Suits Season Finale Review: Coming Home

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And like that, another season of Suits comes to a close.

This installment had us on the edge of our seats, making Suits Season 3 Episode 16 one of the best this year.

Above all, we learned that Pearson Specter is a family now, no question. While we may have known it before, the sentiment was actually voiced - and demonstrated - constantly in this episode from the very beginning.

One of the hallmarks of family is loyalty, and it was certainly tested on multiple fronts. Harvey struggled to choose between loyalty to Scottie and to the firm. And while in the end, as we expected, he chose the firm, how he handled it - and Scottie - signaled to me just how much Harvey has learned.

And how much he has changed.

I never thought I'd see the day that Harvey practically begged Mike to point the finger at him if worse came to worse and Mike had no other way out. That represented a huge shift to me. And a lot of love for, and loyalty to, Mike.

It's always been about Harvey and his reputation; anything to protect it. For once, he was out on the line and ready to protect Mike.

Which is what made Mike's ultimate decision to leave the firm so powerful. It's as if Mike recognized the gesture and paid it back. He said it himself, he didn't want to keep hurting the people that were most important to him. That certainly includes Harvey.

It also includes Rachel, who I wanted to be mad at for a while when she just wouldn't let it go that Mike wasn't ready to let go of the practice of law just yet. Then again, you can't blame a girl for not wanting her boyfriend to end up in federal prison. I would find myself leaning pretty strongly towards him leaving too.

What I really liked about Rachel's angst over the situation was Jessica coming in and calling her family, assuring her of her permanent place at the firm. Jessica has always been the least emotive of everyone, if only because she's very in control of her feelings.

To see her sit down and level with Rachel - of all people, after all they've been through on Suits Season 3 - was a nice way to close things out between the two of them.

The same went for the bit between Harvey and Jessica at the end. I always love when they refer to Mike as their "kid." They really do protect him just like he's their flesh and blood.

And in a way, as Donna intimated to Jessica, that's exactly why she let him through the door to some extent. She wanted to inspire something in Harvey, that truly has made Harvey is today - and that's someone we can all be proud of.

But I can't help but wonder: will this new foe in the US Attorney's Office prove that trouble will come whether Mike is at Pearson Specter or not? Could it be enough for Mike to come back and stay?

Those are all questions for Suits Season 4.

But in the meantime, grade the Suits Season 3 finale:


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I guess it is because you sticked to see the show after Carter that you truly believe POI is still fresh...Suits was great. I like that kind of non cliffhanger and look forward to Mike trying to boss around Harvey...As much as I like the idea of Donna and Harvey together, I wonder how they can handle it without ruining their dynamic. Also, no teasing we are together but we break up and all the other nonsense. Looking forward to next season.
Oh, how come the recapper did not use " you just got Litt up" when Louis shut down the attorney general.!!!Louis was on fire this season!!!
I loved the scene when they went back to Pearson Specter. It was GREAT


i really enjoyed this ending. there was no cliffhanger to keep us guessing well nothing dramatic anyway. for now i think mike made right decision and louis really pulled thru he was downright fiesty

Sarah silva

This was such a great episode!
However I am not sure yet how I feel about the ending.
I do not think I will like Pearson Spector without Mike. I love his relationship with Harvey and I will miss that a lot.
I really liked Louis in this episode, he was so great.
I also really liked Jessica going to Rachel's office.
I was a little surprised when Harvey told Scottie about Mike but it seems to me like Donna told her before Harvey did.
Harvey finally came clean to Scottie but lost her anyways and then not long after lost Mike in a way as well!
I can not wait for Season 4 and I really hope that eventually Mike comes back to Pearson Spector OR my dream for the show is to have Harvey open a firm and it me called Spector Ross.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I think we're going to see Scottie coming back to spill Mike's beans at some point in the future.


