series, I have to give one final round of applause to Holt for her masterful portrayal of the original sister.

Her goodbye with Marcel was so amicable and hopeful for his happiness. She passed the torch to Hayley to look out for Klaus' humanity and warned her against enemies of the Original family. And then she got into her car and headed into her future, a long future because hey, she's immortal.

Rebekah's departure was so thoroughly written and well-done that 1) no one at all saw it coming and 2) well yeah, no one at all saw it coming. 

The goodbye itself didn't even seem final but as the season continues and the series progresses we'll all slowly realize that it was, in fact, the end for her. 


Sigh. Now I'm sad again. 

What did you think of The Originals Season 1 Episode 16? Are you sad about Claire Holt's exit from The Originals?

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are we just going to gloss over the fact that rebekah also betrayed klaus when mikael came to town in the vampire diaries by going along with damon and mikael's plan to kill klaus. klaus didn't punish her then...also it makes klaus's extreme anger at finding out about her betrayal in the 1900s harder to believe

@ confused

Rebekah betrayed him then because she find out that he lied to her and tell her that Mikael killed her mother ,and not him . so he can understand why she betrayed him ,and even when he get Rebekah back ( daggered ) he didn't pull the dagger out of her because he was afraid from confronting her .

@ confused

Sorry my post got cut off....I continued by saying that yes I agree with you about that plot hole being left open. It seems like the writers don't try to carry over too much story of whatever happened on VD so new viewers aren't confused? Idk? But she sure did try to get Daddy to off him again and rightfully so cuz makes me crazy when ppl think Klaus has real legit reasons for thinking he was betrayed when he's such a bastard that brings these things on himself. I love him and hate him at the same time. I would really like it if he could finally LOVE someone. Ya know?

@ confused

Well Rebekah did just wake up after 90 years daggered in a box by her dear old brother Klaus because she fell in love with Stefan so maybe that might have a lil something to do with her wanting Daddy to kill him. She was the ONLY one who stayed by his side always and forever but every time she found romantic love or upset Klaus for some reason or another Klaus would dagger her. So yeah I'd call daddy in to put him down if I were her.


I TOO have problems with the way Elijiah treated Marcel. Iam missing Bex and Marcel already. Bex represented the ladies and too wished for a stronger Bex after all that CRAP that man child ( Klaus) caused her.


A wonderful ,amazing and emotional episode .
The young originals were so adorable .


One of the best TO episodes, focusing on the original family- it was brilliant. Regarding Claire Holt's departure, has no one heard of MARKETING STRATEGY? I mean, come on, it's the middle of the show, they have 6 episodes left, what kind of contract would she have signed to let her do that? Besides, neither Plec nor Holt gave an interview about the subject, so they're probably trying to keep the fans guessing. I'm sorry, I just don't buy it not one bit at this point. Besides, I can guarantee that she will appear in the season finale.

@ kate

I don't buy that Holt is gone forever either. I expect that she'll at least be popping in as a recurring character every once in a while.


While it's a shock that Claire Holt has left the series ... I think everyone forgets that her original intent was to do a three-episode arc on TVD in 2011 and move on. So after staying an additional three years (and I believe she was the last cast member to formally commit to TO), I can see things from her point of view.


I'm devastated about Rebekah. But about this epi...I think it was really shitty of Marcel to want Davina to do magic for him 5 minutes after coming back from the DEAD! It's like hello? Do you realllly care about her? God! And how bout asking Davina what she wants before "handing" her over to the witches who are shady as hell in exchange for a favor. And it was already night time...Rebekah lasted all night and day a few more hours wasn't gonna kill her (literally).
All of the flashbacks were wonderfully done and the emotions in this epi were high. I understood everyone's side and it was hard to root for anyone. I've said it before that Mikael was such a bastard. It made his death on Vampire Diaries seen anti climactic. Knowing him better he deserved worse. His death should have been bigger! Klaus needed to get some shots in and bite him. Make him hallucinate, torture him and then stake him! And I can't believe Bonnie's mom Abbey was the one who took him down in the late 80's. That must've been something!! So much cool back story. Made the epi so good.


I must admit that i thought about the last episode that Rebekkah really needs a better storyline than beeing this desperate little girl always fallin in love with the wrong men who treated her like garbage. Except of Marcel. But her leavin this show for good. I really don`t know how to live with that. That`s like the Vampire Diaries without Damon Salvatore. You love him or you hate him. But livin without these two complicated characters. I really don`t know how to move on. Just Claus and Elijah without a strong character like Bekka.
I`m just sad and for the moment i really think watchin this show was a waste of my precious time.

@ leila

"I must admit that I thought about the last episode that Rebekah really needs a better storyline than being this desperate little girl" ...completely agree. I missed her coming out of nowhere and kicking arse. Being the strong woman that she is. She started to turn into a completely different character.

Sarah silva

This was a really good episode.
One of my personal favorites of this season.
The young Klaus and Rebekah were the cutest kids.
I still held out hope she would be back and had no idea until this morning that she is 100% off the show. That makes me sad.
I really liked her on the show and wanted her and Marcel to be together! I will still watch this show as I did not just watch it for her BUT there will be a huge piece missing every week.


Wow I did not know Claire Holt was leaving the show. I when I was watching the show I was wondering are they have her off the show for awhile or what? I don't understand why people are hating her for leaving the show. Just because you stay with a show until it ends doesn't mean that when that show is over jobs will be rolling in for you. People need to understand that being and actor is the ultimate temp job. It is a temp job that everyone would love to have but it is a temp job. Think about actors who where on hit shows and the shows ended and you never hear them again. I have issues with Elijah now. He talks down to Marcel and others and then when he is with woman the lays on the slimy salesman talk. I loved it when Marcel told Beks I will not let your brothers treat me like a slave. Marcel did not take "their" city when they ran thinking he was burned to death in the fire he stayed behind and fixed up "their" city. I use to want to see Elijah and Haley together but now I want her 100% with Klause. This should be interesting with Klause wanting so bad not to be like his father to his daughter. I think Klause is going to be a great dad but he may end up being over protective. I don't like depressed Devina but sending her back to the witches is what is best for her now. She will know who is on her said and who isn't That red-headed witch needs to watch out. Hey where is Josh? I loved at the end when Beks left but it was said that once again all the men she loved did not care enough for her to go with her. Klause whines you don't love me enough, salesman Elijah always picks Eklause over Beks and Marcel stayed to fight for what is his. I hope Marcel does build Beks that house.


It is sad that she is leaving the series and her trend of doing so (h2o) ,but rebbenca has never really been by herself and happy. always with a brothers now is her chance to be happy. I guess it is the burden of being the only girl.
The orginals don't even think about how many people they will kill if one of them dies. I still say the canon made so they should be treated like royals. their life depends on it.

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The Originals Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Elijah: Niklaus, I understand your anger, but I implore you, be better than him. Do what he could not. Demonstrate the grace of mercy rather than this petty cruelty.
Klaus: You ask me to show mercy to one who has wronged me? You really don't know me at all, do you, brother?

Klaus: How long do you think you can defend her?
Elijah: As long as it takes, and by whatever means necessary.

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