The Vampire Diaries Review: War of the Witches

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If I were Damon and Elena, I really wouldn't mind breaking up everyday as long as it leads to that steaminess.

However, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17 didn't entirely revolve around our resident are they/aren't they couple.

Unfortunately, it was largely focused on the mumbo jumbo of the Travelers.

(NOTE: I say unfortunately not because I love the whole love triangle, but because I just dislike the travelers that much.)

In a continuation of what we learned on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 16, Caroline and Enzo had to kill Stefan's doppelganger to make things right with the travelers; it's what they agreed to when they got the crazy cures from them.

Did anyone think Caroline was going to be able to kill sweet and innocent Tom? Sure, Caroline can fight, but she's also compassionate - and once she met that supposedly kind paramedic there was no way she'd be able to go through with it. It meant saving Stefan, though, so that's what tripped me up.

Nevermind that because Enzo was there to save the day and snap some necks. Caroline wasn't the "perky blonde angel of death" he predicted her as after all.

So this where things got interesting. Tom had fallen off the map for four months because, as the last doppelganger (once Silas crossed over), he was needed by the Travelers. The witches were hiding him.

Apparently Stefan and Elena are the only ones who can be alive. I mean, duh, it's Elena, the world does revolve around her!

Turns out Elena's friends were right. The world does revolve around her.


Good one, Liv. So the Travelers are apparently "the ugly stepsister" of witches. I can see that, considering how much they have pissed me off since they joined the show. They are annoying, they chant in unison and quite frankly I do not enjoy their storyline whatsoever. Need a reason? Here's one word: doppelganger. 

More Traveler business means more doppelganger business and I think we as a collective audience are ready to move on from all that jazz.

Smartly enough, Liv thought to go to Jeremy with this information. Jeremy is underused. Plus, he was able to formulate his own scheme and be the man with a plan for once. It's not like he has to worry about keeping up good grades anyway.

How do you expect me to care about when this is my life? Take a look around, it's not like I could bring my teachers a note saying "sorry i missed class today we were under a doppleganger invasion."


Before signing off and leaving you with our weekly poll, I have to say that I do still love the little humor that is injected into the show each week.

For instance, Tyler and Matt confronting Luke and saying that they "even like Damon sometimes; everyone treating each other like amateur therapists; and Damon's quip about the movie Ghost made for good fodder.

Those are the moments that remind me why I enjoy The Vampire Diaries. So... who do you want to win in this war of the witches?

Here is your first look at The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18, "Resident Evil."


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Ive been thru the S2/3/4 recently and noticed that the real pleasure I had watching is the Damon / Stefan brotherly Love/Hate relationship. Far more interesting than couples stuff. And how I loved the cozy moment between Stefan and Caroline!


Ive been thru the S2/3/4 recently and noticed that the real pleasure I had watching is the Damon / Stefan brotherly Love/Hate relationship. Far more interesting than couples stuff. And how I liked this cozy moment between Stefan and Caroline sleeping in the car on this dump place.


Franky Elena is such a zero that I don't know why either Damon or Stefan is interested in her. The only reason I watch is the show is for Damon or Damon and Stefan. I like it when they have brotherly bond moments. Also, add Enzo to the list. I've only sporadically ever watched the show from Season 1 and then usually on Netflix but most of the time when I lose interest it is because I can't take anymore of Elena. This season I watched more episodes on a regular week than I did previous episodes and I was left asking myself why. All this dopple ganger stuff was boring. Now the travellers - boring. And as someone else mentioned, the show is just going in circles. It's like the writers figure they've got the tweens so they don't have to put in much effort.


I just will stop by here that I love when Damon is beign Damon like he is now, sarcastic, sexy, selfish, ironic, ripper, that is the way Damon had always been since Season 1 why fans complain about him for that? I love when he is like that, Stephan for me had always been the soft tender sibling cause remember he was the good brotehr and Damon was the bad brother and Stephan remember he wanted to be different and not being a ripper when they both came to Mystic Falls for the first time. Damon was the one who induce him to turn bad cause that is the way Damon was, That is the way his character is, and if Damon changed a little to become like a good guy or not be so selfish was because he fell in love with Elena and now that he got his girl he knows he can be what he was once, knowing that Elena is also a vampire and can be a bad vampire too and he knows she loves him.


I remember series 1 & 2 where i always looked forward to the next episode and it was one of my fave shows but now i just watch out of habit. It is not the same show anymore , just going round in circles and i am bored.
The cast is greatly reduced compared to the early days and the characters that are left keep doing the same things with little growth. The show went downhill for me not long after the start of season 4 with that siring/Silas stuff. Before that storylines were exciting , new characters had a purpose. We could see where things are going , now i just don't have a clue. I used to ship Delena like a lot but once they actually got together it lost its spark now they are together one day , split up the next. I felt their love was epic when we wanted them to get together. Also i am amazed how it has got renewed , other than losing Damon/Ian i wouldn't be upset. Some shows come to a natural end. Next season the show should be tied up so fans getting an ending they deserve before it gets even more stale.

