Lost Girl Review: Bo's Heart Sacrificed

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Well ... that's one way to end a season. 

Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 13 was a heartfelt finale with touching moments between Bo and her friends, but beyond that it was severely lacking.

Major plot points ended without much, if any, lasting impact.

Massimo was the biggest disappointment. He killed Hale, ate the Origin seed and was revealed to be Evony's son. Then, Massimo killed Rainer which ended the epic love story with Bo. After  the build up of the Una Mens and the Origin seed, it ended with a whimper. When Bo impaled Massimo with the sword, the power appeared to dissipate. 

Lost Girl thrives when it focuses on the strong relationships between the characters. Most of the season, Bo was away from her friends and either on the train or with Rainer. While they weren't well incorporated into the overall story of the hour, the best moments of the finale were the intimate moments between Bo and those she loves.

Dyson pledged his fealty to Bo. He wanted to fight by her side no matter what. And, when the time came he kissed her to prevent the darkness from overtaking her. They will always have a unique and special bond. They may not be in love, but they do have love for each other.

Throughout the season, Lauren's loyalty and plan hasn't been clear. She worked for the Dark and then claimed it was to help Bo. I'm a little suspicious of her initial motivation to help the Dark, but in the end she came through for Bo. And, Bo saved her life. It's unclear what the future holds for Lauren, but her ability to turn Fae into Humans is going to be dangerous.

After attempting to leave, Kenzi couldn't. She returned with Dyson and with a nod, she began to forgive Bo. The bond between Bo and Kenzi was cemented when they later hugged. That was a hug of epic proportions. My biggest complaint of Lost Girl season 4 was the lack of Bo-Kenzi moments. They were the heart of the show and they were absent this season.

That made Kenzi's sacrifice for Bo and the world even more horrible. Kenzi was right about Bo's heart. Bo loves both Dyson and Lauren, but her biggest love is for Kenzi. They are sisters. Kenzi had been looking for her place in Bo's life and in the Fae world and she found it. She's the one to save them all. Her sacrifice will close the door to Hel.

Those few moments after Bo arrived to the fight were perfect. When Kenzi walked across the room into the doorway and looked back at Bo hearts broke. It was devastating to see Kenzi sacrifice herself. From that moment to Tamsin getting her wings, cradling Kenzi and taking her away. Wow. Heartbreaking, but gorgeous.

She truly was Bo's heart, how will the Succubus go on without her bestie? I can't imagine Lost Girl without Kenzi, so hopefully next season will be about the search for Kenzi. She has to come back. She just must! Though, it will likely be problematic as Tamsin warned that Bo must not find the second Hel shoe.

Bo's father has been kept away for now, but it came at too high a price.

I've lost so much, but I must be strong. Now more than ever. ... I'm done crying. I'm done being scared. No one else will die on my watch. Whatever it takes, I will get you back. They want me to be afraid. It's them who should be afraid of me.


Lost Girl season 5 will return to Syfy in 2015.

What was the most touching moment?


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Just a FYI or reminder, Anna Silk was on maternity leave the early part of the season. I believe it completely threw off the rest of the season. But I do agree Kenzi is truly Bo's heart and soul. Without her there is no show. The biggest failure of the finale was Maxim., What a stupid, overacted and ridiculous "big bad". He ruined most of the finale. But I have to admit his mother sure is sizzling hot, not sure that I can completely blame him for having Mommy issues.


I just wasn't feeling it this season. This season wasn't as good as the others. Sure there was a lot of sacrifices and losses but still it didn't seem that interesting. I loved the ending where Kenzi sarcaficed to save everyone it was perfect. All I have to say is that next season Kenzi has to come back because she the heart of the show and without her the show is nothing. If Kenzi doesn't come back then I'll probably stop watching the show because she's my favorite character and the show wouln't be as good without her look what happened with this season when Bo was separated from everyone we didn't get to see the amazing character relationships which is what makes the show especially that of Bo and Kenzi and without their relationship the show will be nothing. Can't wait till the next season to see what's going to happen.

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Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

I've lost so much, but I must be strong. Now more than ever. ... I'm done crying. I'm done being scared. No one else will die on my watch. Whatever it takes, I will get you back. They want me to be afraid. It's them who should be afraid of me.


Bo: I kinda thought we were fighting.
Dyson: We kinda were. I love you.