Twisted Review: Finding a New Platform

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Past. Present. Future. There are three ways to live your life, and the three main characters of Twisted are each taking their own paths.

Twisted Season 1 Episode 16 marked the moment when Jo decided she needed to face forward and leave her Danny drama behind. 

If only it were that easy...

Twisted Season 1 Episode 15 ended with Danny breaking down and confronting his mother about moving Vikram's body from the ravine. This week, Karen claimed that it wasn't her, but most likely Jack. He wants to protect their family and she trusts that he can do so.

Feeling relieved, Danny shares this theory with Jo. She is a little nervous about trusting this unknown guy but she is also desperate to disentangle herself from all the Danny drama. I think after everything that happened at the end of the first half of Twisted season 1, Jo realized she needed to be looking out for herself.

Jo thought a meeting with the school counselor would help propel her in a new direction. She decided to run for Student Body President, but after a fight with Rico and watching Andie chicken out on stage, she urged people to vote for Andie instead.

Plus, Jo's go a new man by her side: Charlie.

Surprisingly, Charlie finally felt like he could tell Jo the truth about knowing Danny in juvie. The thing is, who really knows which of these guys is telling the real story?

I was relieved when I heard about the car accident. I mean maybe Danny didn't get the revenge he wanted, but at least he's not a killer.


Speaking of truth, Lacey FINALLY pulled it out of Danny after some shadiness and bribing. Lacey is firmly in the present and she wants to know the truth so she can just be with Danny, no secrets.

I don't think the truth that thought he killed his father is what ultimately pushed her away. It was that it happened and he was protecting Jo. Lacey will always be jealous of the connection Danny has with Jo.

Danny does seem to trust Jo differently. He chose to show up at her house the night he was on the run, not Lacey's. For some reason, he confides in Jo more and chooses to protect Lacey from the truth. Why do you think that is? Also what do you make of Vikram's ghost haunting Danny? I'm afraid that Danny's past will always control him.

This week's Twisted also introduced a very pretty young blonde named Whitney. Whitney's Jack's daughter, but don't you find the timing of her arrival just a little bit coincidental? Last week Tess admitted to giving a daughter up for adoption right before they had Jo. 

Could Whitney be Jo's half sister? Vote below and then sound off in the comments!


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I have no idea why they make this Jo the center of the universe to Danny and basically Green Grove. Not telling Lacey seems to always blow up in Danny's face when she is the one that seems to really trust him this go round. Jo and Danny have a bond that makes no sense whatsoever. I thought Danny and Jo shared a sibling and Danny knew it thus making him feel connected to her like a brother. But all things that were set up in 1A have been stripped away in 1B causing most fans to turn away from this show. This episode even established that Jo and Danny were a duo instead of the premise that it was always the trio. The writers should not cut off any fanbase in the first stages. Jo/Janny fans are there and not going anywhere. Lacey/Dacey fans were alienated this episode and have been. The ones for the mystery were alienated the first episode of the premiere when all questions were answered in a hurried manner. This show is too new to push any fanbase away yet they did.

Sarah silva
@ JustMe

You are 100% allowed to have your own opinion and I value your thoughts, however for me I do not mind the Jo an Danny storyline. My one question for you IS do you know for a fact that anyone else besides you is turned off/pushed away from this show? I do not see anywhere that says the numbers of viewers have declined.

Sarah silva

So Danny finally realizes he has feelings for Jo after Lacey tells him he does when she breaks up with him, but Jo is so mad at him that she does not want to hear it, even though that is all she ever wanted. However she listened to Charlie and thinks that Danny is bad, forgetting that she had known Danny all her life and Charlie for a couple weeks! Jo was known for having a good head on her shoulders but she is not making good choices right now.
That would be interesting if Whitney is Jo's half sister, then that would make her mom she just ran away from her stepmom.
If Danny and Karen both keep spending like crazy they will be broke in record time!

Leigh r
@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Tess gave the baby up for adoption. So we have to see if it comes out that Jack and his ex adopted Whitney.

Sarah silva
@ Leigh Raines

Woops, that is right. I somehow remembered that the dad took the baby but now that you said that I remember her saying that now. :)


I always felt like they wrote the show on the premise that Danny is Jo's brother and he knows but she doesn't know. He has always confided in her and protected her like a brother does.
But this half of the season, it looks like they changed their minds.

@ Evelyn

Yes! I felt the same way.

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Twisted Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

You and I both know that you will never be fine.

Vikram [to Danny]

It's not lying. It's withholding information.