The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Ghost Villains, Traveler Threats & Three Real Deaths

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Following a few slow weeks, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 19 provided definite movement on many fronts as we head toward the May 15 finale.

Fans are now privy to The Travelers' plan and must be wondering just how treacherous Enzo will/can be from The Other Side.

(See my review for a more detailed recap of the episode.)

Earlier this week, I was among a handful of journalists at a screening of the episode, which was followed by a Q&A with producer Caroline Dries and star Ian Somerhalder. Scroll down for an idea of what we can expect as The Vampire Diaries Season 5 winds to a close...

Damon in Leather

Bye, Bye, Other Side: While some are trying to save that place where dead people go (and often return from), its days are numbered.

"The Other Side component is more of our desire to get rid of The Other Side because we want it so moving forward, when characters, die it’s ‘now they’re dead.’ Deadsville,” said Dries.

What does that mean for Bonnie? We’ll have to wait to find out, but the Dries did say we’ll see more familiar faces from the past (a la Matt seeing Vicki) emerge in the weeks ahead.

A Denz  Discussion: Viewers aren’t the only ones who are loving the bromance between Damon and Enzo. In fact, Somerhalder explained how he felt a connection with actor Michael Malarkey early on.

“I remember the first scene when we’re in the cell in [The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 9]... we were rehearsing in that cell... but I remember even the first rehearsal I thought ‘Oh, yeah, man. This guy is on it.’ Not only does he look like Johnny Depp but he’s just in it and he’s in it and I can’t wait to see what Damon and Enzo end up doing.”

And, yes, Somerhalder jokingly asked Dries, “Do Damon and Enzo hook up?”

Enzo, The Ghost? “If you kill Enzo, I’m going to quit,” is what Dries said Somerhalder told her from the set, which could explain why Enzo’s heart ripped out of his chest didn’t exactly spell the end of him last night.

“He is going to become this ghost villain moving forward and we’ll see him all the way through to the finale as the bad guy.”

Asked how much damage Enzo can do from The Other Side, Dries said we’ll see in the next episode why and how he’s able to do it - and expect it to have something to do with The Other Side falling apart. He’s also now going to be pissed that he’s actually dead in a place that is about to collapse.

The End Of Delena? Damon has made it clear that he has no interest in having Elena in her life anymore. But will that stick?

“He said I don’t want to look at you,” recalled Dries and she said she and the writers tried to craft this episode so Damon might interact with her but he never really looks into her open eyes.

“I love the moment where Damon brings Elena home and then puts her in bed and then disappears before she opens her eyes,” said Dries. “I thought that was cool because he was kind of, in a way, keeping his promise.”

Next week, though, the two former lovers will be in a situation where they “can’t help but literally be on top of each other."

Home Sweet Home? Running parallel with Enzo’s revenge and The Other Side through the rest of the season will be The Travelers and their singular goal, which they’ll do anything to achieve.

“They’re kind of two separate things,” said Dries about whether Enzo’s revenge will cross or converge with The Travelers. But she did explain why the Travelers needed such a simple goal: to find a home.

“We always get criticized for being so confusing and all this mythology so we tried to make it as simple as possible without all of these rules,” she said.

That Doppelganger Blood: As for laying out the idea of doppelganger blood being the remedy for ending magic, Dries explained how it works:

“It literally undoes magic, so what we saw with Sloan when she was a vampire, it strips away her vampirism and leaves her in the state she was in before she was a vampire and that state was she’s dead….so if you were to do that to Damon, the same thing would happen and it’s like ‘oh, geez, if they can do this globally, then will it get rid of all vampires? That’s the threat.”

She clarified that The Travelers care less about getting rid of vamps than just getting rid of the magic on their people. But, as Markos said in the episode, they’re going to need a lot more blood.

More Tyler! Fear not, Tyler will be “more front and center" as we move along, Dries teased. She explained of his current state of being held by The Travelers:

“Let’s have what happened to Katherine happen to Tyler and make the drama of that [be] there’s no getting him out. That knife is gone and so he’s stuck,” she said. “So we wanted play that out and give it fully its due as a full arc and you’ll see what happens in the finale."

Bonnie The Liar: “She’s such a liar,” said Dries with a smile, noting Bonnie didn’t tell Jeremy she’s more than likely not going to be around much longer. But how long before she tells Jeremy or, in true TVD fashion, he finds out on his own?

“What if Jeremy doesn’t find out and is that a nicer gift for him to have since he’s gone through dealing with Bonnie almost dying or dying a couple of times?” Dries asked.

