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I'm real tired of you people telling me what to do.


Find my daughter.

Gibson [to Koz]

There's a hit squad out there. We saw evidence of that today. So did you. They're killing innocent Americans. Is that why you took those kids?


I know what happened, Jonas. I know.


I don't know what a mother would do. I've never been one. I've never even been an aunt.


So is Gibson the hostage? Or the kidnapper?


Dunn: Amber isn't Meg's daughter.
Finley: Keep going. You can do it.
Dunn: I can do what?
Finley: You want to trust me. Then trust me. You can do it. Say it.
Dunn: Amber is my daughter.
Finley: FBI finds out about that they'll have your badge.
Dunn: Yep. They will.
Finley: So this stays between you and me.
Dunn: Okay.

Susie, I know you don't trust me. But everything I've ever done, I've done for Amber.


You are not my family. You never were. You were a job. This is my job now.


What happened in that room?

Beth Anne

Finley: What are you going to do with these soldiers?
Jonas: Ask your partner's sister.

Tell him what you let the teacher do.

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I'm here to find your daughter, Amber.


Welcome to Brat Patrol.

President's son