The Vampire Diaries at PaleyFest: Is There Hope for Stelena?

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At the conclusion of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 16, Damon and Elena tore each other's clothes off and may have broken the bed.

But at PaleyFest last night in Los Angeles, Producer Caroline Dries Dries hinted that Delena may need to soon make room for a redux of Stelena.

“There’s some really good Stelena stuff coming up in the episode Paul directed," Dries said, referring to it as “satisfying” and “nostalgic,” while Paul Wesley added that it’s “reminiscent of season one.”

Hmmm.... interesting.

What other tidbits did the cast and crew provide? It was difficult to hear over a throng of screaming fans, but here's an idea of what viewers can expect as The Vampire Diaries Season 5 heads toward its finale:

Wesley is all for a Caroline-Stefan hookup, while Julie Plec would only say: “Caroline and Stefan have a lot to do together in the next couple episodes/ They go through some stuff together."

So, yes, there's a chance; a lot more of a chance than Klaus and Caroline have of any more hot sex in the woods.

“If they were still on the same show, they might have a brief moment of something,” Plec said. “Right now, [though] Klaus has [his own] shut to do [on The Originals].”

Dries did not confirm exactly where Katherine ended up (“I thought it was pretty obvious - her being dragged away in a church), but teased that we could possibly, maybe, someday see Katherine again: ”Never say never on our show.”

There will be trouble ahead for Stefan. Dries teased that he will soon have a “hard time” and that things “get even worse for Stefan toward the end" of the season.

Damon and Elena have “legit, grown-up conversations” in store, Plec said in response to a question about their status, though Ian Somerhalder piped in and mentioned why those are hard to engage in: “They keep taking their pants off.”

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Stelena !!!!! I would give anything to have stelena win.


Why does DE fan say that their is real true love between Damon and Elena. Every episode I've watched since the beginning has been nothing but fighting and arguing then sex and more sex. I do believe Delena fans are a bunch of sex crazed girls!! And it is sad that our writers choose to cater to this part of our society. I'm hoping the reset that writers say is happening in season 6 takes us back to the glory days of seasons 1-3 and if what is said to be TVD is winding down. Season 7 should be about Damon loving Bonnie and their romance and Stefan and Elena once again finding each other and remembering the epic love they shared. Neither will eer e happy without the other.


i lyk stelena together


In the books, Elena ends up with Stefan…I think she should in the end but I'm enjoying Damon and Elena right now...


I don't like Stelena, never did. Delena is the core of this show and I think it's weird that they suddenly became 'toxic' for each other if their relationship has been built for 4 seasons. I hope CD and JP fix their relationship soon enough though.


I honestly do not like the whole Damon and Elena thing. It just pisses me off honestly. Put Stefan and Elena back together now!!!!!! Seasons one and two were my favorites! I just think Damon and Elena is just more physical chemistry than anything. Stefan and Elena had true love.


I think that Stephen is to good for Elena I don't believe she deserves him any more she use to but not any more and as far as Damon and Elena I believe that Damon needs to be held accountable for all his actions and if they get back together after that so be it but he needs to pay for every think he did I'm sorry but he does NOT love Elena he knew how hard Jeremy's death was on her it destroyed her right in front of him and for him to be willing to put her through all that again because she choose to break up with him it's pathetic he was throwing a fit because she broke up with him and didn't care about the horrible pain he was going to put her through wether u want to be with someone or not if u love them u would never want them to go though that pain ever again


Delena is gross. Delena is Julie Plec's obsession with Ian Somerhalder. It is hurting the ratings.

@ Bleh

If Julie Plec is obsessed with anyone, it's Nina Dobrev ;) I mean, the boys are obsessed with her, there have been like MULTIPLE versions of her, and hell, it was even stated by Liv in the previous episode that "the entire world revolves around her". ;)


Honestly, i'm ok with Delena being about sex right now. Most relationships, the people hang on, but the passion and fire is gone. With these two, it's all there, the desire, the love, it's just another rollercoaster they must face. Damon and Elena have gone from Elena hating him, to friendship, to flirts, to kisses, past the sirebond, Katherine, all the deaths. I mean officially everything is out in the open. And they still love eachother. It's not "toxic" it's loving someone inspite of their bad stuff. I've been Delena since" hello brother" but that's just me. All I can say, is these two ate far near from done, and I'm interested to see Stefan and Caroline and how that pans out. :) can't wait!

@ Elena

I LOVE your points, and IMO, the love triangle may be the core of the show, but while Stefan has fallen in love with Rebecca, Katherine and now hopefully is on his way to falling in love with Caroline, and has MADE SENSE with all 3 of these characters, the ONLY characters who Damon and Elena make sense with on the show is each other ;) :D


I think it’s strange that suddenly Damon and Elana are so toxic for each other. The first half of season 5 showed them in a steady loving stable relationship. Their love was real and NOT just about sex !! Since Damon met enzo, he doubted his goodness and Elana braking up with him made him lash out. Elana always new that side of him. Now suddenly she doesn’t want to fight for him anymore ? Now suddenly their relationship is just about sex? I think its lame and doesn’t make sense

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