Once Upon a Time Review: You Can't Steal What's Been Given

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Zelena started off as the happiest baby in all of Oz, but it all went downhill from there on Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 16.

It's clear that Zelena was born with powerful magic, but was she always wicked or did she become so because she was told that's what she was?

In her defense, it must have been horrible to realize that no one ever wanted her. Not Cora, not her adoptive father, not Rumpelstiltskin.

Let's face it: The girl has issues. So much so that she literally turned green with envy upon seeing her half sister.

I liked that they made the slippers silver in this story. For those that aren't aware, in the book the slippers were not ruby as they were in the movie, but silver.

I also found it interesting that Rumpelstiltskin described Zelena as the most powerful sorceress he'd ever encountered and stunning in every way. When that realization descended over Regina, that was when the self doubt began.

She's always assumed that letter was written about her. The knowledge that it was written about her half-sister shook the very foundation of who she thought she'd always been.  

Back in Storybrooke, everyone came together to bury Neal. Watching each person shovel dirt onto his casket made the loss all the more real. 

Regina couldn't keep her eyes off of Henry, who ironically couldn't remember the father to whom he was saying goodbye and Rumpelstiltskin was locked in a cage, instead of allowed to mourn his son. Zelena inflicted that pain on all of them.

Not only was Hook's offer to talk to Henry about his father sweet, it was also useful. How would Emma have explained that witch fight going on in the town square?

There was little humor in this episode, but the odd bits were quite good, as in Emma's response to Hook's offer to share with Henry in this Once Upon a Time quote

Hook: Perhaps I could talk to him.
Emma: About what, leather conditioner and eye liner?

I also enjoyed the continuation of the slow build between Regina and Robin Hood. Their chemistry continues to grow as Regina opens up and trusts him bit by bit.

Regina: What makes you think you know me so well.
Robin Hood: Well for one thing I'd be charred to a crisp right now if I didn't.

I wasn't sure what Zelena's ultimate goal was during her showdown with Regina until she went for her heart. Of course, leave it to Regina to hide it somewhere safe and not in her chest where it belongs. 

More surprising was who she trusted it with. When Robin joked about trusting a thief, Regina reminded him that you can't steal something that's been given to you. She obviously believed that  he was the one man who would keep it safe. For Regina, that's huge. 

So Zelena has David's courage, control of Rumpel's mind and she's trying to find Regina's heart. What does it all mean and how does Snow White's baby factor in? 

Your turn, TV Fanatics, who do you think is the most powerful sorceress on Once Upon a Time?


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What an episode ! I honestly didn't even think of the skin turning green with ENVY/JEALOUSY !! How could I not see that !
Now, I am so glad Regina hid her heart coz Zelena went straight for it ! I didn't expect her to give to Robin, LITERALLY ! I was cheering at that point. Are they moving too fast ? Nah, they had a hole year, we don't know what happened then ! Just love them together. Tink reminding her of what she passed on was funny. I'd like Regina to start sharing with Tink. We'll see.
The funeral scene was so sad. Everytime they threw the dirt, Rumple's soul took a hit. That was well done. Loved Hook and Henry. However, I thought for a second that he almos spilled the beans ! (speaking of, where is our giant-nw-normal-uman-size)
I definitely loved the flashback of Oz. Who woulda thought hat Walsh the flying monkey was in fact The Great Wizard . Also liked to see how Zelena turned all bad and stuff. Envy is an awful thing. Loved it when Regina threw that in her face, her doing all this out of jealousy.
Regina doubting herself was really not cool. She is the Evil Queen. She'll win ! Her realizing that the letter was not what she thought was sad.
Now, someone better start training Swan, coz her magic is lacking. It is painful to watch !
The silver shoes were so cute ! Loved it.


Here's my theory - Zelena already has Phillip and Aurora's baby, and when she gets Snow's baby, she plans to magically transfer herself and Regina into the babies so they can completely relive their childhoods! I have no idea who she intends to act as their "mother," or how she thinks Rumple will change his mind and prefer her as a student over Regina, although another Curse that erases everyone's memories might solve the second issue...


