Once Upon a Time Review: The Resilient Heart

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Zelena finally found a way to capture Regina's resilient heart in Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 18 as she had the Dark One threaten Robin Hood's son.

Am I the only one tired of hearing Zelena lament about how Regina got everything and she got nothing? I know it's her reason for becoming the Wicked Witch, but she's beginning to sound like a whiny little brat.

However, Zelena believes she can make it all better by going back in time and killing Ava. 

Who knew that Snow's mother was once such a brat herself. She was positively gleeful as she watched Leopold have Cora kicked out of the kingdom. Leopold was nothing but a fancy jewel coveted by two spoilt little girls. 

Unfortunately, Zelena was the victim in the mess and she didn't have to be, if only her mother had kept her. But being better than a miller's daughter was more important to Cora than her own child. How very sad.

One of the things this episode highlighted was how much Regina has grown. Not only has she stopped battling Emma for Henry's affections, she and Snow have begun to bond as they better understand their mother's pasts. Heck, they can even joke about their present predicament. 

Regina: I'm not looking for a heart to heart.
Snow: I'm not sure that's physically possible.

When it came to Regina losing her heart to Zelena, she readily forgave Robin and told him nothing; not even her own heart was worth the loss of a child. 

Regina was even concerned for Snow and her child as she questioned whether Snow should be on bed rest but as Snow replied in this Once Upon a Time quote...

Apparently the human body has a surprising tolerance for ghost possession.


Overall, I really enjoyed the bond that has formed between these two. I don't feel that it has diminished Regina's powers at all. If anything, her growth as a person has made her more complicated and more interesting.

Best of all was when Snow encouraged her that her resilient heart had the capacity to find happiness, for once Regina found her own courage and took a chance. She went out and found the man destined to be her true love and kissed him.

Robin Hood certainly seemed to appreciate the moment too.

So, TV Fanatics, are you enjoying Regina's transformation or would you prefer the Evil Queen of the past?


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Am I the only one who thinks that Rumplestiltskin/Zelena make-out scene was way too explicit for 8:00 prime time? There are kiddos up at 8:00 watching tv shows about Disney characters and the Wizard of Oz! I LOVE Once Upon a Time, but a Disney centric show like that should mind it's p's and q's. Or change to an adult theme and move it to 10:00.

@ Juliannaj

I'm kinda sitting here scrunchy faced after reading your comment. I mean this show has shown murder, a seance to awaken the dead, spoken about rape, talked about killing babies, takes peoples hearts out of their chest, shows Snow/Charming post coitus in bed, and shows Regina and Emma kissing nearly every dude on the show but you still consider this an appropriate show for kiddos to watch their favorite Disney characters?

Marcy lee morris

I can see why you would think that, but you are looking from an adult perspective, not a child's. Children see everything more innocently than adults. If you've ever read the Old Testament, you know even the scriptures contain murder, rape, and killing babies, but not with graphic detail like a make-out scene. Wherever you have good guys, you also have others who are bad guys doing bad things. What's important about that is that those things are represented as bad. The scriptures are good because they teach the value of morals. So do good stories which are centered in those same morals. In the original Snow White, the Evil Queen ordered Snow White's heart cut out by the hunter and the hunter brought her a deer's heart instead because his conscience wouldn't allow him to murder Snow White. Violent, but teaches an important lesson. But neither the scriptures nor fairy tales have detailed sexual content. And children have no idea what coitus is, they know their mommy and daddy sleep in the same bed, why shouldn't Snow White and Prince Charming? I haven't heard them speak about rape on Once Upon a Time, and I'm not sure why you think Regina and Emma nearly kiss every dude on the show, thinking about that one. I think Emma has romantically kissed 3, and in 13 years that's not terrible. She did have a child out of wedlock with Neal, but that was a long time ago and she has grown since then. I like the fact that she chose life. We know people in real life who have had children before they were married. I think Emma is pretty chaste, as is Captain Hook, and he has really made a point of it, which is awesome. What concerns me is when television represents actual sexual situations where people are necking and petting or worse. Those kinds of scenes can't be innocently understood, they are what they are. A child may understand why somebody sleeps in the same bed but will be clueless as to why that lady is wrapping her legs around that man and moaning like that. It's just gross to show that on network tv at 8:00. Having said that, Once Upon a Time is my favorite show because of the good writing and acting. I just hated that make-out scene because it was a little pukey. 99% of the time it's a show with total class.

Marcy lee morris
@ Julianna J

And about the seance, would you then say children should not ride the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland? Or the Pirates of the Carribean or Indiana Jones because there are skulls and violence? See, where do you draw the line? For us it's nothing with graphic violent details and nothing sexually explicit. Once Upon a Time is fine, and a very fun show. But we will lose interest if they have another explicit scene like the one in Bleeding Through.

Marcy lee morris
@ Julianna J

One more thing about violence. There are cartoons that are more violent than Once Upon a Time. I'd rather my kids watch a show that refers to violence but represents unnecessary violence as bad than a kid's show representing general disrespect and irresponsibility as good. How would you explain to a child what an army soldier does without any reference to violence? What they do is violent but it is heroic because it keeps the peace and saves lives. If you just turn on the news you see violence, it's a part of life, and in school we encourage kids to watch the news and keep up with current events. Even attending school carries the threat of violence for kids these days. It would be nice to live in a violence-free world, but we don't. Although we don't need to expose them to too much unnecessary violence, we're not talking about graphic violence here, we're talking about violent themes as in scripture stories, superhero movies, Star Wars, etc. Unless you're going to home school your child, you're not going to be able to shelter them from every bad thing in life. And that wouldn't be in their best interest anyway. We don't watch Rated R movies, and I wouldn't let my children see Shindler's List for example, or Saving Private Ryan, although those are both great films with important messages, and even though they've shown those movies at school (my children opt out instead). But I think Once Upon a Time is safe. :) Except for the pukey make-out scene.


