The Tomorrow People Review: Holding Out for a Hero

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I can’t decide if I should talk about the last minute of The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 16 first, or talk about everything that came before that.

Both storylines were great so I’ll go in chronological order.

There were so many things I enjoyed about the Red Avengers storyline. First, it was fun to get more backstory on Russell and find out about his days playing the tables in Vegas. It seems like all of the Tomorrow People have their sordid pasts and Russell is no different.

The other thing I liked about that part of the story was the idea that the paranormals could stop hiding in caves and instead try to actively use their powers for good.

If they do off on that direction, I think the show will take on a whole new dimension.

We weren’t given these powers so we could hide in a tunnel. We were born great so that we may do great things.


Yes, I realize that by doing so they will be coming close to the premise of another CW show that just happens to star another Amell.

But the Tomorrow People are a whole group of people, they actually have super powers and will constantly have to stay two steps ahead of Ultra in order to ensure that their rescue efforts don’t get them captured. I don’t know about you guys, but that sounds like one heck of an exciting show.

Russell should lead the group and I wonder if he might not do it on the down low, even if Cara and John or any of the paranormals join in at first. I understand their reticence but sometimes you just gotta go for it and take the risks.

There are dragons to slay! We were given swords!


Finding out that Jedikiah is going to be a father completely floored me and I am completely tickled pink by the idea. Not just because I love Jedikiah and any storyline that involves him but because of what this will mean for him as a character.

Remember that soft little underbelly of his that we saw in The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 15? Just imagine how much we’ll see if he has a child. Not only that, but I’d bet dollars to donuts that the kid will turn out to be a paranormal, which will create a whole new set of issues.

Congratulations, Jed. You’re going to be a father.


Finally, there was what happened in the final minute of the episode. We’ve known for a while that Jedikiah had his brother’s body on ice, but Stephen finally found out. How will Jedikiah talk his way out of this one? Now that Stephen knows where it is, how will he get it out to do whatever it is he needs to do to bring his father back?

My favorite bits:

  • Flashback Russell. Always fun.
  • Shirtless John doing pull-ups. This show is on a roll. Salmon ladder next, perhaps?
  • Tim informing Russell and Stephen that he wasn’t an alarm clock.
  • The guys discovering that they apparently had multiple superheroes on their hands.
  • Mallory suggesting that Russell and Stephen needed to get into some tights. I actually would’ve paid good money to see that.
  • Cara discovering that Stephen and Russell were using their powers above ground… and enjoying it.
  • Russell and Stephen getting caught by Cara and John like a couple of naughty kids breaking curfew.
  • John arriving just in time to keep Jed from killing the woman he loves and his unborn child. Whew.
  • Talia showing up to see Russell.
  • Wondering what Russell’s calling card was going to turn out to be.
  • Hillary promising to “debrief” Stephen so hard. Yowza.

Which story did you enjoy the most in this episode?


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I know iam a little late but just a couple thoughts.
I also think the super-hero story line good for show.
I am still wondering about the whole Stephan/John/Cara love thing. Saw a disturped look on Stephan's face when John an Cara admitted sleeping together again and Cara seemed puzzled when learning Stephan may have another luv intrest.
The CW has a thing for all their mainv characters in love triangles. Drives me nutts.


I think this show gets better and better each week, so I really hope it doesn't suffer the awful ratings their monday shows always get, and gets picked up for a second season! First of all, I actually think Astrid is incredibly boring, so I'm glad she wasn't around today. I don't mind her as someone who flirts with John, because I'm still not sure I'm sold on him and Cara. Cara just isn't one of my favorite characters. There's something about her that makes me really not enjoy her too much. I think Stephen flirting with Hilary is a nice, new change! And it was enjoyable to actually watch him having fun with his powers in this episode. Russell is one of the better characters on the show as well, so it's always nice when we get to delve into his character a little more! I hope we get to see more of Mallory and Talia in the future. It would be nice to give him a love interest. And I can't wait to see where the story goes between Jedekiah and Stephen now that they both know each other's secrets! I believe with the news of the baby, one day, eventually, Jedekiah is going to come around and realize he's been wrong in the way he thinks all these years. He'll start realizing the tomorrow people are not the bad guys. Either way, it's going to be fun to watch! I hope we get to see Stephen's father return soon!


I don't understand Hillary at all. She says that her entire family was killed and that made her want to help people and yet she outed Astrid knowing full well that would get her killed.

@ ryan jones

Well Hillary is also afraid what ultra will do to her if she doesn't do her job.


I don't understand why russel gets the jacked up hair in flash backs. Good to see his back story. I do not want to see steven with hilary. does he even know he almost got atrid killed. and what about astrid!
I am glad jed found out about baby like that. She was not going to do it and then he said no to the baby.


I loved the superhero story and I'm glad there are tomorrow people out there being superheroes and saving people and now Russel is saying they should all be doing it. They were given these powers for a reason not to hide out in sewers but to help people. I loved the ending where Stephen found his fathers body and Jedikiah came in and he now knows for certain that Stephen is working with the tomorrow people. I liked finding out more about Hilary it seemed to humanize her and made me start to like her. I can't wait till the next episode the show is getting really good.

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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Stephen: Sorry about that, my partner is a little unhinged. Full disclosure: She scares the crap out of me

Stephen: It’s my partner from Ultra.
Russell: Great. Invite her out. Girl needs to get laid more than you do.