Arrow Review: Whoever He Loves the Most

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There's only one thing I'm sure of going into the Arrow Season 2 finale: Amanda Waller will not turn Starling City into a crater.

Pretty much everything else is up for grabs, wouldn't you agree?

With Arrow Season 2 Episode 22, Slade made his play for Starling City in his quest to rob Oliver of all that he loves. In the process, Officer Lance became Detective Lance again, Sara got her official moniker as the Canary, Malcolm Merlyn tried to save Thea, Roy got the Mirakuru cure and before he was killed by Ravager, Sebastian Blood told Oliver the one person left to die will be whoever he loves the most.

Just another normal day in Starling City!

There was no love lost when Sebastian met his maker, the poor blind bastard. After turning on Slade and giving Oliver the cure, I'm not exactly sure how he thought he was going to carry on. Not even a speech about his horrible childhood and his attempt to slay his demons via the mask made him in the least bit sympathetic.

On the other hand, from the moment Malcolm Merlyn returned, I was rooting for him to reach Thea. Even if he she sides with evil, she needs someone she can trust so badly right now that even a psycho killer seems a viable alternative. And oh boy -- wasn't John Barrowman nailing every line he said?

From "I'm her father," to the cocky bit about being out of arrows while in a brawl to his final appeal to Thea before she shot at him, everything out of his mouth was delivered with an emotional punch I was not expecting.

Does anybody think Thea really shot Malcolm? I don't. I think she shot past him. She was angry enough to shoot him, but also probably angry that so much of what he said hit home for her. She didn't want to hear common sense from a maniacal killer, she wanted him to be the horror she played up in her head.

It seems we may have come to the point when the Dark Archer joins the Arrow. At least long enough to save Starling City. It could be his redemption round. 

Isabel Rochev is gone and in her place is Ravager. Honestly, she's never been much of a woman and far more of a bitch, so she fits the role perfectly. Felicity hitting her with her car was priceless.

Speaking of Felicity, she was on fire tonight, but so were Laurel and Sara. All three of Oliver's girls were at their pinnacle. Felicity was delivering her "you keep fighting" speech, Laurel was cheering on her little sister and Sara ran into a burning building to save a little girl.

Talk about piling it on to try to distract us from knowing who Oliver loves the most. While everyone has their favorite girl they want him to love, it's kind of hard to want him to know he loves her because that will mark her for death. If Slade could pick the pre-island Oliver the choice would be easy -- he most definitely loved himself the most. He'd have a fighting chance.

If Slade survives the season with this vengeance on his mind, I fear Oliver will pull even further away from whoever he loves just to protect them. Marc Guggenheim tweeted out a finale teaser: "I love you," is in the dialog. That's not a spoiler any more than watching the preview is, so calm down.

We have no idea who says it when or where or to whom. Will someone be dying as they hear those words or as they say them? Maybe it's a sigh of relief and a pure announcement of the sentiment after the dust settles. Will Oliver's greatest love die, leaving room for another to claim that spot? Someone waiting in the wings, perhaps. Oh who knows, but the suspense is killer.

Some random thoughts:

  • Roy is cured!
  • Nyssa is coming back for the finale -- will it be the League of Assassins vs ARGUS?
  • If Sara dies (I'm saying if because speculation is what we do), maybe that's where the Black part of Canary comes from. If Laurel takes her place, she's going to be a whole different breed.
  • The scenes with Laurel and Sara were also emotionally charged. Both actresses did their characters justice.
  • Was I the only one totally expecting Felicity to go in for a kiss instead of a hug with Oliver? It was so close.
  • Even if Malcolm was shot, his costume is probably bulletproof.
  • Don't you wish they had made a Mirakuru "mist" cure? How are they going to inject all those guys? Seems impossible and like some vials will get broken.
  • Starling City need a new mayor.

Alright -- now it's your turn. Hit the comments and talk about everything Arrow! If you want to see it all again, you can watch Arrow online via TV Fanatic 'cause we're cool like that.

Did Thea shoot Malcolm?

Here is your first look at the Arrow Season 2 finale, "Unthinkable."


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Congratulations, Mr. Arrow, you're going to be a daddy/uncle!


Is this the arrow or Jerry Springer? I mean it's gross, and Diggle with his sister in law.ewwwww. I get sick of wanting to watch something with a plot and action, then it's all about love triangles etc just screwing up an otherwise decent story. Creepy nasty sick stuff inbreeding best friend sharing....the list goes on and on.


Sebastian Blood is no more ! Hooray ! I mean did he really think Slade was on his side ? Pathetic.
Merlin/Daddy is back ! Oh boy. Friend or Foe ? Though I don't think Thea shot him.
Felicity was awesome ! Slade taking her is just plain "please Oliver, kill me" kinda move. Btw, I too thought Ollicity was going to kiss. So close !
I am annoyed by that woman ! What's her name... the one that fought Digg. Can't stand her !
Sarah and Laurel were golden ! Loved it all. And Lance, badass. Detective Lance, sir !
The Island scenes were useless. They felt forced.
Roy got cured !!! Too bad they don't have the misty cure, true so true !
Amanda Waller is not going to bomb Starling City. Right ?
I cannot believe tomorrow is the finale !!


