Blue Bloods Review: The Other Family

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Families come in all shapes and sizes - and Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 21 featured the Reagans debating who was covered under the definition.

One of my favorite moments of "Above and Beyond" was when the entire family worried that Danny had been shot. Frank's face was one of quiet terror when he was told the slain officer was from Danny's precinct but they didn't yet have a name.

Thankfully, Linda began the Reagan family hotline as soon as Danny called her and soon after everyone was contacted. It made me wonder how many times the Reagan's have had to play that particular game of telephone under similar circumstances. 

When Officer Steve Tomlin was killed in the line of duty and his locker was suspiciously empty, I never had any clue that the reason would be something so personal. However, I did have one question, why did Officer Becker completely clean out Tomlin's locker? I can only assume it was because he only had minutes to do it but it certainly would have been less suspicious to simply remove specific items that led to Tomlin's other family. 

I had to agree with Henry in that it's hard to trust a man on the job when he can't be trusted at home with his own family and Steve Tomlin made a mess of things when it came to the people who loved him. He left behind an angry, bitter wife who's actions had gotten him killed, not to mention a naive girlfriend and newborn child. 

I didn't know exactly what a "back pocket pension" was but I was happy that Frank pushed for it. Despite Steve's dishonorable behavior, that baby was still the child of an NYPD officer and deserved to be taken care of as such. In other words, despite the lack of a ring or proper paperwork, that child was family. 

Elsewhere, Nicky tried to help an old friend and got in hot water with her own family. To be honest I didn't understand why Erin got so angry. Yes, Nicky should have told Jamie that Erin said she'd handle it but was going to her uncle, the cop really such a horrible thing to do? It was far better than running off and trying to find Tyler herself. 

And as Jamie's partner Eddie pointed out in this Blue Bloods quote, helping one another out is simply what Reagans do.

Man, you do more for your family by 9am than my family's done for each other our entire lives.


To be honest, Tyler's story felt like filler and was wrapped up far too quickly. As much as I enjoy seeing Jamie and Eddie get air time, this story was a bit boring.

So what do you think TV Fanatics, was Frank right to try and help out Steve Tomlin's second family?


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Pretty simple question. The baby is his blood , his family and has rights. The girlfriend NO rights whatsoever


I thought it was just me. Erin is becoming very self righteous. It's a little irritating.


@poppysmom: I agree; Erin is getting to be pretty sanctimonious and defensive, isn't she? For instance, in last week's episode, she should never have taken on that case; it just created conflict in the family that she could have easily avoided. She is quickly becoming my least favorite character, whereas before I admired her very much. Shame.

Sarah silva

I enjoyed this episode.
While having to families is not right, I do like that Frank pushed for the back pocket pension.
Nicky has good instincts, she knew Tyler was not on drugs and she felt her mom was not going to help. So she went to Jamie. I too am not sure why Erin go so angry, I can see that she took it as Nicky going behind her back BUT in the end Nicky was right that Tyler is a good kid.
I am sad that we just have 1 episode left of the season.


Erin is turning into the least likable of the Reagans by far.


Good episode on morality, ethics and the complexity of family dynamics: The conflict between Nicky who is growing up and Erin her mother, who is too close to the situation to see it. And Henry who moved from disapproval at Steve Tomlin's deceitful behavior to agreeing to help Tomlin's second, secret family.

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