Allison berry barbieri
@ natalie

Sadly, I agree with this statement. I don't want an end to the show, I love it...but I want it reinvigorated or tied up nicely before it becomes absolute crap. It's happened with Supernatural, it's happening with TVD... I really thought things were getting good again when Elena was turned into a vampire but it went south again half-way through that season. And, I routed for Damon and Elena so much...and then they got together and... eh. I just wish they would stop coming up with weird ways to keep the show going, and sort of strip it back down to the original characters and their journeys....we don't need a "big bad" every season, do we?


I'm unsure of the direction of the Travellers saga, but I do think with it getting introduced so late in the season that this is what's supposed to carry us over into season 6 with Markos being the new resident bad guy, since Klaus is busy on The Originals. It may prove to be worth the chanting, if it utilizes all the characters, and we see them work together toward a common goal - hopefully an intriguing one, even if it is related to dopplegangers and the such. I thought it was funny how someone commented that Markos should be the newest doppleganger for Damon, but Damon's already a complicated character with a weighty amount of good and bad, so an all bad one may not work, but it was fun and interesting to think of - a witch Damon. It's obviously hard to satisfy all fans all the time with relationships, triangles and the such, so that's probably why there's so much back and forth, plus there's no clear delineation of time lapse, except we're running the course of an entire year through 22-23 episodes each season, so I stray away of judging who's now with who. I also stray away from this one is better for this one because all the characters have made bad decisions, have done selfishly fatal or near fatal acts, and have shown themselves to be good and bad. I know we all want what we want, and honestly it's the job of the show's writers, producers, actors, crew, etc. to make you feel so invested that you vicariously experience the relationships that cause you to become a shipper. No matter who you're pulling for, your devotion is awesome, and I'm sure appreciated by the people, who make TVD happen. I hope for the best for all the characters, but without the dramatic complications and things to complain about, as well as things to like, people really would stop watching altogether. I'm a big TVD fan, plus I have a tendency want to know how it all ends, even when I feel like its all going south, so I'm sticking with my show till its bittersweet ends. I must admit that I did like the idea that you may be experiencing real life chemistry and tension onscreen because Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were an actual couple, and I do pull for this couple to end up together on the show, but I can see that there are good and bad points of equal measure for any of the couplings/relationships on the show. Try to think positive thoughts for your favorite characters and couples and stay open to just enjoying the unfolding drama of the show. I'm sure in time, it'll deliver some of what you like, if not all you want out of it.

@ S

You are right on every single word , And I wish that everyone think positively like the way you do .


Unfortunately people have stopped watching since Delena got together we are not making it up. Poor Jeremy has a sister who spends her time in bed with the guy who tried to kill him and people expect Jer to stay? RIDICULOUS. How dense and selfish was crazy Elena when she burned down the only real home Jeremy had. All because she wanted sex with the freaky guy Damon. I can't tell you how f-ing bored I am of the delena diaries. I took a look at next weeks promo. Looks like Julie is throwing Stelena's a bone. For the record I've stopped watching most of this season. What I will do is watch this new Stelena episode. Just to prove a point, Stelena is what true fans of the show want to watch. Watch the ratings next week Ratings will go up because the real heart and soul of this show is STELENA

@ sarah

So sick of shippers. The show is about the whole cast not one or two couples. TRUE fans know this.

@ TVfan

Agreed !!!!!!!!!!


I'm wondering if Marcos will turn out to be Damon's doppelgänger. I feel like he needs to have one before the whole doppelgänger, universe conspiring fated love story line is *hopefully* put to bed once for all by the end of the season. And by put to bed, I mean Caroline in Stefan's bed and Elena back in Damon's. I think the last two episodes were an improvement over recent eps, though not quite a return to season 2 form (the high point for me). I also think Steroline is clearly going to happen at this point. Last night's whole episode was actually about how steroline has a more stable foundation to Delena, cos Caroline isn't about to lose herself in Stefan. Her refusal to kill Tom even to save Stefan was direct contrast to Elena's concerns that she and Damon are so ready to do bad things for each other. Frankly the whole Delena drama feels contrived to me - it's not like they weren't ready to do bad things for each other BEFORE they were in a relationship - but this was clearly the point the writers were trying to make.


I liked about this episode that we've seen Jeremy ,Matt ,Tayler and Bonnie more than usual .
And I loved how Elena seemed sooooooooo drowned in love ,specially in the hall after Damon talked to her. And I loved the line when she said ( I'm gonna spend the entire car ride thinking about your hand next to mine ) SO ROMANTIC .
I really want to know what the travelers want because I can't predict any thing and I have no theory at all about this (doppelganger invasion ) .
I find Stefan and Caroline's friendship is amazing and I don't think that any thing more could happen because Caroline was always (stelena fan ) but we don't know what could happen on this show .


I still love this show but I agree that it's been a little boring lately and it should get back to the way it used to be in season 1 and season 2. I don't get the travelers storyline at all it seems completely random to me I mean there has been nothing leading up to them or hinting at them they just showed up it seem like so this season would have a story. I am getting sick of the dopplegangers and I hope we are done with them. I do not trust Luke and Liv I don't know what their plan is but I don't trust them. I'm excited to meet Markos and hopefully he will be a good villain that's around longer than until the end of the season. I don't really care about Bonnie and Jeremy's relationship we've hardly seen either of them this season and when we have they haven't been that exciting they've just been there. Can't wait till the next episode.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Like a perky blonde angel of death.

Enzo [to Caroline]

We are still bad for each other and we are still broken up.

Elena [to Damon]