I really can't wait to find out how she's going to use those elements. The Oz reference is obvious : the heart, the courage and the brain. But I still can't figure out what she's gonna do with those!

@ Marta

try to go back in time...apparently she wants to erase Regine...for ever!


Don't really care what color the slippers were, they came off the Witch of the EAST not the Wicked Witch of the West. But then maybe the book is different? I admit I never like the story enough to want to read it. Also everyone talks about someone dropping a house on her but AGAIN, Witch of the EAST, not West. The green one was susceptible to water though. Although I doubt they'll use that. I think the actress is good at the role but this episode was kind of boring. I liked Hook & Henry, and the Robin & Regina parts but that's about it. I don't like the set up that the Witch is unstoppable. She's not but she doesn't seem to have a weakness with Rumple under her control for now...

@ TvFan

correct, the shoes are given to Dorothy by the Witch of the North when the house killed the witch of the East.
I guess they couldn't introduce anothe witch...enough already, right?!

Drea xoxo
@ TvFan

I agree i am failing to see her purpose to the story and frankly i am bored of her arrival. i never thought i say this but, bring back pan

@ Katerina's Gladiator

NOOOOOO! Anything but Pan. I'd prefer Jafar, Maleficent, even Ursula in her land-based form to Pan. Egads....


Good episode , I liked the scene between Regina and Tinkerbell and I think these two could be BFF.
And it was sad to see Regina disappointed after reading that letter .I liked the fight between Regina and her sister because I like to see Regina use her power against someone .
I am looking to see how the relationship go with both Emma & Hook and Regina & Robin Hood ,it's nice to see other couples than Charming & Snow

@ Bara'a

Also, love Tink~

@ Bara'a

I love the love stories! Emma/hook, belle/rumple, snow/charming and the newest, regina/robin


I hate it when they try show us a different side to these evil characters, thinking that we would feel sorry for them or show some kind of sympathy. the truth of the matter is that there is good and evil inside all of us. however we all choose how we want to live our lives and we don't allow our circumstances to dictate our lives. I was rejected by my father, but did I become some evil incarnation of my former self as a way to get vengeance for being abandoned. no I did not. not saying I am perfect but at least I know how to choose between what is right and wrong... you what I don't think the wicked witch has a heart, maybe that is what she missing...I will understand how someone like her can justify her actions by hurting innocent people...


I like the inclusion of the Wicked Witch of the West (I guess) vs. The Evil Queen but Rebecca Mader is not right for the part IMO. She just isn't menacing enough. She just seems unhinged and that just isn't coming across as scary to me. Kelly Reilly seems a better fit for this role. She has a haunted quality.


Zelena said exactly what she wanted all three items for - to go back & change the past. It's one of the "rules" of magic that can't be broken (also seen in OUAT IN WONDERLAND). But, she's going to find a way to break it, which will set up the storyline for Season 3. Does anyone else want to see a house dropped on Zelena sooner than that? Where is Dorothy when you need her...


To be honest I still find Regina/Robin Hood storyline very rushed. I'm not feeling it, it's not as well developed as the other romances of the show. Am I the only one? I feel like I'm told to like it, we have characters pushing Regina to open up. and what? She gives her heart to a stranger met a couple of dasy before? I know he's her new romance, but I still want some build-up. That being said, I'm happy Hook/Emma story is a slow burn, at least. I'm still sad about Neal's death, and even if I liked this episode, I hated how they all moved on pretty quickly from Neal :(

Drea xoxo
@ To be quite honest

Did you not watch the episode where it explained Tink and Regina's history?? that's not forcing that's explaining! we never knew who the man was! hook and emma is being forced not OTL for Hood and Regina purlease! #feliciabye

@ To be quite honest

When everyone knows who you are and you have a bad history with everyone in town... its easier to trust a stranger... She is smart to give it to Robin - he has no bad interaction/history with her unlike al lthe other residents in Storybrooke. Sometimes, it is a lot easier to open up to a stranger than even people you call friends.

@ Renee

plus he is the man with the Dragon tatoo...if you believe in fate...;-)


i like last night show it was very good. i like the fact that regina gave her hart to robin hood live the slow burn of there stoy

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