I love everything about this show except the costume design. Why do they put these wealthy female lawyers in clothes one size too small? Instead of making them look thin, it makes them look like they have gained weight and outgrown their outits

@ Ginger

I agree with you that sometimes the women, especialy Jessica, look like their clothes are too small. Mostly, I love the way they dress Jessica--they're about the most beautiful clothes I've ever seen on anyone. But sometimes I look at her and think, that's thousand dollar dress. Shame they didn't have it in your size.


That was a fabulously exciting episode ! Well written, had me at the edge of my seat the whole time. I am glad Mike realized that he had to go. Now, will they need him to come, most definitely. How long before that happens... good question.
Loved Jessica and Rachel. Rachel has been pushing her luck with Jessica for a while now. But she is a part of the family. And it was nice to see them together in this time of crisis.
Louis was just amazing. Helping Mike and Harvey and managing to channel his inner Hardman for Harold was brilliant.
Now Scottie leaving was not a surprise. But Harvey and her was so not working out.Don't know if we'll see her around. Maybe she'll be against Louis again.
Harvey suffered many losses . Had me teary-eyed. Saying goodbye to Scottie then Mike was so hard. I cannot wait to see how he will cope !
I cannot wait for season 4 !


Is Howard going to end up back at the firm? Could Zoey return to NY to heal Harvey's aching heart? How long before Mike returns to PH?

@ Spenser Amadeus

I thought I was the only one hoping for Zoe's return ! That could be interesting. Don't think Harold is going to end up working at Pearson-Specter.

@ Emy

My bad, I called him Howard. I'm afraid that hiring him could make it look like repayment from Pearson-Specter for Harold lying to the US Attorney. But we all know that the US Attorney will be back for round two, and hopefully we'll see more of Harold.


Well... Gobsmacked would be an understatement. That was a really game-changing, unpredicted finale! Mike leaving seemed to be completely off the cards considering the original name had been 'a legal mind' thereby implying this was, and would be, a legal show. To have Mike go into banking will remould the show, hopefully it will either only be a temporary position and he shall return to Pearson Specter under Harvey's tutelage or perhaps even a partner. The change does provide opportunity for a new show, despite this I do hope that they keep Mike an integral part of the show, he complements Harvey's colder, pragmatic character with Mike's sympathetic, connected character. Excited to see where they take season 4, so much potential!!


Have to admit I was pretty much unimpressed by the finale. Maybe it's because my other favorite shows (The Mentalist, The blacklist, POI) all had the week off and I was counting on something sensational from Suits. We could have had this outcome a week earlier. Glad MIke realized he was putting everybody in jeopardy by staying. I think the "Mike as client" will be tough to maintain for the long run. I'll miss Scottie- I wish the show had found a better way to use her. Does anyone remember ever seeing Donna look so disheveled (in the last scenes) before?


I can just say- it was awesome. Compelling, nose-in-the-screen, edgy. Plus, I'm really happy that Scottie's leaving, I hope it's for good this time. In this episode we could see clearly the difference between her and Donna- Scottie just judges everyone and as the latter put it, keeps finding reasons to be pissed at Harvey. Donna accepts Harvey as he is but still speaks her mind and keeps him on the good side.
Lastly, I'm really excited with this new turn on Mike, it will be interesting to see him as Harvey's client and outside Pearson Specter. I'm sure it won't be permanent as this Woodall guy seems as a real SOB so Mike will be needed pronto to help take him down.


this show is about lawyers and i don't understand why they made mike an investment banker! it just kills the vibe, the whole idea of the show. and i'm glad Scottie left because Harvey should end up being with Donna. Show is loosing ratings from what I have seen and maybe putting them together might spice things up. But seriously Mike has to come back or I am convinced people will loose interest, including myself. It's a show about the law, not banking!

@ bee20

An open mind, please?
It might just turn out to be an awesome, fresh development... like POI stays fresh...
Shows are too formulaic, and good to see another show after POI, try and break the mold...

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