Blue Bloods Review: Knowing When to Stop

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A domestic disturbance call had Jamie and Eddie on the unlucky end of that box of chocolates in Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 20, as a screaming match ended up with a death in police custody. 

I had to laugh when Collin's girlfriend told Erin that she and Christopher were just fighting, "the way people do."  It's both amusing and incredibly disturbing to think that a screaming match on a public street in front of your child where the police are called is somehow a normal occurrence.

Sadly, I'm sure it happens far too often.

Despite Collins fit of temper, I agreed with Erin that he didn't deserve to die. This was a bad day gone horribly wrong and it left quite a few fundamental questions in its wake.

It appeared that Collins did attack Officer Cutter in that bathroom, and if Collins had been killed hitting his head on the sink as he went down during the fight, Cutter may not have faced the grand jury at all.

I was a little surprised that Erin took such a hard line with Cutter's partner. As Danny argued over the Reagan family dinner, partners are very much like family, perhaps even closer. When you must rely on one other person to have your back and protect your life every single day under dangerous circumstances, that must breed a loyalty most of us will never know. 

In that way, I understand the Blue Wall. Partners have to trust that they will protect one another under the most extreme conditions. But Cutter crossed a line. It appeared that not only did he use an unauthorized chokehold, he'd lost control of himself to the point that when his partner told him to stop, he kept squeezing until the man was dead.

In the beginning I wasn't sure what had happened in that bathroom but when Frank had his first meeting with the Chief from Long Island I began to suspect there was something up with Cutter. The story about him leaving a better paying job in the suburbs after six years to start over again in "the big city" didn't ring true. Obviously Frank felt the same way. 

Erin and Frank butted heads in a way we don't normally see. As much as Frank backed his daughter, he really didn't want her on this case. I had to wonder about whoever assigned it to Erin in the first place. I doubt this was random luck of the draw. Someone wanted Erin Reagan on this case, only I can't tell if it was to bolster her career or hurt it. 

Danny and Jamie having a beer and complaining about their sister was a great scene. As Danny said in this Blue Bloods quote after the other two officers tried to bully Jamie about Erin…

Danny: Reagan family rule #1: Reagans can talk smack all night long. Outsiders talk smack, there's going to be a fight.

Finally we had Jamie encouraging Eddie to see her father in prison. In some ways Eddie was right. Jamie has no idea what it's like to be betrayed by someone in his family so I could see how his pushing was a little hard to take. However I did like that he went with her to the prison and I loved their banter before she finally went inside. These two make a cute couple, if they ever decide to go that way.

Your turn, TV Fanatics, should the grand jury have indicted Officer Cutter?


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No big storyline for Danny. That was interesting. The bar scene was great though! I was surprised Henry wasn't in it more, but it was a good episode. Sean's comment was funny at dinner. I kept trying to figure out how it would all play out without someone getting too much egg in their face. I didn't think of the grand jury letting him go and then frank firing him. That was great. I love frank when he's going head on with his kids. It's what makes the show so unique!

Sarah silva

Finally after 4 seasons we get an episode that features a lot of Jamie.
Erin has gotten a lot of screen time over the years and she got a lot on this episode so the more exciting thing for me was Jamie.
I did like the dinner scene. I also liked Danny and Jamie having a beer.
I know asking for half the episodes to feature more Jamie is asking a lot but if we can get a few a season that would be great.
Vanessa Ray who plays Eddie Jenko is being promoted to series regular next year so that may be more Jamie screen time to come!
Officer Cutter had be fooled I could have sworn he was innocent, however there had to be an explanation for why Collins died of strangulation. I guess I should have known he was guilty all along. It is scary that he had a similar incident in another precinct but it was swept under the rug allowing him to get a job at another precinct and do it again. Frank described him perfectly as a ticking time bomb and I am glad he found out about Cutter. The scene with Cutter and Frank near the end was great.
I too laughed when Collin's girlfriend said that they fight as all couples do. I do not think that is a normal way of fighting but I could be wrong!
Two weeks ago we saw Danny and Frank go head to head and this episode it was Frank and Erin. That is one of the things I really love about this show, it feels like the Regan's are a real family. We see the Sunday dinners. We see them laugh and have a good time. We also see them argue and disagree with each other sometimes but they love each other and work it out.


Very happy with the episode it had Jamie and Erin in it and less of Dannny don't get me wrong I love Danny just happy others can get front and center of an episode

@ Tania

Continue I thought at first that Cutter was innocent up until he and chief of Brooklyn taled I know more to Cutter I loved scenes with Jamie and Danny the two cops coming to them I can bad month my sister but others can't lol that is so true. I glad Frank frried Cutter at the end

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