Nashville Review: Mothers & Daughters

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Gah, I hate a cliffhanger! 

Nashville Season 2 Episode 19 was all about mothers and daughters, both good and bad. And it left us wanting a lot more.

Scarlett's momma made her debut in Chicago and her act was scarring, to say the least. Played by another Friday Night Lights alum (Dana Wheeler-Nicholson) Beverly had a short fuse. 

For two years, people have wondered why Scarlett would want to go into music if she was so skittish and shy. Obviously the musician part was in her blood, but what about her bashful little girl persona? Well, sadly that came from years of abuse.

I think it's safe to say why Scarlett has a hard time coming out of her shell. Beverly used to sing with Deacon but she got pregnant with Scarlett. She's spent these last twenty-something years blaming Scarlett for preventing her from getting her turn in the spotlight.

She was awful and spiteful at the smallest thing. She was angry with Scarlett for Deacon not having told her about Maddie. Uh lady, if you were my sister I wouldn't call you either! Scarlett finally hit a wall. A combination of tour nerves, an abusive mother, pills and alcohol led to her hallucinate and have a nervous breakdown on stage.

I'm so glad Avery was there. He knew something was up with Scarlett, knowing both her and Beverly so well. Juliette also knows how to spot somebody on drugs just like she did on Nashville Season 2 Episode 18.

But at least not every mother on Nashville is terrible. Rayna explained to Maddie in the last episode why she has always wanted to protect her from the media. I think Rayna, Teddy, and Deacon did some good damage control. 

In fact, I was surprised at just how well Deacon answered all of Robin Roberts' questions. He was a pro. I'm also incredibly proud that he didn't drink anything. However, his good press performance doesn't make any of it less complicated.

Another heart to heart was had between him and Rayna and once again it became clear that there is a chemistry between them that will never go away. Luke knows this too.

You think I wanted it like this? I wanted to be your wife. I wanted us to raise her up together in a wonderful loving home that you could not provide. I cried myself to sleep about that for a year, I wanted it so bad.

Rayna [to Deacon]

"I wanted to be your wife." I don't know what it was about that one sentence, but I just thought to myself oh damn. It's not like we didn't know this, it was just the way it all came out. 

So is there future hope for Rayna and Deacon?


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The episode Scarlett had on stage is pretty obviously a flashback, common to those suffering from PTSD, and not a "hallucination." Given the abuse alluded to on this episode, it's not surprising she's struggling. It's sad that her life is spinning out of control. She is such a talent!


While I agree Deacon was a drunken mess in season 1 ,that fact that he didn't turn back to the bottle given the 2 big issues he has had to deal with the last few weeks,shows he has come along way. And yes,Tim and Meghan have to go. Have no respect for either of them. Gunner may set down some roots ,which he well deservers but Iam afraid it's going to end another great releationship.
I really like Scarlett and hope she gets the help she needs. Avery being a good friend could help but it will probably cost him the lose of the always needy,it's all about me Juliette.

Sarah silva

I am not sure why Luke got so mad after Rayna, Teddy and Deacon's GMA appearance, so much so that he got into the car punched the seat and told the driver to take him the airport! I thought that was odd.
I really want Teddy to leave!
The only reason he has an issue with Maddie and her music is because that is something she shares with Deacon. She shares that with her mother too and her sister. We all know Teddy would not have any issues with her and her music if Deacon was not her birth father. He never says anything about Daphne's singing. Yes Maddie is older and did put that video on line BUT they both sing.
Scarlett has him rock bottom and I do not know if she can recover.
It seems like Avery and Juliette may not last, they always seem to have an argument each week, that is not good.
So Gunnar will buy a house with his royalties.
I still think that Gunnar, Zoe and Avery could go far if they got the band back together and made a go of it.
I did miss Will but not Layla.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I think Luke was mad because it sunk in that he was the third choice and Rayna's settling for him because Teddy turned out to be an a-hole and Deacon has too much baggage. When he told the story about them on the ferris wheel, he was basically saying that when Rayna finally gave Deacon the heave-ho 20 years ago, he was hoping that she'd start dating him. After seeing her interview with Deacon, Maddie's birth father, and Teddy, the guy she chose/allowed to be her adoptive father, he realized that he came in last place.


What a meltdown by Scarlett


I like Rayna with Luke FAR more than Deacon. I adore him as Maddie's father though and kinda hope Teddy disappears somehow so he can take a central role in that girl's life. (sorry I'm not a Teddy fan, especially after him sleeping with Meghan, did anyone believe that was JUST about grief? Nuh uh.) I do have a few question marks about Luke though, We'll see where that goes. Man I wanted to jump into the tv and smack Scarlett's momma something FIERCE. Having grown up with an abusive father, then step father and a neglectful mother...and now having my own daughter... I cannot understand how people can hurt their children like that. Just the thought of ANYONE messing with her makes my blood boil. Hopefully that woman gets what she deserves.

@ TVfan

A note - I was a huge Deacon fan. Then the Season 1 finale aired. I still like him but after seeing him devolve back into that drunk again made me completely change my mind about him being with Rayna. They have way too much bad history and I think his alcoholism is too deeply connected to it for them to ever be a good match again. In a perfect world(or show), he could come back from it and they would be happy again forever. But this show has too much drama for me to think that could ever be a possibility.


I am way to obsessed with this show. Just re-watched last nite's show and I think I picked up on what maybe Juliette's issue. Her little self centered butt was disapointed that Avery wasn't more jealous about her time and so called attempted kiss from Charlie. Had she been honest with Avery Iam sure his reaction would have been a lot different. She is coming off as real insecure.
Quote " it's okay if Charlie kissed me but you get upset when he goes near your ex-girlfriend" OH ,OH


This was a great show but you missed 2 kinda big storylines. The whole Juliette/Avery/Charlie drama. Avery appears to feel secure and in love enough to be ok with Juliette's meeting but 10 mins in we see a lot of hand petting and 1 lingering kiss along with another 1 goodbye. She try's to shed a little guilt with a half truth in the romantic bath tub scene. Avery trust her and left it at that. So now we see Charlie backstage taunting Avery. The next thing we know,in the course of rescuing Scarlett,Juilette let's a little more of the truth come out. I really like Avery andJuliette together but it's looking like she maybe about to ruin it again. I hope not. Charlie is a snake. Wish we could have at least 1 couple make it thru a entire season without cheating drama. Looks like Gunner's about to lose his love also.

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Nashville Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Well you know as a guy, there's no such thing as too slutty, so it's good.


Glenn: Looks like the tabloids finally have something other than you to talk about.
Juliette: She's a kid, I'd rather them talk about me.

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