Michael J. Fox Returns to The Good Wife: First Look!

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With Good Wife fans still reeling over the stunning death of Will Gardner, this CBS drama will at least offer a bit of comfort in a couple weeks.

In the form of a certain, lovable returning guest star.

Indeed, we predict a bumpy road ahead on April 20, The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 18 focuses on Alicia defennding ADA Finn when the State's Attorney's office attempts to make him the scapegoat for the Jeffrey Grant tragedy.

Later, Florrick/Agos gets involved in the case of an NSA whistleblower... only to find out that Alicia has been on the agency's radar for quite some time.

And things at Lockhart Gardner get shaken up once again when Louis Canning comes on board. Can he be trusted as an actual member of the team?

Check out these photos from "All Tapped Out" and prepare for Michael J. Fox to stick around for a few weeks:

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I have a very hard time understanding Mr. Fox. I don't particularly like him on the show.


Michael J. Fox was a funny and gifted actor. His medical condition got rid of his sitcum. To bring him back to The Good Wife is a big mistake. Although he was given a great role, I can't, for the life of me, understand a word he says. He also moves around too much. I not only cannot understand what he says, but it is painful to watch him struggle through his disease. Like Dick Clark, Michael should give it up while he's somewhat ahead of the game.


I like and admire Michael J Fox but really can't take a lot of his character in The Good Wife. Four episodes is way too much of him. He is the consummate slimy lawyer. I really don't look forward to watching him.
Will's death was such a shock but the writers have created a story of everyone, especially Alicia, reliving that last day that is heart wrenching. Good job to the writers and actors.


From things I've read previously, MJ Fox's stay will be 4 episodes this season...

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