The Originals Review: No Peace For the Wicked

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With a nice, cold glass of Pinot Grigio in hand, I sat down for tonight's first official Rebekah Mikaelson-less episode of The Originals, hoping beyond hope that I wouldn't be too disappointed to know that the original sister wasn't coming back.

I wasn't disappointed. Okay, maybe a little bit. (I'll get to that in a minute.)

After giving myself a week to process Claire Holt's exit from The Originals, and after seeing tonight's installment, I'm confidently convinced that this can work. And that's due, at least in part, to the fantastic way the writers set up the last part of Season 1 with The Originals Season 1 Episode 17.

If I have one complaint about this episode, and really, I think I just have the one, it's that it featured a one-month time jump and the series won't return until April 15.

Given that last Tuesday was so emotionally powerful, that would have been the episode at which the season should have broken and tonight's episode should have been the April return.

However, I can see why the writers and producers decided to move forward with tonight's episode so that when we come back in April, we're jumping right into the action that will carry us through the Season 1 finale.

(Is it weird to anyone beside me that we're already discussing finales for this television season? Didn't they all just premiere yesterday?)

Now that Marcel has been exiled and the original siblings have had a falling out, the city of New Orleans is in a state of chaos. Vampires are feeding on people in the daylight. Witches are retaliating in the streets. The humans are running scared. And the werewolves are eagerly awaiting the next full moon to find out if Celeste's concoction really will break their curse.

Elijah knows that something must be done, but Klaus has returned to his easel and is now making Genevieve his frequent bed partner. To say that he's less than ready to lead the city again is something of an understatement. 

Klaus doesn't seem to care if the city burns to the ground (again) and might just be the one to light the torch.

That's not good enough for Elijah who decides that he'll take the reins. Elijah is the older brother, so I'm only slightly peeved that he didn't just go ahead and do this anyway. I'll tell myself that it was noble Elijah trying to rule with his brother instead of ruling his brother and then move on from that little, tiny weakness.

In calling together a meeting of the minds regarding how the various factions might broker a peace in the city, Elijah leaves out the werewolves on the grounds that they aren't living within the French Quarter, and really, that's a weak (and untrue) reason. Hayley is justifiably upset as its clearly more than just the werewolves location which caused Elijah to neglect inviting them to the table.

He sees them as lesser creatures and in that moment, she sees that he sees them as such. This will, no doubt, become a sore spot between the would-be romantic partners and create tension in what is sure to become the burgeoning Elijah-Hayley-Jackson triangle.

(God, I lovehate a love triangle.)

What's the best way to broker peace between warring groups? Why, throw a party, of course, and invite all the people who hate each other to get drunk under the same roof. Nothing ever goes wrong with that plan. Ever.

Until, of course, it does go wrong, and it very nearly did go wrong for Elijah when Oliver and Diego got into a (justifiable) fight leaving Jackson and Elijah to break them up and Hayley to challenge both men to go ahead and kill their opponent.

Let's give Hayley a round of applause tonight, shall we? Absolutely everything she had to say about why the werewolves deserve to be a part of the peace treaty and then her missive to everyone in the room to get along or go ahead and fight it out were spot-on perfection.

She's smart enough to see that this peace is tenuous at best. While she signed her name to that treaty and spilled her own blood for it, she knows that there are allegiance issues which can trump any treaty.

She's seen it in the bond among the werewolves. She's seen it in the bond between Klaus and Elijah. She knows there's a good chance this treaty won't last long.

Klaus knows it too and is part of the reason it will fail. He's also the part I understand least about tonight but that's because I try very hard not to assume I know what will happen or seek out additional information or spoilers about my favorite series'. I like the element of surprise that comes with seeing something go down and not knowing exactly what the master plan is until it's revealed.

Klaus giving Jackson the moonlight ring is very obviously part of some plan Klaus has to wrestle away New Orleans once again, but how? And why?

Does he plan to have Genevieve create the rings for all of the werewolves, or at least those who will pledge some sort of allegiance to him, and then use the werewolves to control the city again?

That would seem very Klaus-like.

Or maybe he's ready to get to know his werewolf side a little more and plans to bring his own pack to power, turning against his brother. That would certainly make for an interesting backend of the season.

