The Following Review: Death's Door

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What happened to The Following Season 2?

A fresh and intriguing concept formed from a story that had seemingly nowhere to go was a great way to kick things off after The Following Season 1 Episode 15. And yet... these past few weeks have continued to grow my own frustration at the absurdity of the story being told and the characters involved.

It’s left the “it’s so over-the-top, it’s fun” escapades and devolved into disappointing hours focused more on trying to be clever with its twists and graphic kills clearly meant for shock value.

Where’s the story to care about? Where’s the characters to care about? And by the time we all reach the finale, why should we care to do it again for The Following Season 3?

A big problem lies in the transition from Lily and her family to Joe taking over Korban. There was plenty of promise with the shift, but it’s ultimately been uninteresting with follower #1, #2 or #54 lighting themselves on fire or shooting themselves just because, you know, in the name of Joe. Or something.

Then there’s the odd desire to battle with the televangelist and prove that God doesn’t exist. Why? Because Joe has a big ego and he just has to. Or something.

It even makes a scene like the televangelist killing himself (which should be a major sacrifice to save his son) just feel like the show is trying to be shocking and edgy and impactful.

And the series is quick to move on from it, much like Lily Grey’s death was wrapped up at the start of the hour.

Sure, we’ve got a very visual set for the characters to play in the church, but Ryan will be one step behind, with no real options to face off against Joe. Should we really be surprised when things keep not going his way?

Don’t even get me started on the shot playing out over blackness at the very end. That should be such a great tease, but it just feels like another thing thrown in in an attempt to be twisty and exciting. And even if a character "dies," do they really? Both Joe and Claire seemingly came back from the dead...

But on top of the religious hostage situation for Joe’s infamy, there’s Claire and her obvious attempts to get herself killed. It would have been a real shock if she listened to Ryan instead of stupidly running off by herself to face Joe.

Not to worry though, the bad guys, who you would think might be a bit more competent (and they had Claire captured at one point!) had to go and mess that up. Robert is killed, a fight that’s probably supposed to be really climactic just really isn’t, and Emma dies.

But at this point, it just feels like all these deaths are happening without the emotional impact to make them matter to us. It’s tough to really care.

And I want to. Or maybe I want to be more forgiving because I like Kevin Bacon, or I enjoyed the start of the season, or this should be a fantastically dark show that delves into a clever cat and mouse game between two interesting characters rather than a lot of gruesome deaths and meaningless chases.

I guess you could say I was surprised that the twins showed up, but how else were they going to tie back into the story, right?

It’s just unfortunate that The Following Season 2 Episode 14 wasn't that riveting lead-in episode to the finale. Emma may have claimed that "there will not be a repeat of last year," but I'm not so sure The Following will be able to pull itself out of the mess it has made.

Was Mike killed?


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I mean, pretty much everything in this show is implausible. With that said, how did the twins find Claire and Emma?


I have not enjoyed this season as much as the first either. The one silver lining has been Sam Underwood as the crazy twins. I think they should make a spinoff with him.


You know there is something wrong when you're rooting for the serial killer against the wife, but there you have it. I have always disliked both characters of Claire and Emma, but my dislike for Claire far exceeded the disdain I had for Emma. Claire has constantly made bad decisions and this episode was no exception. I kept hoping they would kill each other during the fight and was actually disappointed when Emma lost the battle. The insane twins actually made me smile when they showed up at the end. Their creepy addition this season has been a bonus. As for the show.. I began watching it because I liked Kevin Bacon. I continued watching it because while yes, it is filled with gratuitous violence, it's still entertaining.. even with the silly cult Joe found himself taking over this season. Season 2 is still an improvement over Season 1. I'll continue watching.


It's really fallen apart this year and I agree about all the violence just for the sake of gore rather than character development. James Purefoy is just completely annoying and it's hard to see why any of these people would follow him, let alone kill themselves in his name. The twins are just annoying and all I can say is that if you're going to play twins with a show like Orphan Black around you better to actually put some effort into character development. Sam Underwood is awful.


I have been verbally attacked on youtube for speaking out against the senseless killings on this show. and this has been true for season 1 as well. its all great and well that this show is called a fictional series but the truth of the matter is that the violence we see on tv does happen in our daily lives. someone out there is affected by a violent act. I would understand if this show had some message in order to bring forth an increased awareness in communities not to be tolerant of violent acts of any nature. but we live in a corrupt world where people are addicted to having power and money and they have no moral compass to stop them from committing violent acts. why do we still then have to be exposed to it on tv where people are being killed for no reason. is no one going to draw a line anymore of what is acceptable to watch and what is not acceptable to be viewed by the general public. and yes I know people would then say we are trying sensor them, but if we don't sensor the violence in this world and we just keep quiet, we are just as guilty of committing these violent acts. how much are we willing to condone just so that someone can make some money from someone else suffering...


Ok, it started well and now everything is falling apart..... Maybe the writers couldn't come out sweet and soft about the outcome of this one, and doesn't have to do with the killing off the characters but more in the way they are doing.... They are no reasonable deaths, they are not understandable or at least sensibility, they just happen which on some way affected to develop a nice climax or exceptional twist. No problem with Emma gone, after all she was starting to be to much bitchy itself for annoying Joe.... anyway in all the case, I will prefer Joe gone and his entire boring cult than Lily itself and her team......


For the second year in a row right before the season finale the writers shit all over it. Season 1 my favorite characters were the love triangle of Paul, Jacob and Emma. Throughout that season it went from great to horrible with the deaths of Paul and Jacob especially how they both went out. You go into season 2 hating Emma only to love her again and right as this season was at it's highest point they fuck it with her death. I don't know what to say. This show let's the fans get attached to characters only to rip them away at any second and especially when it's real fucking unnecessary. I was excited as hell for this show when I realized how much better this season was becoming compared to the disaster that is season one but now I'm at the same point I was with Jacob's death last year lost for words and real fucking disgusted. I have no fucking clue as a fan how to even care for the show anymore with my three favorite characters all officially gone. I feel that depending on which characters you love this show punishes the viewers. I'm not a Hardy fan and we all know that if Joe dies so does the show. I'm not looking forward to season 3 at all anymore. You also would've thought that the writers would've learned killing off these characters took a hit in the ratings. It started with Paul's death last season. Look at the ratings now, the fans got sick of their shit they quit watching. I unfortunately aren't like that, once I start watching something I liked I finish it regardless of what it becomes. I'am a Dexte fan of course.


God this show sucks. At the halfway point mike and ryan break in to a totally locked church through a conveniently open window, they hear two cultists rig the window with gas cans, and they run off and not disarm the flash pots. This takes place in a seized Catholic church, where he is streaming over the internet his humiliation of a televangelist, and his suicide. With all that as a given, the church wired to blow uo, the time space continuum is contorted and clare is at the meeting place after dark, whe it was daylight when ryan snuck in the church. So, whe emma and clare are playing cat and mouse at the lodge, emma doesn't turn on the lights to look for clare and she stabs emma and she falls out of a second story window, emma wasn't dead yet,...just like fatal attraction she has to be killed twice, and is discovered, naturally by the crazy lily twins.
Then there is the blackout you don't want to get started on, that is upended by the teaser for next weeks crap. There another season of this embarassment, that costs money to make, and people get paid to be in. What a country.

@ jameschan

I loved Emma and now that they killed her off, shit. If you've watched the first season you know how this show goes. I'm guessing you haven't.

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