The Real Housewives of Atlanta Review: Dragged By Her Weave

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Things got down and dirty on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 23's reunion sofa, as shade was thrown, insults flew and Kenya Moore got pulled across the floor by her weave.

We recap it all on our +/- review...

It started with Kenya waving her scepter and escalated to her taking out a bullhorn but Andy Cohen didn't stop her madness. Minus 23. Maybe someone should have stepped in sooner.

Was it just me or was Kenya just looking for a fight? Between the annoying props and the constant insults it felt like she was out to provoke someone and she got exactly what she wanted with Porsha. 

First Porsha threatened to shove that scepter up Kenya's ass if she didn't stop waving it in her face. Kenya only laughed and told Porsha to spell scepter. Minus 12.

But when the silly toy went flying across the room, Kenya wasn't done. She'd come prepared. She took a bullhorn out of her bag and put in the batteries. When someone said something she didn't like she'd simply yell over them.

And then the insults were flying on both sides as things got dirty. Kenya accused Porsha of cheating on Kordell and that's why her man put her out on the streets. Porsha said Kenya's vagina was so rotten that no one wanted her. Minus 33. 

By the time both women got to their feet it was all over but the dragging. Yeah, that was sweet ole Porsha Williams dragging Kenya across the floor by her hair and as much as I don't condone violence I found it hard to blame her. Let's face it, Kenya Moore is an evil witch. 

As Porsha lay weeping on the floor, lamenting how she'd just embarrassed herself, NeNe tried to get her to stop talking while the cameras rolled. Plus 10.

Then some hunky guy named Carlos swept Porsha up off the floor and carried her away. We don't know what's going on there but Carlos gets a plus 25 for being the man of the hour.

In the middle of this disaster, Porsha cried, "I can't believe that ratchet hoe made me go there." Was "ratchet"  a dig at Kenya claiming she can get dick anytime at any Home Depot?  

Kenya's entire dick at Home Depot diatribe made me wonder why she was shocked when Phaedra called her an escapee from whore island.

Andy's comments afterwards had me scratching my head. First he swore he never wanted this to happen.  Minus 15.

Oh please. As long as it doesn't end in a lawsuit, Bravo must love this. Nothing like watching Kenya Moore getting dragged across the floor to boost ratings. 

And did anyone else notice Cynthia Bailey's major wardrobe malfunction?  As Porsha and Kenya throw down, Cynthia's breast completely pops out of her low cut dress. If this were live we would have gotten quite the peep show.  

Andy went to Kenya and apologized. How about he tell her to get her bullhorn out of everyone's face if she doesn't want a smackdown again? Having a no violence rule shouldn't mean you can be as verbally abusive as you want to and get away with it. Minus 35. You can only talk so much smack and expect to get away with it. 

The entire drama completely overshadowed Kandi's wedding to Todd, Apollo's legal issues, and NeNe's horrible attitude. When did Ms. Leakes decide she was so much better than everyone else on that stage? Minus 18. If she despises it as much as she appears to, maybe she shouldn't sign the next contract and quit taking the paycheck.

So will Porsha lose her spot as a Housewife? That's certainly what Kenya wants but if violence gets you fired then most of the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey shouldn't be on the air?

Episode total = -101! Season total = -1318!

What do you think TV Fanatics? Who should lose their job as a Real Housewife of Atlanta?


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You are correct ,not everyone wear weaves,but Kenya does. You must be a family member.


Porsha was set up by Bravo. With all the brilliant people on staff someone had to see this coming. Porsha was sacrificed for ratings because she's the most unsophisticated and naïve in the group. She makes an easy target; which makes the producers actions all the more deplorable. Andy, you are sooooooo wrong it boggles the mind. Having said all that, Porsha you are my hero! You were pushed to the wall and you came out fighting. You dished out an epic gangsta a$$ kicking in a ball gown! Did Kandi teach you that dragging trick? Next time don't do it on camera!

Drea xoxo

This was all set up by kenya stop being deluded silly people!! andy heightened everything with his questions


Nice way to rewrite story. I mean if you´re going to do a recap, why not stick to the timeline as the events take place?. Everyone was insulting everyone. Porsha got the scepter waved in her direction after she kept butting in the conversation Andy was trying to have with Kenya. She grabbed the scepter & Andy made a comment about feeling bad for Kenya as it was lying on the floor . That´s when Porsha said she would shove it up to Kenya, if she dares to take it again. She kept getting louder & louder overtalking Kenya´s explanations, that is when the "blowhorn" came into the play. & that is only a part of what happened. I love how everything is Kenya´ s fault, because the others didn´t say a nasty thing & were on their best behaviour. & I love how when everything else failed, Porsha resorted to violence, because she is soo real. & afterward, all she could say is IT´s Kenya´s fault! She made me do it! She is ratchet!. Poor me, I got a divorce & everything is just too much!. Yes, I see who was playing the victim & a thug in a cocktail dress. PS: I usually agree with your recaps, but this one is certainly not entirely truthful. & Not everyone wears a weave.

@ Ahot

Everything is Kenya's fault. Bravo has let her go overboard all season. You've got about as much common sense as Kenya!


Andy stated the fight was gross. I wonder did he mean gross profits. And why didn't Kenya file a complaint against her employer for not providing a safe working environment. Andy is full of it. Let him go. And keep both ladies.

@ rochelle

No, Kenya needs to go!
Bravo needs to bring Porsha back and learn from this COOKOO bird Kenya before they get sued. For if U do not condone something then U stop it. That's why there is a petition to stop Kenya not Porsha.
Porsha, was not protected by Bravo nor were the other cast mates.


Andy cohen makes me sick. He knew kenya was pushing it. He did not even stop her. he thought it was actually funny. He did it for the ratings.That hoe is a trouble maker. She deserved to get that ass dragged. I am mad porsha did not also stomp that 60 year old whore in her wrinkly and blotch face.


Hi, Andy was wrong for letting Kenya do all that. This is why I don't like watching shows like this. No props no pointing, and this would have never happened.

@ China

Now U are talking right. So, who is at fault?

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