CBS Cancels Quintet: Which Shows Got the Axe?

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While CBS delivered unexpected great news for fans of The Mentalist today, renewing the drama for a seventh season, it dropped the axe on five other underperforming programs.

Comedies Bad Teacher, The Crazy Ones and Friends with Better Lives have both been canceled; while neither Hostages nor Intelligence will return for another season.

Heading to Mexico
The Crazy Ones Photo

Among the shows that will take the place of these failures on the 2014-2015 schedules are:

  • CSI: Cyber, a spinoff anchored by Patricia Arquette.
  • NCIS: New Orleans, a spinoff anchored by Scott Bakula.
  • Stalker, a thrilled from Kevin Williamson that stars Maggie Q And Dylan McDermott as detectives.

Here is a list of all the shows that have been canceled in the past few days:

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This show had huge potential and deserves another series. As said on Intelligence " We are defined by the decisions we make". This decision unfortunately defined the show as unsuccessful. Let's change that on


I hated to see Intelligence go. I just found it, and it was starting to get really good. I think one of the problems with these new shows is you don't give them enough time, and you try to keep them in one place. We 'the viewers' love to go places. Just like with NCIS. Sure, NCIS is based in DC, but each episode (unless a continuation) is individual, and they go to different places. France, Berlin, Italy, on a ship, to the beach, New Orleans, Idaho, and so forth. The plots are diverse and interesting, and with the cast of characters they have, they're lots of fun. I wish you'd given Intelligence a chance and fun, interesting scripts. I hope you don't make the mistake with Satisfaction. Matt Passmore is awesome and so much fun. I hate to see him cast in a serious role. Maybe the writers can lighten up the situation, even though it's an unsettling topic. We get enough seriousness with the news, media sites, and just going outside. We watch TV to escape all that.

@ AuthorSue

I completely agree. I binge watched the whole series in the last few days and thought it should have gone much further. And it ended on a cliffhanger :( . Sign a petition easily here for more Intelligence.


I'm trying to remember the last time I watched network television, other than the local news. It may have been 15 years ago. It doesn't resonate.


I loved friends with better lives!


I loved crazy ones


When are they gonna realize more and more people are streaming. I cut the cable 6 months ago and stream through Netflix, hulu plus and playon. Less to no commercials, and I can watch everything out there for 16 bucks a month. And the best thing is I don't have to see that dumb Cox commercial anymore.

@ Maureen

Maureen, that's the way cable started out. We paid for it, so there were no commercials. Now look at it. It's all commercials. So, I can't help wondering exactly what we're paying for. I hope that doesn't happen to Netflix, but I'm not going to bet anything of value on it.


I happened to like Friends With Better Lives thought it was very funny. Somehow this year all of my favorite shows have been canceled. I hate it!


Another sci fi series cancelled by Fox

@ cthun

Oh, come on, you're acting surprised!?!?


Can't believe they have cancelled Intelligence. Almost Human gone too. It's no wonder people don't watch TV though and prefer to download. The average show is 42 minutes long, yet the viewing time runs for 65 to 70 minutes. Who wants to watch that many commercials??? The irony of course is that the advertising pays for the shows. Vicious cycle.

@ Alihan

I think they're realising now that they have to change their economical model, and generate revenues from streaming content, or video on demand, but those network are like dinosaurs, they might go extinct before doing anything! The CW is sinking, and some shows on other networks end up with numbers woefully close to those of CW's shows... Also, yes, I'm bummed they cancelled Intelligence, I quite liked it

@ Didine34790

They need to look at shows like House of Cards. Releasing via web before TV, or at least simultaneously without all the 3r8p in between would help. Also, the people in control of the schedule need to look at grouping show genres together to enhance ratings. Todays schedulers are beyond prehistoric. Employ actual people who are 18-38, not a TIVO box to "see" what is supposedly being watched, because that is rarely the reality of what is happening in the target demographic household. Drives me up the wall, can you tell???


Really bummed that Intelligence won't be coming back. So much crud on tv these days...I actually enjoyed this one! Grrrr..

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