I just re-watched the episode to add The Originals quotes and now I have a new working theory:

Klaus and Elijah are working together to have the werewolves do their heavy lifting and then they'll rule the city with a werewolf army thanks to moonlight rings. It was all Klaus' idea and the reason he told Elijah to throw the party in the first place. And also a ploy to bring his werewolf clan back to New Orleans. Except NO! They aren't working together. The final scene says I'm wrong.

Klaus, you sneaky, sneaky hybrid.

Speaking of sneaky, Marcel learned from the master and is now using his knowledge to make an end run around both Elijah and Klaus, the witches, and the werewolves to control the city of New Orleans once again. And he just might be successful.

Is it bad that I'm rooting for Marcel to be successful? Not because I don't love Elijah and Klaus, but because I enjoy pulling for the underdog (and I'm firmly Team Vampire so that's why I'm not pulling for Jackson).

Marcel is slowly assembling an army to dethrone Klaus and he's doing the one thing Klaus has never been able to do. He's making friends instead of enemies.

And that's where we get to the alternate title for this review: How Davina and Cami Got Their Grooves Back.

Even though Davina doesn't trust him, Marcel is still doing what he can to help her. He hears her struggles with practicing magic (thanks to the seldom-used vampire hearing which we saw employed twice tonight) and tells Josh that he has to help Davina figure out how to do magic again. She needs it as much to protect herself as she needs it for anything.

Josh is able to help Davina figure out how to channel her magic and the look on Monique's face when she saw Davina surrounded by roses was better than any physical bitchslap the teen witches could have administered or receieved. 

And then there's Cami.

Marcel doesn't seem to be nursing his Rebekah-broken heart any longer as he and Cami seem to have taken their friendship to the next level, only if for a night. But they have a codeword and everything: "What if one of us wants more bourbon?"

GO CAMI! Get it, girl!

But this brings me to the second thing I'm confused about for tonight. 

After Cami and Marcel's tryst, he walked over to a bookshelf and removed a wicked looking dream catcher which Genevieve had been using to spy on them. He later destroyed it in front of Thierry while wooing his former right hand man back to his side. But did he know what the dream catcher was because he'd seen one before somewhere else or did he put it there?

Was the dream catcher a plant so that Genevieve could take information about Cami back to Klaus? And if so, did she plant it there or did Marcel? 

Is Marcel working with Genevieve? He said he knew a witch who could help him with a boundary spell to keep Kieran in one room.

If he used Cami, I hope she stabs him with Tunde's blade. If Genevieve is playing them both, I hope she gets stabbed with Tunde's blade.

I'm more than ready to find out more about Marcel's alliances and what that will mean for Klaus and Elijah and their alliances.

What did you think of The Originals Season 1 Episode 17? Did Marcel plant the dream catcher in Cami's apartment? Will this alliance Elijah has formed among the supernaturals work? Most importantly, did The Originals work without Rebekah?

Here is your first look at The Originals Season 1 Episode 18, which airs on April 15 and is titled "The Big Uneasy."


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The show is losing me. The first 17 episodes were great although not without flaws...getting better. Of all people why is Klaus even in the same room with Genevieve without taking her head off...after all that crap she pulled on him and Bex. And why is Oliver still walking around...both Klaus and Elijiah should had killed him hundred times over by now for what he did to Bex. The Original look VERY weak and maybe their NOT so bad after all. As always Cami and Hayley are annoying. Cami makes no sense...I thought nothing of the character before this episode...I think even less of the character now. I guess the writers think by having her sleep with Marcel... would give her creds ...NOT. Iam always hearing about how classy Elijiah is but all I see is this HORNY man chasing after the woman (Hayley) who is carrying his brother's child (TRASHY/CHEZZY). Writers get your act many GREAT performers such as Davis, Morgan, Daniel and Holts to let this show FAIL. Hell yeah missing Bex....presented the Ladies;.

@ Me

A horny Elijah? Mmmmmm ;D


Great Review !!!
I like that some thing called the moonlight ring .


That drug chick totally looked like Maggie Q to me at first sight lol...oh NIKITA,how i miss thee.

@ Ilk_vomit

I thought it was Maggie Q also. .is that her? It's her voice bUT the nose is different

@ Ilk_vomit

me too...


