Cancellation Summation: Which Shows Have Received the Axe?

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It's been a whirlwind week of breaking television news.

Some good (Hannibal Season 3!), some expected (wait, Believe was still on?!?) and some that took us into the darkest timeline (class at Greendale Community College has been dismissed).

To keep track of it all, we've compiled the following gallery of shows that have already bid farewell forever or will do so over the coming days.

But there is good news, TV Fanatics: all five main networks will make their Upfront presentations next week, announcing new shows for 2014-2015 that may very well become your new favorite shows in just a few on

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I hate that some of my favorite shows have been cancelled. You're right, they aren't given a chance. I really liked Intelligence, Believe and Hostage back,. Shame on these networks. Please bring these shows back.


NOOOO!!! Community. Why!?!?


lets boycott tv altogether and not watch anything anymore...then the networks will have no viewers and no ratings and then they will have to close their doors...its time we as fans take charge...


Lad Community is gonna be done. Love Joel McHale on The Soup but Community is a terrible show. It should have been cancelled after season 1.

@ abby booth

That's not because YOU don't like a show that it needs to be cancel. Community is an amazing show, with a lot og hmour, very clever writing and great cast, and it has an amazing fanbase. It's a waste it has been treated so badly by ABC.


The only ones I will miss are Suburgatory and The Neighbors.

@ bev1will

Ditto for Suburgatory. :-(


I'm bummed no more Draylor!!!!!! But at least they had great scences while it lasted.


This makes me sad, some of my faves are gone


It sucks about Believe I really liked that show and at first I didn't think I would.

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