The Vampire Diaries Sneak Preview: Another Doppelganger?!?

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It's sad but true: The Vampire Diaries Season 5 will take another mini hiatus after tonight's new episode and not return until March 20.

But it looks like fans will need the break in order to prepare for the final run of spring installments, which includes one doozy of an hour on March 27.

Titled "Rescue Me," the episode will introduce viewers to the leader of the Travelers, a mysterious villain named Markos who - based on the following photos - appears to have a plan for Stefan.

In this first look, we see the Travelers have their magic hands on him at their base camp, while another image posted below sets a very eerie scene in the same location.

Oh, and did we mention that the official CW synopsis teases a "newly discovered doppelganger?" Prepare yourselves, TVD Fanatics...

The series airs a new episode tonight and we'll post a detailed recap/review soon afterward.

If you can't catch "Gone Girl" live, you can always watch The Vampire Diaries online at TV Fanatic in the coming days.

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waiting 4 d season 5 2b release


I think it going to be awesome.


It was one thing when Elena and Kat. were on the show but now with all these dopplegangers this season with stefan and silas and the original elena its way to much. They would have been better off casting new actors to play those parts then the show might have actually been good. The only part of this season I've liked has been Damon and the Augustine vampires so unless its a Damon Doopleganger. The last thing we need is another doopleganger, especially of stefan or Elena.


I don't think that's Stefan, I think it's another doppleganger.... Later on we see a picture of Caroline and Stefan hiding next to car in the dark, looking on.


Another doppleganger?? no no no plizz that is what is making this season a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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