Grey's Anatomy Review: What's the Point?

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It's hard to believe that there are only three episodes left in Grey's Anatomy Season 10.

Actually, up until Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 21, I found it even harder to believe that we'd soon be bidding farewell to Dr. Cristina Yang.

When she didn't win the Harper Avery Award, I was disappointed and just didn't understand what Shonda and company were doing. Now, I completely get it. 

According to Catherine Avery, we found out that Cristina could never win the award because the Harper Avery Foundation co-owns the hospital where Yang works. I have to take a moment to give credit to those who left comments recently nailing this reasoning. Good call!

When Cristina found out that she actually received the most votes and should have won, I couldn't help but feel crushed for her. Stupid politics! Although I'm not entirely ready, I am keenly interested in the final installments as we inch closer to saying goodbye to Dr. Yang.

While we hardly saw much of Amelia, it was nice to have her around her again. She's engaged! Aunt Amelia wanted to pay a visit to see what life with kids and careers was like. I hope to see a bit more of her spending time with her niece and nephew, but I also am looking forward to her hopefully teaming up with her sibling in the OR. 

Meanwhile, Japril's issues are hardly over. Now, April is pregnant. Since their marriage, nothing has come easy for these two. In real life, marriage isn't easy either, but I feel like it's always one thing after another for Japril. Quite frankly, that is tiresome. Do you think they'll survive?

And call me crazy, but doesn't nearly every other doctor already have kids on the show? In fact, Calzona is trying as I type. With so many babies, I have to ask: what's in the water at GSMH?!?

I have really appreciated the continuation of both the bubble boy and family with heart complications storylines.

While the young boy picked up a viral infection despite being isolated at the hospital, Bailey clearly was contemplating making a very risky decision by wanting to inject the boy with a deactivated HIV virus - regardless of the young boy's parents' change in heart. There's no way this ends well for Bailey. 

As for the family with the three children and their mysterious heart issues, Dr. Yang tried her best to make the right decision when the parents couldn't decide which daughter to pick and save. It was heartbreaking and I couldn't imagine ever having to make that choice.

Unfortunately, one of the daughter's died as her overall health was deteriorating. 

Finally, I'm a little wary about Jackson's report about what research will be cut soon. Moreover, why is Meredith's research on the back burner now? 

Other Thoughts:

  • I loved how Meredith totally had Cristina's back. From scolding April for being an Avery to telling Jackson off about the Harper Avery Foundation, she was awesome.
  • I was surprised when Richard told Catherine that he had traveled a long way to see her because he was intending on proposing. Will this still happen?! Missed opportunity: seeing Richard possibly ask for Jackson's blessing first. 
  • Alex and Arizona shared some great moments together as he broke the news about his offer at the practice. I'm glad he's taking it.
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again: I absolutely love Jolex!
  • Don't forget to return next week to chime in on our Grey's Anatomy Round Table.

Overall, "Change of Heart" was solid and I'm stoked for next week's episode as Dr. Preston Burke returns.

What did you think of Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 21?

Here is your first look at Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 12, featuring BURKE'S RETURN:


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I think that Grays Anatomy is/has been the BEST t.v. series. I and many others can agree that saying good bye to any of the core main characters,(especially someone like Christina Yang who has been there from the start) is really going to be a sad farewell. I hope that this series is due to continue because it is one of the few t.v. shows that has what it takes to survive a long time! I just hope that none of the others are due to leave the show and that Christina Yang comes back for future guest appearances! She's going to have a big affect on some of the other characters such as Owen and Meredith. I have really enjoyed watching Christina and Meredith's friendship bloom and blossom and have gone through many trials and tribulations together which have only strengthened their bond. I was really sad and worried when they went through that recent fight which almost broke them apart but, I am so glad they were able to find common ground which only made them that much closer. I believe that the representation of their relationship is how a true friendship should be. This show is diverse, exciting and addictive! I can't wait for Dr. Burke to return on the next episode and think there should be more guest appearances from people like Addison for example. I am NOT looking forward to Christina leaving the show and wish that the producers would change that decision! :-) I also hope that the strong relationships like Callie and Arizona and Meredith and Derek remain strong and together. Yes, maybe showing the things that all relationships go through but, making sure that those things only strengthen the relationships and not break them up because the series has to many break ups as it is. It should show atleast one or two relationships that end up working out! All and All... this is my favorite show and I look forward to watching what happens in the future!


Way to go Shonda,nicely done!after ten season she still keeps me here watiching!


Loved the episode! The only thing I thought sucked was the music. It sucked because they changed the tempo of some good songs they used. Don't mess with the music!

@ Elizabeth

I like the emo remakes of classic 80's songs. I think the lyrics of the songs used are on point with the scenes and since the majority of the scenes are dramatic in nature, the tempo of the songs have to be at a slower pace. Since the majority of the originals are at a happier more up tempo pace, they wouldn't work with the pace of the scenes so a slower version had to be used.


No matter how you look at it The Harper Avery Foundation just shot itself in the foot! Like Richard and Meredith, others will read each of the entries and they too will know, effectively damaging the integrity of their prestigious award. It's bad for all involved, the person who won by default, and anyone else from now on will wonder if they really deserved it or not. Just an example of PC rediculousis which should be named as a disease of modern first world society!

