Hannibal Review: By Design

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Everything is by design.

The way Hannibal kills has a design to it, the way Hannibal cooks is by design and his trails of information are by design.

As Hannibal Season 2 Episode 7 demonstrates, Hannibal has a plan for everything in his grand scheme... or his "design." 

Will and Miriam mention being free, thought neither of them really believe this to be the case since Hannibal is not done. Both Will and Miriam want to be free from their pasts and futures with Hannibal, but the difference soon becomes Will wants to find out everything he can and to truly design his own agenda to catch and put Hannibal behind bars. 

Miriam, on the other hand, is never free because she is still under Hannibal's design. Hannibal's light therapy is nearly God-like in nature and Hannibal illuminates himself to cast a shadow on himself.

This imagery allows himself to become the puppeteer and to play everyone to his ultimate plans and achieve his final designs. 

His final designs are ultimately what brings Hannibal knocking on Dr. Chilton's door to frame him for absolutely everything. Will warns Jack that there is going to be something that points away from Hannibal, Will can see Hannibal's design, but the evidence lines up so nicely that they are forced to follow Hannibal's design to the letter. 

At the property where Will investigates Miriam's jail cell, there's another standing imagery of water.

Will sees his reflection in the water and it echoes more themes of water and fishing that are present in Hannibal Season 2. These themes convey the idea that Hannibal can only be lured out.

Once Will talks with Chilton, this theme finally dawns on him. He even tells Chilton that he's going to catch Hannibal. He doesn't say kill; Will specifically wants to catch Hannibal in the act or to find information that forces Jack to go straight after him.

As this installment points out, even Jack can't follow his gut forever he's eventually going to follow the evidence, no matter how neatly it all comes together. 

The greatest moment of the installment comes in the form of Will resuming his therapy. When Will drops this bombshell on Hannibal, there's a momentary look of confusion that flashes across his face. Hannibal has not planned for Will to come back to their friendship in his design plans. It's an entirely new Will Graham in that room.

He's calm, cool, collected, poised, and ridiculously handsome. 

Will Graham is ready to play as a mental equal to Hannibal rather than being one step behind. With that in mind:

Is Will finally one-step ahead of Hannibal?


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Is a good show indeed, and everything has worked out, that's fine with me, you can kill Beverly Katz, cause is no very important to the story like the book, but killing off Dr. Chilton and framing here for crimes, have we haven't seeing this before with Will Graham's character?..... It was a nice twist at the end of season 1, but trying to put an excellent character, sometimes eccentric, in the same position like Will and killing him..... Is like pulling the nail in a coffin on show that is trembling between of being cancel or not...... Don't get me wrong, I will continue to watch this awesome show, but better improve the killing off of some characters, because sometimes it feels absurd, confusing and senseless!


I seriously love your reviews. Freakin' brilliant. Also, Graham was already adorable with the messy hair, but when he walked into Lecter's office? Hello. Fuller's not kidding with the guillotine - that's three characters gone! Katz, Chilton and Gideon. The story is great, but I'm really going to miss Raul Esparza. I enjoyed his work on the show. I think Will and Hannibal have been exchanging the lead for quite some time. I think there was a point where Will was a bit ahead and Hannibal was truly frazzled, but Hannibal collected himself and overtook will with the Miriam Lass/Chilton gambit. I'm looking forward to seeing what Will's plans are now.


How could Chilton die here if he's still alive in The Silence of the Lambs?

@ ryan jones

It's an adaptation, not a reconstruction. Beverly Katz is also a character alive and well in the novel Red Dragon, but has been killed off in this series which precedes the novel. It's not uncommon with adaptations of novels to small or big screen.

@ ryan jones

That is the very question I came here hoping someone could answer.

@ Brian

Since they are just using the characters but telling an alternate version of the story, the fact that he was not killed until the end of Silence of the Lambs (at the end of that book, Hannibal is off to kill him after the book ends) does not count. All it means is that his story is over and he will not appear if the show gets renewed and they go to a new plot-line. There are a large number of plotting differences between this show's plot and that which occurred in Red Dragon (which the credits state the show was inspired by).


Hannibal is amazing. This show goes above and beyond anything I've ever watched on tv. I didn't see it coming. The entire setting up of Dr Chilton just shows how incredibly smart this man is. Will is the only one who could ever figure it out. Jack has to follow evidence. Will's mind is amazing. Hannibal's is too. I despise Alana. My favorite moment was the smile on Will's face when he saw his dogs. He wasn't broken in that moment. It's amazing to watch the transformation from S1 Will. He literally went crazy and became sane in two seasons. Hugh Dancy is great. I thought Dr Chilton was hilarious this ep. And Hannibal was freaking brilliant. He never loses his cool when he has to put on his human facade for Jack. Will makes him lose it everytime. I seriously love this show


LOVE the twists in this one. Personally I figured H would set Chilton up for the fall, but never expected Miriam to nail that coffin, or accuse him. H is pure evil!

@ nightcrew

I was surprised by this as well...although I knew something was up when Hannibal confidently met and spoke with her...


I still don't think this show is pulling in the ratings they want........I hope that isn't the case............... I like this show.........Raul Esparaza (Chilton) has been great on it........He's also on Law and Order SVU as the DA..........but I can't say I was surprised at his demise and Hannibal, with his mind manipulation of Miriam, played that beautifully..........He essentially killed 2 birds with one bullet.......... Hugh Dancy(Will Graham) has also been wonderful in this series..........the different looks they create for him........his delivery of his lines and performance..........and he is quite handsome........... Hannibal's manipulations can't go on forever...........I think he will eventually slip up in some small way............and that's just what Will needs...........


What a great show! I'll miss Chilton. The actor portraying him is so good. At this point I actually think Mads Mikkelsen is a better Lector than Anthony Hopkings was. Best show on tv besides Justified and True Detective.

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