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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Review: Lisa Bashing Pt. 2

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How long will this go on?

It's the "Reunion Part 2" and in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 21 it was obviously Kim Richards turn to beat up on Lisa Vanderpump. We recap all the nonsense in our +/- review...

Please make it stop. I'm not sure how much more I can take of the constant Lisa bashing during this reunion. This time Kim took her shots but things got kind of weird. 

Apparently Lisa's big crimes are shutting Kim's bathroom door and not showing up for Kim's daughter's high school graduation party when she said she wouldn't. Minus 30.  Oh the horror.

One moment Kim is crying that Lisa coming to that graduation party would have meant so much to her. The woman is literally in tears which would be quite moving if she hadn't just said how much she distrusts Lisa directly before. 

Kim claims that Lisa has never called her in the last four years. Is anyone buying that? Minus 14

Lisa claims she called Kim to find out how her son was doing and Kim vehemently denies the conversation and says she'd never tell Lisa anything about her son because she doesn't trust her…yet she's heartbroken because Lisa didn't attend her graduation party?

Kim you're making my head spin. Minus 22.

They go on to discuss Ken and plus 43 to Lisa for telling Kim to stop talking sh*t about her husband when he's not even their to defend himself. 

Kim accuses Ken of having a mean side. Doesn't everyone? We've seen Kim's mean girl streak on more than one occasion. 

But enough about Kim. Let's move on to sister Kyle who goes yet another round with Carlton. It's funny how quickly Kyle pounces on Lisa at the very hint that she try to see things from Carlton's point of view. 

Let's face it. Carlton is weird and she hasn't liked Kyle from moment one. Not that I could blame her. I don't think I'd like someone who walked out in the middle of my conversation either. That was rude. Minus 18.

Yet Carlton is overly sensitive when it comes to her religion so it is a two way street. Although Kyle's anti-Semitic remark was definitely out of line. 

When Kyle tells Carlton, "I don't give a flying f*ck about you" it's kind of nice to have that settled. Plus 35.

Finally we get back to Brandi and Joyce. I'm sorry but when I hear Joyce say, "I've always been one of those girls that eats and then doesn't work out" that's enough reason to hate her right there. Minus 23. 

On the flip side, Brandi's face was looking extra plasticky tonight. Maybe she needs to ease up on the botox.

Joyce accuses Brandi of drinking too much wine and calling the paparazzi on herself while Joyce just comes across sounding whiny. 

In other words it's just another day in Beverly Hills.

Episode total = -29!  Season total = -484!

Your turn, TV Fanatics. Who do you think is telling the truth about the phone calls?



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