Blue Bloods Review: What the Heart Wants

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There were all sorts of "Secret Arrangements" going on in Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 19.

Secret affairs, secret investigations and a not so secret attraction.

We'll start with the crime of the week: When Seymour Kerwin came running in to console the widow, I would have bet money that he was the killer.

Instead, he was just the victim's friend who was also pretending his call girl was really his girlfriend. When he told Danny that, the heart wants what it wants, I think he really believed it. Unfortunately, it's a little difficult for anyone else to believe when cash is changing hands. 

I thought the scholarship fund/escort site was pretty darn creative. Talk about a hands on mentoring program. 

I actually felt for the wife. Not only was her husband cheating on her with some coed hooker, he was recycling the love poems he'd written her 30 years ago. You'd think he'd at least write new poems. So much for romance. 

Besides solving a murder, Danny had even bigger issues. Apparently not only did Danny's boss respect him, even the criminals had his back. It was kind of sad that somebody he arrested was the one to give him the heads up on the investigation into his conduct.

I wasn't sure who I felt worse for, Frank or Danny. Danny really believed that his father might be behind the investigation and Frank was incredibly hurt that his son would think he'd target him.  It made for one chilly Sunday dinner.

I only wished that Erin would have taken Danny aside at dinner and told him the truth, especially when she realized how bad things had gotten between he and Frank. Eventually she did, but it was a day or two late.

Finally we get to the attraction that everyone can see. 

I loved Eddie's reaction in this Blue Bloods quote when she found out that Spencer had asked for her number…

He's only ever seen me in my uniform. I look like a 12 year old boy dressing up for Halloween.


I had to laugh. She does look incredibly young in her uniform. 

I didn't think much of Spencer at first but my estimation rose considerably when he called Jamie out on his obvious attraction to his partner and decided to back off immediately or else violate the bro code. 

Jamie and Eddie's kiss was actually kind of sweet, but neither of them is ready to admit their feelings for one another so they mutually backed off…

Jamie: You work together long enough either you hate each other…
Eddie: Or we make out on the side walk?

Eventually they may have to decide which type of partners they want to be, personal or professional but that doesn't seem to be a decision they're ready to discuss just yet.

What do you think? Should Jamie and Eddie ask for new partners and take a chance on love?


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I liked friday's episode I see Eddie and Jamie attraction but am not sure I see a couple yet maybe if they are not partners they yeah they can get together

Sarah silva

This was a great episode!
Once again we get more Jamie! I am not sure if like the idea Jamie and Eddie as a couple. I think they make great partners and friends. Not sure if I want to see them as more than that.
There was a lot of tension this episode with Danny and Frank, from the scene where Danny goes to his dad's house and is so angry and maybe a little out of line and Frank kicks him out and says to come back when he is not angry and then the dinner scene!
It was a nice change up to see that not all the family dinners will be fun and happy. It made it more real. I did laugh and the tuna and lots of mayo joke!
Things still did not seem resolved between Danny and Frank at the end but I am sure it will all blow over. As soon as Frank walked into Erin's apartment I knew that Danny was there too.
They seem to be hinting that Jamie will make detective soon, from the last episode where Jamie worked on the case for his dad to Danny's boss saying if there were any other Reagan children that were as good at their job as Danny is to send them his way.
At first I thought it was the husbands friend until it was revealed he was involved in the "scholarship" program as well. Then I started to suspect it was the wife. How dumb are the owners of the building to leave the key for the alarm door right above the door so that any one could come and go as they please without being seen!


Blue Bloods is such an underrated show.


What song were Jamie and Eddie talking about during their walk back to her apartment? I didn't recognize it from the one or two bars she sang. Anyone know?


Great episode. Loved the family interaction. Though it would have been great to have Henry there during Danny's confrontation with Frank. That would have made it real interesting. I see Jaime and Eddi's attraction but they need to wait until they aren't partners - IMO. But the tension is fun.

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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Everyone's entitled to a private life. A secret life? You're on your own.


You ever try and bite me that will be the last solid food you ever eat, you understand?