Twisted Review: Coming Clean

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Charlie's true intentions became crystal clear on Twisted Season 1 Episode 18.

Despite the fact that nobody would believe Danny about Charlie, he did everything he could to prove it.

My title of the Twisted Season 1 Episode 17 review was "Single White Male" and, boy, was that on point! 

Charlie absolutely wants to have Danny's life. I only wish the counselor from juvie could've revealed more about Charlie's dangerous past. Still, it all came together this week.

If the blatant attempts at persuading Jo to out Danny weren't enough, the hidden pictures in Charlie's room and the fake fight totally did it.

Was anybody else reminded of the movie Fear when Mark Wahlberg punches himself over and over in the chest to make himself look like he got beat up? If you have not seen it, I highly suggest it.

Danny: He's good at that. He's good at twisting people like that.
Lacey: So what's he trying to get now?
Danny: I don't know, I just, I think, it might be crazy but I think he wants my life.

I'm glad Danny tried to at least confide in people, but sometimes you can shout something all you want and people won't believe you. Lacey and Jo both thought it was jealousy. 

I feel bad for Lacey. She's a little lost right now. Maybe she is attracted to Whitney but she's still not over her emotional attachment to Danny. At least Jo now knows it is very clear that Charlie is a little bit of a psycho stalker. 

When he told her he had been "dreaming about her," I was a little bit scared he would trap her in that room. I'm glad that she took a stand and said that what she cared about what telling the truth.

Speaking of the Mastersons, why do you think Vikram lied about Tess's adoption? That opens back up the possibility that maybe Whitney is her daughter after all. How does this all tie in to the main storyline?

Things have reached a fever pitch on Twisted and it looks like next week's finale looks like it's going to be wild. It's a good thing Danny came clean about everything to Kyle but I still think that Charlie will come after him.

Are you scared for Danny right now?


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Sarah silva

Leigh so our prediction that it was Charlie that saw Vikram fall to his death and the one that moved the body was right. We both also said last week that he was a Single White Male going after Danny's life!
I hope we get a season 2 as I have a feeling we will be left with a cliffhanger as we know Danny, Lacey, Jo or Charlie will die in the abandoned house that is on the preview they showed.
I was wrong though about Tess's daughter. That is an interesting twist they had at the end. So now the theory that Whitney is her daughter is now a real possibility.
So Lacey decided she is not into girls, even though she liked their first kiss.
Yes it did remind me of Fear!
I am glad that Jo realized that Danny was right about Charlie but she should have listened to Danny from the start!
Can not wait for the finale!

Leigh r
@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

yes! i'm so glad it reminded someone else of Fear haha. You really think they'll kill someone off next week?

Sarah silva
@ Leigh Raines

I hope they will not kill someone off. However I just have this feeling, either that or it will be one of those scenes where someone gets stabbed or something and are lying bleeding and then we will be left with a cliffhanger.


This was a great episode. We finally saw the real Charlie come out. Danny needed to come clean to Kyle, and it was a smarter move to get Chief Masterson on his side against Charlie. I will saw it was a bit weird not having any Rico in this episode, but it wasn't lacking because of that. Even if they answer Charlie next week, there is still the whole matter of who was trying to kill Vikram in the first place. If they do go another season, they should bring that in to keep that added mystery.

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Twisted Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

How good is this lawyer? Because I'm not letting an innocent man go to jail for something that I did.


I think you did it. Murdered him for the money and the chance to be with his wife.

Kyle [to Jack]