What a fabulous episode ! through and through ! Christine, you are not the only one. I have been fed up with Zelena's whining for a while now. Though Rumple had me worried. Hell, I thought him KISSING her was strange . But it confirm that she loves him alright. Rumple, YOU WILL KILL HER !
I just LOVED Regina and Snow in this episode. Everything was great.
Hard to watch was Emma trying to joke around Hook... That burden...
Now the ending had me squealing ! Top notch that was ! You go Regina !


Cora probably cast a spell to make Leopold forget their history together so that he would marry her daughter.

@ D

I think so too. Only logical explanation.


Great episode. Love Regina's transformation, her interactions with Snow and this week's FTL-Flashback was also interesting. BUT:
1) Why was Zelena born with such a great power? Cora didn't know any magic until Rumpel taught her, the gardener obviously didn't know magic either, so ... wtf?!?
2) How could neither Leopold nor Ava recognize Cora??? Remember when we first saw an interaction between Cora and Ava in Season 2? Cora was delivering flour to the castle and Ava made her trip! Leopold (or his father) even introduced Ava to Cora, they didn't know each other! Am I missing something or did the writers really mess up?

@ San

Are you talking about the episode where she had to spin straw into gold for an entire crowd in a palace ? If so, this was not King Leopold's kingdom. That is where she met Prince Henry, Regina's father. If I remember correctly... I may be wrong.

@ Emy

Wait, but it was still Ava there, right? I'm totally confused now...

@ San

Yes it was her, back in episode s02e16.


Regina's transformation is great , I really hated her character in season 1 and now she's one of my favorite character on all TV shows , and she and Robin Hood are one of the the best couples ever .
It was fun to see Emma practicing magic .
And NO ,you are not the only one who tired of hearing Zelena lament about how Regina got everything and she got nothing ,I tired too .


I adore this show but there's some thing awkward here
1-Rampel was in love with Cora in S2 and there was a kind of love relation between them
also he had a love relation with her daughter Zelena Ewww
2-prince Leopard had love relation with Cora and then marry her daughter Regina double Ewwwwwww Less awkward but still....
3-Hook was in Love with Neil's mother and now in love with the woman who carried his child

@ sandy

You are right ,it's awkward when you think about it ,like Hook's first love was Henry's grandmother ,and his second love is Henry's mother !!!!!!!!!!!
but I think most of this complications because the travel between worlds and stopping the time for 28 years .


Here is what I don't understand - why is Henry still being lied to by EVERYONE? Just give him back his memories already, for Pete's sake! Everyone in town has them, except for that one year gap. Knowing what secrets and lies have done to generations of their family, you would think these characters should have learned that the truth is the better way to go. But, noooo....they STILL insist on deceiving & lying as their fallback position. And, to a CHILD no less, even though Henry was the reason they all found each other - because he wanted to know the truth. Where is Pinocchio when you need him...

@ KansasGuest

KansasGuest, you asked earlier where Zelena got her powers from. Remember at the end, while she was a baby, we saw something happening in the sky? I don't think she inherited it form anyone; I think some magical power (which we will find out later) descended upon her as a baby while she was in the basket

@ KansasGuest

It wouldn't let me respond below, but I agree with you on the Zelena and Cora magic thing, How come Zelena is more powerful then Regina when they both have the same mother and fathers that don't have any magical genes. Also, I agree that they should just tell Henry everything even if they can't come up with a potion to get his memories back. Plus, even if he doesn't believe it at first, shouldn't Emma want to try to make him believe especially when he did that for her in season 1. And Pinocchio was turned back into a child by the Blue Fairy and now back with his father, so he doesn't remember anything from the original curse and all.


I don't understand how Regina was still able to 'feel' after she took her own heart. In bot OUAT and OUAT in Wonderland we saw that that was rather impossible and yet she went after her 'heart's desire' (Robin) without it. Strange...

@ wapiti

Even without his heart, Graham was able to fall a little bit for Emma. Cora also could show some emotions, but definitely could not feel stron love. And if I understood what Snow told, Regina's feelings are so deep, that even without her heart, she can feel with her whole soul. She cannot feel True Love until her heart is back, I guess, but attraction? Kiss? No problem.


The episode was awesome! Rose McGowan does an excellent job as a young Cora. Even her those was scary. I love how they have developed Regina's character over these 3 seasons. Defending and protecting Snow like she did was incredible. But the best moment of all were the final 60 seconds. When Regina took a chance and kissed Robin I thought I was jump through the ceiling. Then when Robin kissed her I almost did. They have the best chemistry of any couple on the show and that includes CaptainSwan. The passion they had was just off the charts and Sean Maguire and Lana Parilla bring OutlawQueen alive in such a way that it can make anyone's heart soar with love. I hope this is the beginning of happily ever after for Robin and Regina. It is long overdue!!!!


Snow is Regina´s stepdaughter not her sister.
I love their scenes together but the best of all was that kiss!

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Right now I need something to defeat the woman who's puppet mastering your boyfriend.


Zelena: Red apples are so sickly sweet don't you think. People tend to like something sharper.
Regina: And green apples are just bitter.