She added that Bonnie has “been through this before so what if she changes this up and is like ‘you know what? I’m living on borrowed time anyway. I’m not supposed to be back here so why don’t I treat every day like a gift and not be putting this burden on other people?’... it’s her way of just coping, I think.”

What About Caroline? “I think she’s got a little relationship/crush/feeling for someone that is going to creep to the surface,” Dries teased. “And that is going to cause a potential riff between her and one of her friends…and moving into season six we’re going to see her actually set her sights on someone and try to make the move.”

Lots of Death. If The Other Side is truly gone soon, will we see people die – like, REALLY die – by the end of the season? Dries said yes and added: “I can think of three, offhand."

What about The Vampire Diaries 6? Dries teased that the writers are already breaking story for next season and she previewed that in the finale “a giant thing happens…and we just start with everyone in a different orbit in a way and so season six, I think, will be bringing people back together and picking up the pieces."

Did you like this episode better than past episodes this season? What would you like to see in the finale? Sound off now and check out pictures from The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 22, "Home."

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I just don't care what happens to Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert, as a couple or as individuals. I am not one bit interested in Damon's redemption road, can't empathise with him at all. Elena is heartless self-centred trash now, so shallow that I think she's much worse than S1 Caroline. She only likes pretty face, dick and unhealthy obsession/worship of her; she doesn't care about personality, good virtue, moral or anything else. I don't watch TVD anymore because I don't want to see her face on my screen.
People say once you jumped the shark you can never un-jump it. TVD


Pleeeease don't make Caroline fall for Stefan! Elena and Stefan are perfect together! This show sucks ever since Delena happened, there is NOTHING there!


Stefan dies in 5x21, he doesn't appear in the synopses of 5x22 and Damon is devasted because of some tragedy and the other side is falling apart. Elena is present, so it's not her the cause of Damon despair.
RIP Stefan, again in trouble in the season finale.


i hope this isnt the end for Delena !!! the show the plots have been great when Delena start acting as if they hate each other it doesnt work unless its in play like it was at times in season 1 and 2 .For a change Steraline would be good together .i hope Alaric somehow does come back .i dont feel this show has been all about Delena at all


I do actually like the season and I just hope Elana and Stefan get back together because they are magic together. I also think it best to keep Enzo because he's cute and I can see a real romance for Caroline and him. Damon's a good guy in hiding but I feel he needs a girl more like himself. So maybe a new girl character coming into play that perhaps can have a hand in stopping the Travelers.


honestly, if staroline is going to happen i might actually get back into watching this show. i grew so tired of it this season i've barely kept up..


I'd lay any money the 'giant thing' that happens in the finale is Caroline and Stefan kiss or something. And that'll be who she sets her sights on and the friend it will annoy will be Elena. 'Whoopee'*note sarcasm* This show has gotten so useless, repetitive and just DULL I don't think I'll keep watching til the finale. Enzo was finally adding some interest so of course they killed him off. I know he's a ghost but he won't be around longer than this season which is seriously disappointing because he's a great character! Also if the whole '3 deaths' thing is supposed to create intrigue, it doesn't really since they recently killed off Jeremy only to bring him back to life by killing off Bonnie, only to bring her back to life by killing off one of the many disposable doppleganger characters, so those kind of threats are completely empty on a show with such a pathetic track record when it comes to following through with plotlines that actually shake things up. Goodbye Vampire Diaries, I will miss your glory days and always regret that you became such a terrible show. I say pull it together for one last season that's actually good. No point dragging it out through countless repetitive and mediocre seasons that ruin a once great show.. *How I Met Your Mother anyone?*


Bring back the "Real" Vampire Diaries and NOT this pathetic, sleepfest and unbelievably boring Delena Diaries. Caroline and Julie should be banished and I goes as far as saying FIRED from the writing room because they've DESTROYED this show.

@ Jasmine

This is the absolute truth!! Fire them both!! It is horrible!

Sarah silva

So moving forward we will no longer see Alaric, Vicki etc. That is too bad I liked when they made appearances! Hope we get to see all the dearly departed then one more time!
Enzo did look at Elena at the bar, she mouthed to him "What are you doing"? He looked at her and shrugged his shoulders.
We all know Stefan and Elena will not have their blood drained. I just can not picture how our team will be able to defeat Markos and all the Travelers!
Please do not have Caroline and Stefan become a couple! They are better as friends! We need a new hot guy for Caroline next season.

Sarah silva

Once again sorry.

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