Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review: Turning the Tables

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As the HYDRA infiltration continues to grow, so does the intensity in each passing Agents of S.H.I.E.LD episode.

Now that Ward has been reunited with the team, his allegiance with HYDRA faces its ultimate test when he goes up against the world's best lie detector that even Romanoff can't beat... or can she? Fury will never tell...

With May and Coulson still on the rocks, he drags Fitz, Simmons and Triplett on a mission to save his former lover. During Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 19 we come closer to the despairing truth that Ward may not be good after all.

The past few installments of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. show the world that we've come to love and adore has been ripped apart with the HYDRA infiltration, turning into shambles.

Since Ward's reveal, I've refused to believe that his allegiances were with Garrett and HYDRA; I stood steadfast that his love for Skye would win. Unfortunately, I do not believe this to be true after tonight.

As mentioned in our review of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 18, it will get worst before it gets better. Ward killed Agent Eric Koenig in cold blood (I will miss you, Patton Oswalt) and seems to be getting a little bit more careless with his ability to be secretive; i.e. Skye finding Eric's body while he creepily tracked her down.

It also became obvious that he's trying hard to be someone she is attracted to.

In Ward's defense, his tactics did work for a little bit.

I sort of knew going into the episode that Skye would find out the truth. Since then, I have been wondering how she would handle the news. You know, would she try to tell Coulson right away? Would she be able to keep her cool?

All of these different scenarios ran through my mind and I hoped that they'd make it so that it would improve her character and it most certainly did.

I am so pleased with how Skye is turning the tables on Ward. She put her feelings to the side and was an agent - a real agent - and is now playing him. This is the best thing that has ever happened to her character, she has an actual purpose and a kick-ass story line and now her character is going to be able to shine.

The next question is, will this ultimately lead to revealing her 0-8-4 status? We got this reveal such a long time ago and it's definitely taking the back-burner to the HYDRA plot - but I can't help but wonder if this is where it's all going? I see this being a cliffhanger into the next season.

If there is a next season.

While Skye put on a fake face for Ward, Coulson was off protecting the love of his life. This broke my heart a little bit. I've never thought about Coulson having a personal life because he's always been so consumed with his duties as an agent.

To know now that he had a woman that he left behind when he died in New York, it's tragic. If anything, it's made me love his character more than before.

Then there was also Fitz struggling with his feelings for Simmons; battling the decision to either tell her or let her be. Surprisingly, he didn't tell her, I really thought he'd try. A little disappointing but I look forward to seeing more as this continues. You can't Fitz without Simmons, it just doesn't work that way.

Overall, this was my favorite episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 because it had my heart racing. Every commercial break made me even more stressed out because I couldn't stand the anticipation.

The most rewarding thing for me is seeing Grant not have all of the cards anymore and for Skye to know exactly where she wants him. This will surely be a conclusion that nobody will want to miss.

Do you still believe that, in the end, Ward will be loyal to HYDRA?


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Okay seriously? Why didn't Koenig share the results of Ward's test? I mean COME ON, he almost nearly failed it to the point where Koenig was about to shoot him, a result that NONE of the other people on Coulson's team, and he's all cool with it? Koenig could've at least said something to Coulson. It's HYDRA! They grew in the very noses of SHIELD and this wasn't a red flag? Especially when the questioning became more HYDRA-related? Sorry to see Patton go...


Am I the only one who wants to read the full text of everyone's answers to that lie test? Someone either had to write that or each actor had to answer in character. The editing was brilliant.
The key answer: "Skye" was an homage to an episode of St. Elsewhere in which a doctor is acquitted of a murder charge. At the end someone mentions that passing the lie test swung the jury. He said they just test tension, so he calmly answered the questions.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

This episode proves that Ward will never get back to the "good guy" team. At best the "redemption" will mean that he will betray Garret too and become a third "neutral" side sometimes hindering and sometimes helping the team in S2.

@ Invested In Your Future

Although I like that idea, I don't think it would work - Ward can't survive on his own, he would need something (knowledge, a weapon....) that keeps him safe from Hydra AND Shield.

Chris albanese

First off, I'm beginning to like Tripp's character and he can replace Ward as the team's specialist.
Q. Is he Nick Fury's son? Nick's father was a Howling Commando I believe......That being said, how's this for a reveal-Tripp is more into Fitz than Simmons, leaving the door open for some awkward moments where Fitz's lack of verbal gymnastic skills would be awesome!!!
Then when Fury kicks in the door in the season finale to a ready to fire Tripp and Fitz back to back preparing for the worst he asks,
"So is this your new boyfriend?"
"Nice to see you too dad."
"Commander Fury is your father? Bloody hell."
"Oh, and we're not together. Other than standing back to back that is. I mean. Not together in that, um. Nice to meet your sir."
I think the season ending cliff hanger has to be Skye's powers beginning to emerge as she's trapped by Garrett, Ward and a Hydra death squad. They open fire but when the smoke clears, her clothes are in tatters revealing an incredibly buff Skye left without a scratch. Smallville squeezed 8 years out of Clark Kent becoming Superman, why not explore Skye, as a member of A.O.S. becoming Ms. Marvel.

