Hart of Dixie Review: Ballroom Blitz

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For those who were hoping for a "Bluebell Does Broadway" episode, well, you sort of got your wish.

However, Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 19 wasn't all tap shoes and harmonizing. Some major drama went down as well.

This episode was titled "A Better Man," but it should've just been called "Between a Rock and a Hard Place." It seemed like people were getting put in the middle of uncomfortable situations all over Bluebell!

Though Tom Long had a dramatic meltdown that left him unable to perform for his very hormonal wife, I'd say that Zoe got the worst of it. Lest we forget that Zoe is still handling a breakup, she was put in the very awkward position of mediating the relationship drama between her ex and her cousin.

The right thing to do would have been to say no. But Zoe is Zoe and she is drawn to drama. Of course, she was going to repeat back to Wade whatever Vivian told her.

Oh there she is, the Edward Snowden of family secrets.

Vivian [to Zoe]

To be fair, Vivian handled this breakup like crap. She didn't even have the decency to end things with Wade face to face before she bounced out of town with Charles. I'm not saying she made the right or wrong decision, there is a lot of family and history to consider, I'm just saying that she handled horribly.

I also wish Wade wouldn't blame it on Zoe! There was really nothing she could have done. She tried to remind Vivian of how great Wade was and urged her to discuss the issues with him. Seeing Wade sad just about broke my heart, though.

Elsewhere in Bluebell, George sought some divine intervention to get Lemon off of his mind. He needed a buffer. A hot and wild night with Brianne Howey from Twisted was totally on the menu. Unfortunately, it was also in the Fancie's kitchen when Lemon was about to have it re-inspected.

But, hey, it worked to get George's thoughts Lemon free!

Say that one of your flock had developed feelings for the most spoiled, irritating sheep in town and he wants to rid himself of said feelings.


Lastly we had the Owls vs. the Belles. After Lavon's Annabeth ambush on Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 18, the Belles decided it was time to stand up for their leader. They sang a rejection letter to the Owls about not performing for the Mayor's Roast.

When Lavon accused Annabeth of something YET AGAIN, Annabeth decided she would stoop to his level and plan a "Head of the Belles Roast" for the same night. Both performances were solid and I'm glad it wasn't a Cricket and Stanley duet. We all know that could have happened...

So who had the better performance: The Owls or the Belles?


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So Wade pulls a John Cusack in Say Anything and shows up at Viv's house in the rain to declare his love and finally Viv shows him some actual affection - up to this point, it's been painful to see how apathetic she seems to be towards him. Props to everyone involved for actually pulling off that scene, there are so many ways that a scene like that can turn into awkward, over-acted garbage but they pulled it off. Also as a bonus, I really liked that they used "This House Is A Hotel" by The WInd and The Wave during that scene - it just made it all perfect, which in turns makes it that much more heart-breaking at the end - if you don't feel bad for Wade, you're not a human!


It will be interesting to see if Zoe makes the connection that she also left Wade (after his declaration of love) hanging without explanation after she decided to stay in NY....wonder if it will cause her to reflect upon her own treatment of him....


can wait to see lemon and lavon together again love them together
they are meant to be and have a chance to try and see how this go to having a real relationship in season four want more of them writters PLZ
let AB stay with Davis he look like a good guy for AB ,;,,,,,,,,
lemon will make a perfect mayor wife is that what lavon want ,,,,,,,,,,


"I also wish Wade wouldn't blame it on Zoe!" All Wade knows is that Zoe talked to Vivian and now she is leaving town with Charles. That comment is the classic "The audience saw what happened so the character must also have seen it" syndrome. Now, I do think it is also partly "shoot the messenger" syndrome too. Zoe was there, Vivian wasn't. Wade has done everything right in this relationship and he still looses the girl. I felt so bad for him.

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Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

That thinking crease is making a rare appearance on your forehead, so what's going on?

Zoe [to Wade]

C'mon I know times are tough, but you're Lavon Hayes. Two superbowls, four pro bowls; every time you get knocked down you get right back up.