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The various players are converging on to the truth by the end of Crisis Season 1 Episode 6.

The FBI went on the offensive by attempting to trap the kidnappers. Their plan worked to an extent, but they also became pawns in the kidnapper's game.

By the conclusion of the day, the FBI wasn't any closer to finding the kids, but Dunn and Finley uncovered clues which informed them on the kidnapper's probable motivations.

Crisis season 1 began with what appeared to be a clear distinction that the kidnappers were bad and the government was searching to find and rescue the kids. With each episode, the contrast between good and bad has shifted and become less and less clear with a few exceptions.

Dunn and Finley have never strayed from the mission to find and protect the kids. Dunn may have kept a few secrets when it came to her sister and Amber, but never hindered the investigation. They provide the moral center of the case, while the parents, CIA, and kidnappers continue to surprise with what they are willing to do and why.

Who is the big bad? Gibson? At this point, I'd put that label on Widener. He's the one who has used the soldiers as his own assassination squad. And he will do anything he needs to in order to not only protect this secret, but continue to use the program. The drugs have a horrible side effect, but he doesn't care.

Gibson has taken great care to make sure that no one gets hurt or killed due to his plan. It hasn't gone perfectly, but the casualties are victims of the war for the greater good. That's at least how he would justify his actions. At this point, I can buy into that rationale. It is possible to do a wrong for the right reason.

Unlike Widener and even Meg, Gibson isn't doing this for his ego. Yes, he wants to be praised at the end of the day, but that's more about earning his wife and daughter's respect back. Gibson wants to expose his misappropriated research, stop the killings, and protect his family.

Meg showed her true colors and they weren't pretty. In exchange for finding out the name of the kidnapper, she gave up her former lover, Jonas. At first, it appeared she wanted to know the truth about the CIA program, but she already knew about that. She wasn't naive at all. Her lack of action was directly responsible for Amber's kidnapping. She could have stopped her company from participating in the program, but instead she decided to ignore the information to protect herself.

What will Meg do now that she knows that Gibson is the kidnapper? I doubt she'll tell Dunn. It's in Meg's best interest to shut down Gibson before her secret gets out and that won't happen if the FBI gets involved. 

I'd love to see it become a battle of two sides of Gibson working with Dunn and Finley against the CIA and Meg. Those would be intriguing alliances and set up an epic showdown.

There's a hit squad out there. We saw evidence of that today. So did you. They're killing innocent Americans. Is that why you took those kids?


And, the phone rings. The beginning of a beautiful partnership?

Odds and Ends

  • Kyle wants so desperately to be a hero. I hope it doesn't backfire on him. With Gibson offering to help him, it could easily go either way. If they two of them work together in an escape, Gibson would be one step closer to the Rose Garden ceremony he wants.
  • Poor Ian. He's right. The experience has helped Beth Ann, but has been devastating for him. I fear for him. 
  • Why doesn't Beth Ann wonder where her father disappears to all the time?
  • Awesome fight between Finley and Koz. Finley made the right call to let Koz go. 
  • Meg actually has emotions! She held strong when she turned on Jonas. She really did care about him, but he was sacrificed for her greater plan.

Who is the worst?


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I agree... shows like this and Hostage should stand alone... I think ratings will take care of season 2 of this show but it is well done... Serialized complex dramas are tough for new shows to pull off... Shows like Person of Interest can become that way after a couple of seasons where we can establish the characters enough to care about them.. Once you care about characters in procedural shows, add in the complexity... Or just binge watch these things so you don't forget stuff from week to week... Tough call..


wow I loved the ending and the preview for next week...I think personally what the show is all about is how far people would go for a cause, what drives them to action and what lines they are willing to cross and not to cross...and yes because people are capable of anything you need someone with a moral compass and I don't know if there is anyone that fits this bill, hopefully dunn will be the able to stay the course...I understand Gibson has a goal to bring to justice the people that betrayed him, but surely if he is this smart why did he even choose to get into bed with the devil we can call widener for now...I just keep thinking there must have been another way to get the truth out about what widener is doing instead of abducting the children. people never realize that every action has a consequence...because those children are not safe if Gibson thinks they are because those guards are also capable of anything and soon they might step over a line and hurt the children without Gibson's knowledge...finally I am always laughing at how stupid some people can be in believing that funding research to make the world a safer place wont end up blowing up in their faces...yeah right the biggest lie the devil ever told was making everyone believe he does not exist.


I love this show I hope it get a season two

@ Michael

I enjoy this show but really don't want it to get a Season 2. The whole point is just getting to a conclusion. I hate it when they draw shows out for multiple seasons. Wrap it up and leave it as done!

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