Sarah silva

The way I took Christina walking out of the hospital is her quitting! However I never seem to get any previews for the shows so I do not know what it shows for next week.
When she found out she won the Harper Avery but will never actually get one as long as she works at the hospital, she felt no other choice but to leave! I do not blame her at all. I like that this is the way they are having her story end. I think it is stupid that she can not win because of where she works!
I was not expecting April to say she was pregnant! She sure got pregnant fast! I am not a fan of April's so I may be a little harsh here BUT she is showing her lack of maturity by not staying at their place and working things out with Jackson, she instead chose to "run away" to Callie and Arizona's place. I felt bad for the way she told Jackson, being told you are going to have a baby should be fun and happy not blurted out the way she did!
I was not at all surprised that Alex took the job. I did love Arizona's reaction and what she said to Alex.
With 3 sick kids I was not surprised that one would end up dying. It is sad but I knew it was going to happy.
So Bailey was all over Meredith and was super mad at her when she messed with the Alzheimer's trial but now it looks like Bailey will go against the mothers wishes and inject the kid. Yes the papers were signed but the mother did not want it to happen. So that is what Bailey will do to justify her actions. I hope Bailey apologizes to Meredith for the way she treated her! It is easy to get mad at someone and think they did a horrible thing until you are in a position where you do what you think is right!
I am also not a fan of Catherine's and I like that Richard put her in her place! When he told her the real reason he was there, the look on her face was priceless! I think this is the end for the two of them.
Derek and Meredith's surgery date was super cute. They continue to be my favorite couple.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Two different thing what Merediths did ended up destroying her husband life and killed the cheif wife

@ Michael

She didnt kill the chief's wife. She tried to help her by giving her the real drug rather than the placebo. Adele didnt die until Bailey's wedding, several seasons later. She did trash the trial, tho.

Sarah silva
@ Michael

Not really different! Injecting bubble boy COULD kill him!

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

It's is the same thing it all comes down to ethics, whether the treatment works or doesn't work she'll still have some explaining to do! I hope for her sake it does.


If I've learned nothing else, I've learned this from Greys Anatomy...their promo's and teasers can be extremely misleading. I believe Dr. Burke and Dr. Yang are not reuniting romantically as the teaser implies but rather as part of some cardiothoracic super team. That's my prediction

@ B.C


@ B.C

I totally agree with you.


Another Amazing Episode!!! I knew that Chrictina did not win because she is not only an employee at a hospital owned by the Harper Avery Foundation, BUT she is a part owner. I JUST LOVE JOLEX!!! They are adorable together and they are definitely the NEW Meredith and Derek!!! #JOLEX I AM SO HAPPY THAT ALEX TOOK THE OFFER, BECAUSE HE CLEARLY NEEDS TO DO THIS. AND I LOVED HOW MEREDITH WAS THE ONLY ONE SMILING OTHER THAN ARIZONA WHEN HE TOLD THE BOARD ABOUT THE OFFER. CLEARLY THE HOSPITAL DOES NOT OFFER ALEX ANYTHING TO STAY AFTER HIS FELLOWSHIP. WOW!! For April and Jackson. A baby will just magnify their differences even more, and in the long run I DO NOT think that they will make it. It will be like April's sister whose husband cheated and they are STILL trying to get past this. Religion is a big FACTOR with Jackson and April and it MOST DEFINITELY is exactly like Owen and Christina and the issue of children. I do love them as best friends. But they SHOULD have dated and NOT gotten married. I hope that they find out what is making the kids with the heart problems sick. And I hope that Bailey figures out how to save the bubble boy Braydon. I LOVED Bailey trying to explain science to his parents and same with Christina explaining to the parents about what was going on with the hearts' of Ivy and Frankie. As for the research projects, Callie and Derek have government funding so they are safe. Meredith doesn't need that much lab time. Bailey, her genome work IS theoretical and she definitely needs to come up with something fast, personally I think that she will try the treatment on Braydon secretly. Again, AWESOME, AMAZING, and EPIC episode!!!! LOVED IT!!!!
5 stars. =D

@ kiera14

I agree re: April and Jackson. They didn't "work" after the boards, why would she think it would work now? Five bucks says she regrets it and either tries to contact Matthew or pines for him in some way. Sorry, April, you got yourself in this mess. I'd be very surprised if McSweetie (my nickname for Matthew :p) comes back, as much as I'd like to look at him!

@ Shannon

McSweetie, that is a great nickname for Matthew. And April and Jackson should have dated first and gotten to know each other as a couple like Alex and Jo which are super adorable. =D


I am so Happy for Alex he needed to leave that place as well too much drama.


Did Cristina ever figure out why the three kids got sick? I remember she ruled out viral and genetic. Did I miss that answer? Somebody help me out here please!


Glad to hear they said something about Amelia and James as last we know from finale of Private Practice they were dating and she just met his parents. So that made me happy ! If Cristina leaves with Burke it'll make what he did back at the altar ridiculous even if it was seven years ago.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 21 Quotes

Arizona: What’s wrong with your face?
Alex: I like your hair.
Arizona: What did you do?

Kepner, get out of my vagina.


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