Blue Bloods Review: Power Corrupts

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The old saying was proved true on Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 22:

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, but it's path is a twisted thing that can ensnare many in it's wake. 

Reagan Family Dinner

The opening scene of Eileen Clayton jumping from her balcony turned my stomach. The backdrop of that gorgeous city view against a young woman calmly taking that step off the ledge and ending her life was horrifying. 

But the investigation took a strange turn right from the beginning as investigators from the DA's office took over the case. Walt Finney hated Danny with great passion. I can only imagine the history between these two men to warrant that kind of venom, never mind the need to slash his tire. 

The DA's stonewalling was unnerving until Erin began to unravel the threads of the case. This wasn't just a sting, it was a vendetta and more specifically, a power grab. And although Amanda Harris had walked an ethical line in the past, this time she was completely out of control. 

Poor Dino. Don't get me wrong, he messed up big but I still felt sorry for him. What a way to end a career.

When Erin confronted Amanda, the amount of venom that spilled from her lips was astonishing in this Blue Bloods quote

You waltzed in here like a model posing for some statue of justice. I took pity on some clueless chick who was raised by a bunch of cops. I tried to teach you how a woman gets things done and you turn around and…when the bodies are counted in this, don't you come crying to me.

Amanda Harris

Her disdain for Erin and for cops in general could be felt in every word and it was a frightening thing to watch. 

Elsewhere, Kelly had more than one surprise for Frank.  First off, she called him out for still wearing his wedding ring and his lack of a personal life…and then she resigned. 

I wasn't sure what shocked me more, her resignation as Inspector General or her blatant honesty as she admitted to Frank that her feelings for him made doing her job properly impossible.

Frank's a fool if he doesn't pursue this smart, feisty woman who obviously cares a great deal for him. 

Finally, Eddie and Jamie tried to help a young couple in their pursuit to get married. Well, Eddie tried to help. Jamie kind of went along for the ride. I was shocked when Jamie actually asked them for the truth after they'd tied the knot but I was perhaps even more surprised by their answer. As Cassia said, maybe saving a life is as good a reason as any to get married.

The final Reagan family dinner of the season was comical. Linda's prayer was cute but bordered on silly and I would have appreciated something more from the few short minutes we had left. However, hearing Frank's family make fun of his public speaking abilities was classic Blue Bloods.

What do you think TV Fanatics? Should Frank pursue Kelly for a romantic relationship?


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CBS and Blue Bloods are missing a gold mine with Jamie and Eddie. They are smart, cute, and there's a spark passing between them. Come on, people WAKE UP! The teasing and joking between them is such a relief from shooting, stabbing, killing, etc. Can we not have some levity? And how about some romance for goodness sake! You want to make the show REAL, then make it REAL. Have a male and female police officers ever fallen in love???? DUH.

Aja bird

I may be blind here.. but I'm not seeing the chemistry between Kelly and Frank. Friends, yes. But more than? No. Not really.


I've never liked Dino, especially after he sanctioned the "blue flu." Too bad so sad move on in my opinion. Pardon the pun but I am pretty black and white when it comes to these things - he should have come to Frank immediately like Garrett did earlier in the series.
As for Kelly and Frank, I hope something comes of it. They have both lost on so many levels that it would be nice if (pardon the pun again!) they could level each other out.
As for Jamie and Eddie... I have very mixed feelings but hope for the best lol!


One of the things I took away from this episode is that Frank Reagan is a sanctimonious ass. Dino made a mistake, just like the invincible Danny makes mistakes every time he beats the crap out of someone to get information, and does so with impunity. I do like this show, but I think I am beginning to like it just a little bit less. It almost appears as if TPTB are turning the Reagan Family into a New Age Irish Mob. (Okay, that might be a little hyperbolic, but I don't think I'm too far off center with my opinion.)

@ EB

EB- well put. This show is a cartoon in its portrayal of a police family. Frank constantly has a scowl his face, sanctimonious Erin looks like she is going to break down crying at any minute, and Danny is an inconsiderate dolt. To think that the Reagans solve every possible crime in New York city is unrealistic. Anyone in their line of work would have stress, but the Reagans drink like fish as medication.
Danny would be dismissed or possibly killed in the line of duty for his behavior. He shoots his gun more than probably 20 detectives in their entire careers, and like you said, with impunity. His anger issues are ridiculous. Despite the fuss over the family dinners and prayer, the Reagans have little trust for anyone outside of their family.

@ EB

I have to agree sometimes it gets a bit "preachy"

@ EB

Agree that at times Frank Reagan is a sanctimonious ass. That's Tom Selleck beating his Republican drum. Still I like Tom Selleck as an actor. Danny acts out, no consequences. Dino acts out, and he's toast! Overall, a good family drama but, please, less sanctimony on Frank's part.

@ EB

I think if Dino had come to Frank when he had been blackmailed it would have been fine - like how Garrett did in that one episode. But he did cross the line, committing a crime, impeding investigation, taking Danny's shield for no reason, etc... Frank actually cut him some slack by not pressing charges. Though I did feel sorry for him. I figured it was him as soon as frank started referring to him in other conversations - which he normally doesn't. I wonder why he's leaving. I hope bebe comes back. Frank needs a woman around. ;-) Not as exciting as last years finale but you can't keep killing off characters ;-) I though Jamie and Eddi's story was entertaining! I wonder what's in store for next year. It would be great to bring in some great guests to start the year off with a bang! The last few eppy's have been written well.

Sarah silva

Oh Dino, you messed up!
I personally am not a fan of Kelly's,
Erin is great at her job! Erin was not afraid to go toe to toe with Amanda. They had to find a way to write out Amy Morton as she is on Chicago PD!
Jamie was right Cassia and her new husband were hiding something! He is gay and she married him to keep him in NYC.
I wish we had a little more of the dinner scene too!
Can not wait until fall!


FINALLY! A romantic R/ship for FRANK! Not only does he need it, Blue Bloods needs it!!!! We all want to see the soft mushy side of ComiSsoner! FRANK and KELLY for S5! She's Good For him

Aja bird

I'm not sure about Frank and Kelly. I think he could use a companion, it would be good for him.


That was a great ending for the season. But there was so much camera time spent on Jamie and Eddie that I felt sure that something bad was going to happen to one or the other of them. Plus, Eddie just couldn't leave that couple alone. Despite Jamie's protests, she kept butting in. I think they too would make an amazing couple - although one of them would have to either resign or be partnered with someone else. And yeah, absolutely Frank needs to pursue the wonderful Kelly. She's a class act and he'd be stupid to let her get away.

@ Douglas Wolfe

yes was great ending. that's what I thought something bad was going happen when Jamie and Eddie were standing there

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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Walt Finny. Forgotten but not gone.


Just once I wish the bosses would have talked to us like they gave a hoot and not like they were bucking for an acre on the op-ed page.