Hannibal Review: Evolution

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To catch a predator, an organism must rise to the occasion and evolve or risk dying out.

On Hannibal Season 2 Episode 9, Will continues this evolution. 

During Hannibal and Will's first therapy session, Hannibal mentions to Will that he should adapt and evolve - and to imagine himself in new situations.

Will imagines himself shooting the social worker in the horse in the head, telling Hannibal he feels power over it. The entire conversation is shown with close ups of both Will and Hannibal; it almost like both are trying to get back to what they once had, but, moreover, it's demonstrative of Will's further evolution as a character.

He's willing to put on new stripes, adapt and evolve for Hannibal. While Will may not ultimately be a killer, he is willing to make Hannibal begin to think and assume that he can be. 

It's Will best chance to bring his reckoning to Hannibal. If Will can somehow make Hannibal begin to see that his own time is limited, there's a opportunity for Hannibal to slip up, allowing Jack the chance to catch him in the act.

Jack, too, is beginning to evolve in his thinking and patterns with Hannibal. Jack hopes that by reverting to his old relationship with Hannibal, and showing remorse for his old actions, there's a chance that Hannibal will begin his subtle manipulations to get what he wants: Will. 

Hannibal's talks with Randall offers insight into how he views his killing. Hannibal sees them as evolving into a higher plane of existence although they are savage and primal in nature.

The plane of existence is all in Hannibal's mind. It's not an adaptation or an evolution, but merely a regression back into primal existence; back to a time where humanity had not evolved to a different time. 

Finally, Will's delivery of Randall's body to Hannibal is chilling. It's another opportunity to show that Hannibal is still very much in control of the situation, even if Will is willing to bend the rules, but it's also a move of desperation as well.

Hannibal wants to continue his screwed up relationship with Will and Will is never known to be (or shown to be) physically capable of handling himself in such a way.

Will's "Even Stevens" approach to the delivery is a confirmation that Will can tap into his primal side and reach his "higher plane" that Hannibal has been slowly trying to groom Will into. Ultimately, I believe Will is doing all of this, becoming a protégé of Hannibal's, as an opportunity to go undercover and understand who Hannibal really is. How he ticks and how he kills. 

That doesn't mean the ride isn't going to be enjoyable though. 

Has Will successfully entered Hannibal's head? 


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I've been thinking about the ending of this episode - I'm willing to bet that Jack Crawford is in on this. I think he knows that Will killed that guy, and that this is part of the setup. Will is playing Hannibal, getting him to show himself and slip up. I don't think Will is so far lost to his own self that he would kill a guy and do what he's doing in the previews.


Great review! This evolution, or this "becoming" as they put it in the therapy session, is a theme from the novel Red Dragon. The killer in the novel, Francis Dolarhyde, believes himself to be going through a process of "becoming". Though they've certainly not stuck with the canon, it's great to see those callouts to the novels. I loved Hannibal's reaction to the discussion of Bedelia Du Maurier. He let his guard down for about half a second and his voice was dripping with contempt for her. This episode did show us one thing: Will isn't unique to Dr Lecter. We've been going on the notion that Hannibal feels a connection to Will, and wants him as a friend and fellow killer. However, Hannibal views killing as a second nature to be encouraged, and as a psychiatrist, he's nurtured and evolved that second nature in anyone who has shown a glimpse of it. He did so with Randall, and is doing so with Margot. What Hannibal is doing with Will is what he always does. Maybe Will isn't so special after all.


Oh, great. Another show that introduces a gay character into it. Don't we have enough of those already? I'm only saying this because that was my understanding when Margot said she had the wrong proclivity for parts. If she's not gay though then I take back what I said.

@ ryan jones

I understood the comment "wrong proclivity for parts" to mean that her brother attacked her because of her gender not that she was gay. Still, I have no problem if she is gay or not, she is a cool character none the less.

@ ryan jones

Margot Verger is also gay in the novel. Might wanna stop reading books too.

@ ryan jones

well mr jones its 2014, if you can't tolerate gay characters. well then like I was told that if I cant tolerate violence in shows like the following, then i suggest you also switch of your tv and don't watch it if you don't like it, because we do and we are not interested in your narrow mindedness... there are other people in this world too, besides people like you who are not willing to accept people that are different from you.


The cat and mouse game Hannibal and Will are playing reaches new heights with each episode. Hannibal is fully aware that Will wants to bring him down and that Will knows that he's a killer. Hannibal is using Will's drive to bring him down to his advantage. I'm trying to figure out just how this will end. With Abigail being inserted into the picture.......it could stand to reason that Hannibal will use her also to try to kill Will. And what has happened to Jack's wife? I know she's not a main part of the story here but I'd like to know what has happened to her since Hannibal saved her from suicide...........

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