The Originals Shocker: Who's Left the Series?

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Yes, she really is gone.

Fans waiting for some kind of twist at the conclusion of The Originals Season 1 Episode 16 were in for a surprise when Claire Holt's Rebekah said her goodbyes, hit the open road and appeared to truly be leaving the series for good.

That's because she has.

BuzzFeed has confirmed that Holt has chosen to exit the hit CW drama and will only return for the occasional guest appearance... if at all.

Rebekah Stands Alone

Neither Holt nor creator Julie Plec has commented on this shocker, which has been kept a secret and which comes mere weeks after The Originals was picked up for a second season.

Reportedly, Holt - who debuted way back on The Vampire Diaries Season 3 - simply wanted a change in career direction; though The Wrap reports that producers made the call.

It seems impossible to believe that the star would want out of such a golden opportunity... and also impossible to believe that producers could conceive of a better Originals without one of The Originals.

We'll have plenty more on this story when news breaks, and Miranda Wicker will soon post her detailed Originals review of "Farewell to Storyville," (NOTE: The review is live) but... wow. We did not see this coming.

Relive the best Rebekah Miakelson quotes now and react to this development below:

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This is BAD....Rebeka is part of the Originals family...she makes the show with her and Klaus and Elijah....I would hope and pray that she returns often!!!!

Allison berry barbieri

What the crap?! This is ridiculous! She is one of the ORIGINALS! That's like taking Stefan, Damon or Elena off of TVD.. There must be a reason... "creative differences" or issues with the producers. The show is so successful; no way an actress would want out of a show that has been renewed. I am so disappointed, and think this is terrible direction for the show to take.


Disappointed! .. still not believing that Rebekah Mikaelson will no longer be a part of THE ORIGINALS! Shuuuu!

Kristen thornton

IMO this was no surprise even from the 1st episode when she started she (Rebekah) had no plans of staying in New Orleans she was only there to help Elijah. I will miss her but this doesn't come as big shock to me


What? She is my original. How can you have the originals with only 2 originals it just doesn't work. Elijah and Klaus are great but they can't be on there own they need Rebekah. Ok now that I'm done with that. This was an amazing episode. I loved the flashbacks to when they were just kids and seeing how Klaus was there for Rebekah when she was afraid of a storm and how she was there for him when there father was beating him and how she almost killed him for Klaus. Can't wait till the next episode.


DAMN IT! I JUST got used to her and started liking her on this show. Wth?!? They're going to have to come up with another sibling somehow. How can they carry the show with only 2? I mean Klaus and Elijah are fantastic but Bex balanced them! Wth are they going to do? This puts a HUGE wrench in the show. I'm really unhappy this is the direction they all (producers and actress) decided to go. And if she really wanted out, who leaves a steady paycheck in this industry?!? Does no one learn? Look at the actress who played Tasha Yar on TNG or more recently Katherine Heigl? Their movie work was mostly crap and then petered out. ARGH! I'm so mad at this news. This has become my favorite show. Sigh.

Spindae 2o

she is my favorite Original. I mean it would be tough to cLl the show The Originals with just 2 of them + the baby. I really hope that this are rumors Rebekah deserves a happy ending.


She was the reason I watched the show... and her and marcels chemistry was off the charts. This is so stupid. It makes no sense for her character to leave either..if she had to leave she would go back to Mystic Falls because of matt...
it makes no sense storywise. If Claire CHOSE to leave then that is so upsetting .WHo signs up to be a main character in a show then leaves before the first season is even finished. Especially when shes on the show with her best friend. If the producers kicked her off for some personal reason then im extremely curious as to what she could have done that was worth risking the show

@ rel

I'm curious too. This is insanity all around.


I forgotto add this reeks of something fishy, i reckon she was kicked off for some unknown reason. How the heck would the show be better without one of the 'originals'. Im really mad!

Matt richenthal

It's hard to react or assign blame until we know who made the call, everyone.
But we can all agree this is utterly shocking.

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