Hart of Dixie: Watch Season 3 Episode 17 Online

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When Zoe Hart believes that she's been cursed to have bad relationships, she takes it upon herself to rekindle the relationship that she once broke up.

George and Lemon try to get over their hot and sexy hook-up until Zoe pays off a florist.

When a patient makes a visit-a-day to Brick, Annabeth suspects he is lying about his condition only to find out that she has secret admirer.

Wade tries to win over Vivian's ex-husband in order to keep Harley around but his presence gives Harley a black eye.

Just as it looks like George and Lemon will rekindle their relationship, Lemon orders Salmon. Be sure to watch Hart of Dixie online to see it all unfold.

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dont like lemon and George together is all about sex .
this two are so boring together ,
give my peter and lemon are lavon and lemon no no no no George !!!!!!
wade and zoe yes and George and AB yes are tansy !!!!!!!!!!


still don't think that lemon and George will Rekindle they love .
still think that lemon still in love with lavon she is happy around hem you can see that remember in season 1 with lemon say not to by with the man she love because she was going to marry George and that man was lavon I think that george have his chance and is time that lavon and lemon rekindle they love becaus is lavon turn to be with his true love ??

Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

George, I have my own cursed tragic love life to deal with.


Joel and I would've been together forever if he hadn't sold his stupid book and moved to Hollywood.