The Originals Shocker: Who's Left the Series?

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Yes, she really is gone.

Fans waiting for some kind of twist at the conclusion of The Originals Season 1 Episode 16 were in for a surprise when Claire Holt's Rebekah said her goodbyes, hit the open road and appeared to truly be leaving the series for good.

That's because she has.

BuzzFeed has confirmed that Holt has chosen to exit the hit CW drama and will only return for the occasional guest appearance... if at all.

Rebekah Stands Alone

Neither Holt nor creator Julie Plec has commented on this shocker, which has been kept a secret and which comes mere weeks after The Originals was picked up for a second season.

Reportedly, Holt - who debuted way back on The Vampire Diaries Season 3 - simply wanted a change in career direction; though The Wrap reports that producers made the call.

It seems impossible to believe that the star would want out of such a golden opportunity... and also impossible to believe that producers could conceive of a better Originals without one of The Originals.

We'll have plenty more on this story when news breaks, and Miranda Wicker will soon post her detailed Originals review of "Farewell to Storyville," (NOTE: The review is live) but... wow. We did not see this coming.

Relive the best Rebekah Miakelson quotes now and react to this development below:

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I hope Claire character Rebekah will end up at the TVD again The show needs some spice right now


Well thanks a lot claire holt, she's pretty much signed the shows death warrant, what a shame. The originals has been an amazing show, and aside from Klaus she was my favourite character :/ Wonder why she left, it really doesn't make sense :S

Ivette d munoz

This is BAD.BAD.BAD.!!!.Rebeka is part of the Originals !!!!
I am shocked!


Much love to Bek... Iam new to the saga but I loved watching her and Marcel. Don't think I will be watching any longer.


I can't believe Rebecca is gone. She was show's core character and actually her relationship with Klaus was very important. She brought out best and worst in Klaus. She was the one who stuck with him the most. Those two had a bond. Honestly the one thing that i loved most about this show was the bond of the original family. how they stood by each other, how they loved each other inspite of everything. I want them to stick together.


The show's called 'The Originals', but there's hardly any Original left :P


In any case, I agree. This is horrible for the show. I doubt it will make it much longer now, past whatever is already committed. She was very much a core character of the show, and definitely a needed one. It will harm the show beyond measure without her, IMO.


Rhonda57 - Marcel is not an original. Klaus is a hybrid, which is why he's arguably the strongest.


I can't understand why she would leave while the show is such a hit that just don't make no since. What I don't understand is that the Originals are all around the same age they should have the same amount of power so I don't understand why Klaus can beat up on Rebecca, Marcel and Eljah it doesn't make any Sense Marcel has kept everyone in check and was doing fine until the originals showed up. Now because he can not beat Klaus he loose everything. He may be the next one to leave the show because they have cut him down to nothing. Good Luck Rebecca

@ Rhonda57

Well, to answer your "why can Klaus beat Becks" is because in addition to being a vampire, Klaus is also a werewolf, making him more powerful than Rebbakah.
Rebbakah is merely a vampire while Klaus is an hybrid,
Hope that clears it a bit for ya

Sarah silva

Yes I am shocked! I did not know this news until this morning so when Rebekah was driving off into the night, I still had hope she would be back.

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