I think Oliver will simply lace his arrows with the cure, so the guys he shoots stay down. It'd be interesting to see Lance's character progress to mayor. I doubt we'll see that, given his promotion back to detective. Police chief is more likely - there's an opening there now too. He's gone from hunting the Arrow as a respected detective, to working with him as an underdog rebel cop. I'd like to see a shift in a new direction instead of retreading those plots for him next season.

Fearless diva

@Carissa: No worries, I legitmately thought Felicity and Oliver were going to kiss and believe it or not, I was freaking out cause I didnt want them to! I was like: "No! It's too soon and you just gave an awesome speech girl!". To be honest, I'm liking the Lance sisters w/o their romantic attachment to Oliver. I hope that if all three survive, we see more female empowerment from these three. Also, with Dracula on NBC cancelled, think Huntress will be in more of season 3?

@ Fearless Diva

From these last 2 episodes I believe that Felicity feels that Oliver loves Laurel and this is why she steps aside for Laurel in episode 21. She has also never spoken directly to Laurel (probably uncomfortable knowing how she feels and thinking that Laurel is Oliver's one true love). Also the writers don't give Laurel good lines. In episode 21 she informs the team that she is coming too. In episode 22 on the bridge when she says she will go to the police station her line "I don't need you can go save the city" comes across as if she is giving Oliver permission. It seems quite self centred as if she did need him then he must stay with her. I see a Laurel/Oliver relationship in the first part of season 3 but if the fans are to accept this the writers will need to make her appear less demanding and more likeable


Am I the only one who thinks Blood might not be dead? I guess it's a TV thing - typically when they want to show that somebody's dead for realsies, we get the shot of them with their eyes open and glassy. Sebastien's were closed, more as though he'd passed out. Plus, that injury looks survivable, with some prompt medical attention. All things considered, I'm gonna call it 50-50. I think bringing back Merlyn was a very shrewd move - it indirectly throws Slade's fate into question, since I'd think they'd want to give the Arrow at least one long-term nemesis and (as far as I know) Deathstroke and Merlyn the Archer are by far the best candidates that the comics have given us. Having both of them around at the moment means that they could kill off either one and still have a viable nemesis moving forward. (Whether Thea shot him or not, I seriously doubt he's dead. Generally only snipers and assassins go for headshots, and and as Cari pointed out he's gotta have some body armor on.) Moving on. Someone says "I love you" at some point? That's gotta be the least spoiler-y spoiler ever - it could be almost anyone, *to* almost anyone. The only combination I can think of that'd be genuinely surprising would be Oliver and Detective Lance. XD (Or anyone and Diggle, I guess... poor guy. He's got no family to speak of, and every woman Oliver meets seems to fall head over heels for him. Not that I can blame them.) Best guess? Thea to Roy, Roy to Thea or Malcolm to Thea. Speaking of love... on a scale of 1-10, how wrong is it that I hope one of the Lance sisters dies in the finale? I don't actually dislike either of them - I'm just very much in favor of anything that improves Olicity's chances for the endgame. :p


i loved this episode but i have a couple of comments.
I really hope thea didn't shoot malcom ,i mean what a wierd thing would it be if they made thea kill her biological father and make malcom die such a death.I still think she was shooting another miracuru dude.
So the question of who oliver loves the most will be answered next episode !.i kinda wished they would prolong that answer a little bit especially because i want the answer to be felicity and i don't know if oliver loves felicity yet ,and i don't want the answer to be either of the lance sisters.
Speaking of the lance sisters ,i love their scenes together ,but i hate the whole relationship aspect with oliver .it's not right to keep coming back and forth between 2 sisters like that.
I have a question about what isobel said to diggle about where felicity was and that she couldn't wait to kill her ever since something and then felicity hit her before she could finish ,what was she talking about ,what has felicity done to her exactly ?

@ misse15

LOL -- Isabel is just crazy. She hate's Felicity's "smug face." I'd call it jealousy.

Fearless diva
@ Carissa Pavlica

I honestly think Isabel is just jealous of the deep bond that exists between Oliver and Felicity. I think the plan was for Isabel to have Oliver "fall" for her((Isabel) and then when she would break his heart, it would drive the wedge further...


If one of the females does dies, my money is on Sarah. That brings Laurel into the loop as the Dark Canary after Sarah's passing. As for Dark Archer being shot, yeah I believe she actually shot him. Does he die? No because in the preview for next week, you see the Dark Archer joining forces with Arrow and everybody else running towards the enemy. So my thinking is the suit is bulletproof. Cure vial is more then needed to cure 1 person. When the cure got injected, the vial amount was way less then the much larger blue vials in the case. Plus Arrow has been killing off some, so the original amount of people are less then originally.

Fearless diva
@ Symbol1970

Yeah, killing another main cast member would be a little to much.Which is why I think, if anyone else it will be Sara since it seems like we're going to see her "die" on the island, and from a cinematography POV, it would pay off to have her "die" in the flashbacks but die for real in the present time. I just DONT want Felicity to die or Laurel, since they have redeemed her for me this season.


The Persn he loves the most - maybe its Diggle ;-)


I havent watched the episode yet but Malcolm Merlyn is dead? Oh no. I thought he was going to join Team Arrow. not fair

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

I don't need you right now. Everyone else does. So go; go save the city.


Ravager: Do you want to save me some time and energy and tell me where I can find Felicity Smoak? I have been aching to put a bullet in her smug little face ever since the day...
Felicity: Oh. I really thought the air bags were gonna go off.