Grimm Review: Trubel Maker

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There's a new Grimm in town on Grimm Season 3 Episode 19, and sadly she's even newer at this whole thing than Nick is.

Trubel is rather odd, though, thematically, for the series.

She's literally coming out of nowhere to wreck havoc with the rest of the Wesen population Portland. Sure, it's possible she really does not know what a Grimm is, but in Grimm how likely is that?

As things stand right now, Trubel seems much more likely to be planning something.

Viktor mentions wanting to know more about Nick in this installment and while he might be talking more about using Adalind for that purpose, what's to say that Royals don't have their own Grimms? 

No matter where Trubel ultimately falls, her appearance provides some contrast for how far Nick has genuinely come in this world.

The flashback to him rubbing Wolfesbane all over Hank shows how completely out of the loop he was regarding the Wesen world, and - while he's certainly not an expert - he can handle himself much more competently now.

At the time of that flashback, Nick was purely a cop, and when he's willing to break all sorts of protocols and laws with Trubel, Nick is more Grimm now than ever before.  

Speaking of poor Adalind, if she wasn't so overwhelmed with grief, she would see that all of Nick's friends were pushing her around. Much like Juliette, I'm feeling bad for Adalind - but the feeling does not last for long as she once again switches sides.

Viktor successfully uses the information that neither party has the baby to sweet talk Adalind back towards his side. However, no one aside from Rosalee seem to think this entire plan is gong to blow up in their faces. Yes, Adalind has done some very bad things, but her maternal instincts are spot on and the royal baby and Hexenbiest powers could potentially send them over the edge. 

As Adalind has shown in the past, there's nothing she won't do to get what she wants. 

Ultimately, this installment falls short of the stellar the standards set on Grimm Season 3. There's nothing much to Trubel yet and Adalind is mostly on a misery tour looking for Diana. With a few episode left in the season, I would be hoping momentum would begin to pick up rather than slow down. 

Is Trubel going to cause trouble for Nick?


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I think it's highly plausible that she wouldn't know what a Grimm is. Nick had absolutely no idea what was going on when he started seeing things - and if his aunt hadn't come back to town to tell him, he would have thought he was nuts too. Nick was also lucky enough to have his first Wesen encounter be a reformed blutbad. Trubel is much younger than Nick was, she seems to be alone and she's seen the works. She would have had no one to tell her, and she can't exactly look it up in an encyclopedia. She's been surviving against all these Wesen who go berserk and attack when they see her...all she knows is to defend herself. I think it's safe to take her at face value. That being said, you could totally be right - she may be a double agent of some kind. We do know that the Royals had Grimms in the past.


Finally, we get to see a Grimm that isn't part of Nick's family! I was wondering if that would ever happen.


I don't think it's surprising she doesn't know what a Grimm is, Nick didn't know it easy to imagine her parents were killed before they could tell her.

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