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Crisis Review: Demands and Negotiations

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The tables turn! 

Gibson's plan has gone without a major problem... until now. On Crisis Season 1 Episode 7, he got played and it cost him a lot. The question now is whether or not he can recover from his setbacks or not.

Dunn and Finley are the bomb! They've been brought together under horrible circumstances, but they make incredible partners. They just get each other. Any time the two of them are on screen together I enjoy what's happening. They may be a step behind the kidnapper, but they have stayed on his tail from the beginning.

In order to get closer, they made direct contact with the kidnapper and it worked. They got insight into his plan and they ended up being able to make a demand of their own. It may not work, but they are no longer playing catch up. They are in the game and making headway into finding and saving the kids.

Their bigger problem is with the CIA than with the kidnapper. That's messed up! It's been speculated that Widener was pursing the soldier program without permission and that was proved today. It's an off-book program that Widener's using as his own personal assassination squad.

The key is Jonas Clarenbach. He's the only one that knows the secret formula for the soldier program and that's why both Gibson and Widener are desperate to get him. Without him, the program ceases to exist. It's unclear exactly why Gibson needs him, but it's probably to fully expose the program or  to use the soldiers against the CIA.

I was a little surprised that we didn't see anything about Meg in "Homecoming." She knows the identity of the kidnapper now, so why isn't she using that to her advantage? I guess she's working on it off-screen, but what does she plan to do? She obviously hasn't provided the information to her sister which would have been extremely helpful for Dunn to have.

With the season only half over, there's still plenty of time for it to all come crashing down. It will be intriguing to see how the loyalties end up playing out. Meg already turned on Jonas, so will he turn on his former lover? That would be a big shocker to dump on Susie.

Even though Clarenbach is responsible for the program, I feel sympathetic towards him for some reason. He seems to recognize how the program went wrong and wants to stop it. It wouldn't be a far reach for him to start working with Dunn and Finley to stop the program and protect himself at the same time.

Given the super soldier was programmed to rescue the hostages, Gibson has his own problems to deal with at the hostage house. He also doesn't have a soldier to use in his mission. His break in concentration may be what Dunn and Finley need into order to get a jump on the kidnapper and save the kids.

While I'm enjoying the series overall, I haven't connected with any of the teenage characters like I have with Dunn and Finley. When the story shifts to the hostage house and the interactions between the kids, I just don't care. The characters haven't been well-developed at all, instead they're unnecessarily superficial and often abstract.

Kyle and Beth Ann have developed a loving relationship, but it doesn't feel earned. One day they were locked up together and now a few days later they are in love and perfect for each other. I don't feel it.  Meanwhile, Ian has been pushed aside and is struggling with what happened (what did happen?) in the room with the guard and Amber.

The only other teen that's been developed at all is Amber. She had a relationship with her teacher, betrayed her boyfriend, and now has something going on with a guard. She's one messed up girl. Her situation won't likely be any better when she finds out that Susie is her mother.

Perhaps when Beth Ann uncovers the truth about her father and Kyle finds out that he killed an honorable man and not the kidnapper, they will bond together and be there for each other. Though Kyle will likely push her away instead. They do make a cute couple and she's someone he can trust since she's not into him because of his family's position.

Now that Beth Ann, Kyle and Ian are separated, perhaps we can find out who they really are. How far will they go to find their freedom? While they are working inside the house, Dunn and Finley have a crucial decision to make about Clarenbach. The right decision could mean saving the teens, while the wrong one could put them and others at risk.

What should Dunn and Finley do with Jonas Clarenbach?



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