@ Chris Albanese

OMG I would totally LOVE it if Tripp was gay/bi and had a thing for Fitz. That would totally throw off that whole triangle thing they have been building. I actually think that Fury is his dad too, but I don't know if the MCU has mentioned that Fury is related to a Howling Commando. What makes you think that Skye could be Ms. Marvel? I mean it would be cool because then that shows further crossover, but nothing about Skye screams Carol Danvers to me.


LOVED this episode! In addition to all the awesome WINTER SOLDIER continuity bits, we had great character reveals, some courtesy of the Best Lie Detector in the World. Best answer to the lie detector was Simmons' "The Tardis." Best reveal? For me, second place went to Agent Triplett being the grandson/great-grandson of a Howling Commando. First place went to Melinda May being picked up by her spy mama, being played Tsai Chin, an actress who co-starred w/Ming Na Wen in THE JOY LUCK CLUB decades ago. Oh, their Asian mother-daughter dynamic is hilarious to watch, and I say that as an Asian mother who always seems to be telling her kids to watch their manners, sit up straight. VERY pleased to see Skye pull herself together & fall back on her excellent ability to BS people. Go, girl! BUT...I'm confused about the whole flash drive thing. It's geographically linked? What the heck does that mean? And wouldn't that be really inconvenient if they couldn't decrypt it in the SHIELD's various secret bunkers?

@ KansasGuest

It was an extra security measure for Skye to prevent tampering. Since their base is a plane, it was smart to add that in since at one point or another, getting to that specific location to unlock the drive wouldn't be too difficult.


Wow. Episodes keep on getting better and better. Amazing! To this point, I neither liked Skye nor did I ever care for her. But her reactions to Ward being Hydra were absolutely understandable and later on brilliant. But how heartbreaking were May's and Coulson's storylines this week. He just couldn't forgive her while he was the only reason (!) May was staying. They had great scenes in the beginning of the season, I'm missing their interactions and hope they'll find back together soon. And I love the dynamic of FitzTripSimmons! Although I hope the writers don't overdo this, right now I'm enjoying it. Also liked the interrogation part. They're all professionals, but most of them have plain human reasons for being there - Simmons, Coulson, a grandfather who already fought against Hydra (if I remember correctly - by the way, what did Simmons answer to that quastion, I can't remember that part). By the way, am I the only one who's surprised May was married once?

@ San

Simmons said she didn't know why she was there; that she didn't have any other place to go.


You are the sloppiest writer ever and your reviews are disgustingly superficial and incompetent!

@ Gihan

Ignore the troll...


I want to know more about May, what up with her and Maria.


As far as I can see, Ward is a dead man no matter which way he turns. I'm impressed with Skye's cool-headedness at the end there, even remembering to return the penny to its place above the door. I have no doubt that she left a message for Coulson and company, which means that Ward has almost certainly been outed to them as HYDRA. Presumably, Skye is going to give Ward a bogus set of coordinates, allowing Coulson and the others to catch up with them and rescue her.


Amazing episode. From the preview I knew Skye was going to find out in this episode and I couldn't wait to see how. I knew after we found out that Ward was bad that Skye would be the first one to find out it was totally obvious. When Skye was alone with Ward part of me was scared for her but I knew nothing would happen to her. When she came back and kissed Ward I just kept smiling not because they were kissing but because she pulled herself together and now she was playing his ass like he's been playing them. That girl is a genius. This is why she's my favorite character. I can't wait to see what happens with them next its so exciting Skye can make him take her anywhere he has know idea that she knows about him. Ok the whole lie detector chair scene was awesome I loved it especially the questions if you were stranded on an island and there was one thing in a box what would it be and Fitz said Simmons that's so cute, Simmons said the Tardis which is genius who would of thought of that, and Skye was over thinking it which was great. I liked meeting Coulson's girlfriend and I was hoping she'd find out he was sill alive. I was also hoping that Fitz would tell Simmons how he felt. I can't wait till the next episode everything is getting very exciting. I'm especially excited about the Ward and Skye thing I want to know so bad what she has planned. I hope Skye being an 0-8-4 is mentioned again because they brought it up and it was a very exciting storyline but since then we've gotten nothing on it. I hope it comes back and plays a big part if not now then I hope the show gets renewed and plays a huge part in season 2.

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