I see the trolls are out again. I love Josh and Davina. They really love each other and are family. Josh needs someone he can trust and Davina needs someone she can trust. Marcel really does love Davina but he has to get her trust back. I am team Marcel. I am tired of Elijah talking down to people and being smooth operator around women. I think it is funny that Klaus hasn't shown any interest in Haley just "his" daughter. Hey Klaus maybe you need to at least talk to the mother of your child. I looks like Klaus is turning to his real father's side of the family he says to protect his daughter. I believe that and since his vamp family has turned on him so much...of course he has never done anything wrong to his vamp family. Watch out smooth operator Elijah he has not really forgiven you. Haley told you to pay attention to what he is painting and you where so into being smooth op you did not even look at the painting to see that Klaus was painting the city burning with a large full moon over it. I missed Bex more than Marcel. He moved on to Cami real fast. I think Marcel knows Cami has too much on her plate with her uncle and that is why he took the dream catcher. He knows what it is for but Cami doesn't. I am glad to see T did not "die" last week or the week before. I like T. He makes a great team with Marcel. Yes I am 100% behind team Marcel. Ok I did not understand the purpose of the drug lady either.

Sarah silva

I still have to get used to the all boys club.
Yes we have Davina, Cami and Hayley but still most of the storyline will be the fight for control of the French Quarter between Elijah, Marcel and Klaus as unbeknownst to Elijah, Klaus made his own deal with Jackson.
I am just fine seeing more of Jackson as I think he is hot and I love his voice. However I love Elijah as well.
It will be interesting to see who Hayley chooses. She has great chemistry with both Jackson and Elijah.
It is great to see Davina practicing magic again and I love seeing Josh back.
I do not think that Marcel planted that dream catcher but he may have, either way it was super creepy seeing Genevieve watch them via the dream catcher so maybe he did plant it. I hope he is not working with Genevieve. It is hard enough knowing Klaus is sleeping with her, knowing all that she did but I guess he chose her side over Rebekah's.
I did miss Rebekah and while I did enjoy this episode it felt like a the show is missing something with her gone.


What exactly is Marcel's end game? Get the city back from Klaus how? He can't literally kill him and even if he could then Marcel would die too since Klaus is his sire. I don't see how Marcel can ever win. I wish Elijah and Klaus were in this together. I hate all the brother-backstabbing going on. The wolf Oliver who set up Bex in the woods is sleazy and I hope he gets killed. Jackson is hot but shady as hell. Hayley is preggo with Klaus's child has the hots for Elijah and was betrothed to Jackson...way too complicated of a love life. I don't like her with Elijah at all. He's too mature and it doesn't gel. Poor Fr. Kieran. I think what's happening to him sucks. I think the human female bob boss or whatever she is needs her neck ripped out. Don't like her. I cannot believe we have to wait til April freaking 15th.


It was unfair that the wolves were not included, but maybe he did not know it worked. It was weak that he did not check. Klaus is planning something and waiting. Hailey seems to know what he is thinking with the painting. I saw Genevieve as a crazy girlfriend of klaus jealous of klaus thinking about cami. I liked jackson at first, but now he is ajerk. Wolves are the onces to do the most damage with their bite.
The random mob boss was not good enough or was it just for elijah.
Elijah and hailey are not going to be together anymore.


Well I was super hissy last week about losing Bex but after a week of gaining perspective and a really good episode I'm now okay with it. Damn a month off just when it's getting good!


I miss Beks!!!!!! I needed to hear one of her scathing comments. Sigh.
I'm completely team original. Their arrogance is amazing, though. How does klaus not know that marcel is plotting, when klaus freaking taught marcel everything he knows!!!!! Ugh. And Niklaus is such a devious twit. That's y I love him so. He is determined to get the city in his rule and pretty much be master of all.
Elijah is somewhat naive to think that his plan would wrk, with no flaws. He believes in the goodness of people. He's an idiot for trusting in the goodness of klaus. I think he has something up his sleeve. Everyone else does.
Jackson is an idiot and he deserves every crazy thing that's abt to happen to him. Never trust klaus.
The scene when Davina gave josh the rose was sweet. I think he's good for her, since they both have no one

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The Originals Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

They say the passage of time will heal all wounds, but the greater the loss, the deeper the cut and the more difficult the process to become whole again. The pain may fade, but scars serve as a reminder of our suffering and make the bearer all the more resolved never to be wounded again. So as time moves along we get lost in distractions, act out in frustration, react with aggression, give in to anger, and all the while we plot and plan as we wait to grow stronger, and before we know it, the time passes. We are healed. Ready to begin anew.


[to Genevieve] I trust you can find your clothing and the door.